Uhhhh Guys

What if this actually happens... will Jow Forums be back on the trump/miga train?


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>it will happen this time

>things that never happened

It's too late for the zion don. We know where his alliegences are.

no. fuck off.

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hey jidf

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He tried it the nice way. He'll get it done his way now. He has the authority.

Nothing but wannabe discord trannys left here

Taco... Tuesday...

I’m sure the illegals are terrified. One little tear and the media will shut it all down. You think all these greedy fuckers that are running this slave labor are going to let it go? Gimme a break.

If Trump deports millions of crying women & children that is seen on TV, he will win by a landslide. No nothing thr avg American wants more than to watch these entitled fucks get the fucked right off back home.

Trump is so goddamn stupid. Rather than doing this kind of shit immediately after being elected when he and Republicans had the House, Senate, and White House instead he does nothing for the first two years until the Republicans lose the House and then going into the 2020 election he now thinks he can do anything as the media and the 6,000,000 Democrat candidates running in 2020 will rip him apart. Trump is a goddamn moron and does not deserve a second term

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Why hello there, detritus.

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If it happens, there's no way every single white advocate in America wouldn't vote for him.

Jow Forums is a buttigieg board now

I believe he is sincere, but how will this absolute madman pull it off?

>m-muh wall isn't going up fast enough
>T-trump just won't sign the funding bill! h-he's definitely a kike shill now!

fuck off retard, there is real progress that can be seen.

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They make no effort to fix their own country, then they come here to turn it into Mexico. I'm sick of it.

Until a federal judge says "Nuh-UH!"

>trump loves kikes so we should vote for a democrat instead!

too late for that shit, it's already been done befo'.

Operation Wetback

If it happens he's got my vote, guaranteed.

... if it happens.

Of course, Lord Business!

Trump is the worlds biggest tease

>there is real progress that can be seen
Only through your rose colored glasses

Nah, he did it correctly. He embarassed the Dems by making it blatantly obvious they are anti-American. Now that he tried it the nice way, he has the leverage to do it the hard way.. We will see. Americans are fed up with Mexico taking over.

yes the wall is really being built, yes ICE raids workplaces again

Trump only teases Americans and his base. Trump did not teasing when he is on his knees sucking kike cock

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2019 US Congress jews (1.4% of the US population)



Tammy Baldwin (D)
Bernie Sanders (I)
Ron Wyden (D)
Chuck Schumer (D)
Jacky Rosen (D)
Ben Cardin (D)
Chris Van Hollen (D)
Richard Blumenthal (D)
Dianne Feinstein (D)


Adam Schiff (D)
Brad Sherman (D)
Pete Aguilar (D)
Alan Lownethal (D)
Mike Levin (D)
Susan Davis (D)
Ed Perlmutter (D)
Bill Posey (R)
Lois Frankel (D)
Ted Deutch (D)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)
Jan Schakowsky (D)
Brad Schneider (D)
Abby Finkenaur (D)
John Yarmuth (D)
Jamie Raskin (D)
Elissa Slotkin (D)
Andy Levin (D)
Dean Phillips (D)
Josh Gottheimer (D)
Lee Zeldin (R)
Jerrold Nadler (D)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)
Max Rose (D)
Eliot Engel (D)
Nita Lowey (D)
Suzanne Bonamici (D)
David Cicilline (D)
David Kustoff (R)
Steve Cohen (D)
Elaine Luria (D)
Kim Schrier (D)

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You can't see if you don't look you worthless brow beater.
You can't even fix your workout regimen by yourself, much less the country you self hating indignant waste. You probably don't even know what NAFTA is because you can't bother to educate yourself for five minutes.

>Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)

Being a commie piece of filth doesn't automatically make you a jew.

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i live in the jewiest part of the country (the northeast), trust me, they're not Trump supporters...

He shouldn't deport them
He should incinerate them

It was a crucial mistake, but lets not forget - his administration was crippled by Obama, massive leaks, and "muh russia"....lets not forget Paul Ryan fucked him over on Border Wall funding, and the cancer known as John McCain sabotaged him as well.

call me when the fat moron actually does something

I fully understand that the treasonous DoJ and even mutinous members of Trump's own cabinet intentionally refuse to follow his orders. I get it. These traitors are fucking up his agenda at every level. He orders them to get things done, and they just sit on their hands.

