Why do latinas say this?

Why do latinas say this?

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whites are master race, everyone knows this deep down

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>tweet from 6 years ago
>OP is in fact a faggot.


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They think white men are cucked and easy to control

it's pronounced sah-gay, and has nothing to do with the herb, you illiterate fuck.

1. They think white men are more attractive, as do women of all races.
2. They think white men are more dominant, as do women of all races.
3. Women do not seek control in relationships.
4. Women do not marry cucked men.
5. You are a crossdressing hapa who pretends to be a nigger.

Why do goblinas think we would would be willing to fuck let alone marry a disgusting subhuman

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correction: women do not WANT to marry cucked men

One of the most retweeted memes of all time

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The only race who don’t like white guys are black women.

Newfriend you need to kys.

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Exactly. I’m texting a super cute asian girl as I type this. Colonize as our forefathers did, young white men.

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Holy shit. Guess I was wrong. Truly a master colonizer.

You lie those crazy bitches rape me when I go abroad

imagine the smell

Women drop their pants for a higher status male instantly. Only natural that natives of countries would want to get with a guy from a much more successful country and have his child.

Because they want to clean just 1 white person's home instead of 14/week or something.

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What's going to happen when half of these people end up having sex with each other?


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oh boy. it's going to be a big fat mess.

The average African IQ goes up

I'm sure he showered in between visits.

A nigger impregnating niggers. What's your point?


IQ 70 is considered retarded by White and Asian standards, and yet, this would be an improvement for many African nations.

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Is this the hottest non white girl you think you could get or something?

Lol black girls love white dudes. And black girls are horny as fuck.