But honestly, I don't believe a single word he says anymore. Or to be more precise, I don't believe in his ability to carry out anything that he promises.

I want this to change. Christ almighty, I hope he's rooting out traitors behind the scenes and planning something big. I truly want to see the Deep State arrested and thrown into Guantanamo Bay. I want to see public executions of the drug-and-child-trafficking elite members of the DNC who collude with foreign governments to undermine the Constitutional Republic and collapse the country. I want every Soros-funded district court judge thrown in jail for treason. I want Antifa declared a domestic terror organization and every member hunted down and executed like the filthy animals they are. And I want every single invader either deported, or shot. I don't care which. I just want them gone.

Promises are nice, but only ACTION matters in this world.

Does Trump actually have the balls to make the tough, controversial decisions that will lead to massive deportations?

Does Trump have what it takes to shut down the DNC's massive election fraud operations? If he doesn't expose it and start arresting people, then they will steal the 2020 election just like the stole so many House seats in the 2018 mid-terms. And he will lose. And the United States will never see another legitimately-elected President ever again.

It's all so tiresome...

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Can you imagine
>"We gonna do yuuge deportations. The biggest numbers ever. And we're just gonna conquer Mexico. They keep telling me, Donald, we have to deal with Iran, but I tell them, just look south. They're killing us on immigration. Half their money already comes in as remittances. We can't have that folks, it's not a fair deal. They're drug dealers. They run that..look..the Mexican government is incompetent. We'll fire them. We'll make Mexico great for the first time. I think they deserve it folks. I love the Mexican people. They have to stay in their own country, but we'll invest. Everyone is gonna make money!"

It really does.
Specially since you kike fucks literally invented communism to try and steal someone else's country
The more you know

Probably getting rid of hardworking american to bring in israelis

>he deported millions
>to save billions

he won't do shit.
>3 years
>biggest mexcrement invasion ever
>0km wall

I'm not a kike fuck. AOC, like all low-IQ brown people, was raised Catholic. If you make lists to expose jews in congress and include non-jews, then the list is completely worthless because it's not pointing out the actual jewish influence.

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>> deport 1 million
>> let in 5 million

Fucking pointless. Also complete re-election bullshit. Not voting for Trump in 2020

This delusion...

>"this time i'll really deport them. in the meantime, enroll in the army to be sent to invade Iran like a good goy"

>we goin from 56 to 65-70?

Please let it be true. We had such high hopes for him.

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What the hell was trump waiting for?

cancel the $38,000,000,000 and disband the federal reserve and I'll support him as president for life

Not pointless if you’re the government, it’s in their best interest to waste as much as possible. This is probably the plan desu on the way to full bongland surveillance.

This is a good example of just how retarded the faceless brown hordes are. Literally destroying their own future

Jow Forums was always for Trump. But but neetsoc and shartblue anons, whom opinions do not matter, will find something to bitch about anyways.

Who knows how much bullshit you have to swim through to get anything done in Washington.

ICE already took the winds out of his sails and said they had no idea he was going to put their plans on blast to social media. He fucking warned these invaders just like that Oakland mayor did and he thinks he's getting re-elected on shit like this, WEW!

Trump has said absolutely NOTHING about deporting millions.

He is talking about taking the people who cross the border to apply for asylum wait for their day in court in thirdworldshitstan instead of in Texas or California getting wellfare and getting paid under the table.

Expensive hobby compared to a wall, but lets face it. He is not getting the wall and he wont get funds to pay for this either. Democrats, Republicans, the media and the elites will make sure of that.

>Drumpf is literally Hitler
>Why isn’t Drumpf Hitler?

You fags are all the same.

I would hop back on the trump train pretty fast if he starts rounding up illegals and tossing them over the boarder like sacks of garbage.

Not if I have anything to say about it

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American secular Jews hate him because they think he is literally Hitler 2.0. But the zionists love him because he gives them Golan heights. It's like that episode of South Park where half the town is pro war and half is against it but in the end they are all on the same team

Whether it happens or not I think I'm going to need more guns now

>Trump has said absolutely NOTHING about deporting millions.


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If he deports over 10 million in the next year while keeping new roaches out, I'll vote for him again.

If not, then I want acceleration and civil war.

read that again.
>They will be removed as fast as they come in

He is NOT talking about rounding up the illegals in the country. He is talking about people who walk in and claim to seek asylum (1 million this year).

Currently we put them in detention centers while they wait to see a judge. If they come with a kid or if we run out of space they are allowed to go into the US and they disappear.

Trump is proposing paying a third world country a shit ton of money so that these "asylum seekers" can wait over there instead. Not likely going to happen.

Jow Forums is on the Trump train
Autistic muslims who cry every time daddy Iran gets laughed at are not Jow Forums
Faggy neetsoc spics and jews who say "we need hitler now" in order to distract from their impurity of blood are not Jow Forums
Blatant shills who post the same kikebart headline caps over and over and ignore all things Trump has done to unfuck immigration are not Jow Forums

Regardless I expect the shilling to continue. Trump could give everyone in the US a million dollars, and the shilling would fucking continue. You're dealing with deranged motherfuckers here who hate Trump just for existing, they won't stop ever. The intelligent thing is to recognize them for what they are.

until some judge in who the fuck knows where says nah and shuts it all down


she claimed jewish heritage at some event

>they will be deported as fast as they come in

that's probably millions, user

He's not gonna do shit. This fucking blowhard faggot. Never does shit. Just talks.

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He'll do it and our resident nannies will be all booty blasted and they'll wail about the children in cages inside slightly larger cages in cage trucks on TV and shit but everybody will be glad and real estate will bust in the border states and boomer landlords will be ruined and I'll laugh.

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Lets assume they push hard and actually deport a million people. Since you didn't get your wall they all come back within a a week. Drumpf is desperate for a win but he still can't deliver on his actual promises so nothing changes.

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>Trump removes the brown hordes necessary for a leftist revolution
>Then arrests the Masons in law enforcement/institutions who are no longer protected by threat of chimpout
>Then arrests the Jews/Satanists they work for who are no longer protected by any of their lackeys

If Trump does this he will have every right to declare himself the first American Emperor. And he should.

That's why its all optics..."Look I'm doing stuff goys"
I feel this is his only way to try and win people back because many have seen what he is now and looking elsewhere in 2020. Fuck Trump.

Trump is a Jew cucklefish. A sock puppet for Israel... cmon hes a white genocider obviously lol you shills can fuck off...

Who are you voting for?

sounds like a berniefag. (Bernie is an actual jew by the way)

Helmet Chad from Canada.

This is the only guy that gets it in on this whole board, besides me of course.

The reason Trump did nothing after being elected is because Republicans want illegals even more than Democrats do.

All of their donors want free slave workers.

never left the train, nigger.

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Faggot saw his poll numbers going down the drain and now 3 years later he wants to BS migatards. Not gonna happen. He’s just gonna suck more Jew/Democrats cock until they put his ass in jail after losing in 2020.

And to think of it, all he had to do for people to fight to the death for him is Build a fucking stupid wall and deport 30 million spics.

No glow in the dark nigger would even think of touching him with 50 million armed Americans behind him, but instead he chose to be a MIGA faggot and end up in jail in 2024 if not 2020.

keep talkin that shit and see what happens

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Oh yeah Zion Don whew... he gonna do some good for real people yeah any day now friends any day. Yep... "soon"

wrong, shill fag. i'm against slavery entirely.

>look at me, voter base
>i didnt betray you, see?
>drops in """"""migrants"""""" who was ferried here by the million for the year
>legal method is not refined, decent people stuck waiting 10+ years still
>scoops up some illegals but then drops in fucking "approved" migrant crossers in their place

all presidents do this shit. they barely fulfill their campaign promises if any, then when it comes time for re-election, they half-ass a promise or two to say "see? im following through" to get the retarded voters to vote for them again

lol yeah man 3 years isn't long enough to do much other then send our hard earned monies to Israel and try and find any way possible to attack Iran... sure.

At this point I'm more supportive of mexicans than the jewish right wing.
White america is a complete failure and it's pozzed/kiked beyond redemption. Only outbreeding the whites will save it, and then mexicans will finally be able to rise up and clean up that mess.

muh israel blah blah. how does it feel to be npc?

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Obviously I am talking about Republicans in congress and senate. The ones who get money from "businessmen" who employ illegals, look at you in the face and laugh at you while getting your vote

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well, well purge them too. no mercy for illegal hiring boomers.