Comfy as fuck decline of the west thread

It's fucking over lads. It's talk about what went wrong, and what if anything can (or could have been) done.

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Nice, I always liked boards of canada. Haven't listened in years.

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I have a Singaporian gf. We're getting married and im escaping. I told my mom im leaving England. I got lucky.

Listen to that album, it's comfy apocalypse soundtracks

can we get an f for the west
we let progressive liberalism become the dominant culture and they have no fucking restraint or self-discipline

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>I have a Singaporian gf. We're getting married and im escaping. I told my mom im leaving England. I got lucky.
And your grandkids will be slitty eyed gooks...byebye, we don't need you

britain needs to return to classical liberal politics, along with conservative cultural values

Just imagine if there was a comfy GF cheat code. She just wants to shit post, watch anime, make tendies, and fuck all day. Comfy cheat code gf doesn't even have social media, or any social life. She is your 10/10 autistic waifu.

We all deserve one lads.

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>decline of the west
And nothing of value was lost.

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Byebye? You using a vpn glownigger?

Shit goes down tomorrow, get.

Re roll

Again boys




Rolli polli ollie mein niggers

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We all know what needs to be done and there is no going back once that happens

>Papa...I'm sick me...
>Papa...why is Mama always fighting with you and asking for more money...
>Papa...this island was never a fishing village...the Jews were here a very long time...

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Russia will stage a false flag attack on Wednesday.

>pro tip it has to do with malasian boeing

False flag on national false flag day aka rite FUCKING NOW WATCH THIS GET FUCK NIGGERS

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I think more people are taking the comfy pill user. Our numbers are growing.

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weeeeeee----eeeewwww---eeewwww-ewewewewwwwww lad. It's time if it's ever been. BTW, been watching DBZ all the way through again, and Vegeta says "It's time" so many fucking times.

lmao, this show has so much meme potential

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"Strength is all that matters in this world, everything else is just a delusion for the the weak. In the end a strong man stands above and conquers all" - Vegeta

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I stay comfy no matter what user. Always ready for the next habbening.

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Women should have never gotten rights. That’s it.

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>decline of the west
Understand the holohoax psyop and what jews have done to the West post-WW2. Redpilling normies is the ONLY battle that matters now. Redpill them and the rest will work itself out.

Read through this thread, it's all there...

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What went wrong?
- The whites of old didn't realize that its homogeneity that helped ensure the prosperity of their nations.
- The whites of the previous 5 generations have been bombarded with luxuries and programming, for most of their lives, until they died. Passing on small slivers of the past taught to them. Until we are left with what we have now.

What could have been done?
- Nothing, because whites have always fought amongst themselves and will never set aside their differences in order to ensure their own homogeneity. We will be cursed to be browned.

What can be done?
- Literally, whites would have to actually care, take their own collective power seriously, and as a God given right. They would need to never feel bad about excelling, push themselves to their limits, and know its towards a healthier, better future for everyone. They would have to moderate comforts and distractions down as minimum of a level as possible, while using their time wisely by maximizing education and implementation of said knowledge. It would take a revolution of thought, mind and action in so many aspects, its honestly hard to name. Nothing short of a God given miracle is required.

Sounds like fren music fren

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Ive noticed there is something about being content and comfy that pisses other people off. The drones and slaves are infuriated, confused and threatened by those who became comfy. The only way out for them is to join us, there is no fighting us who are comfy.

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Im just gonna keep collecting guns until it all goes to shit

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Shit maybe we could have tried to talk more face to face but I am chill like this though, was nice lads

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So basically Boomer thread.
>Yeap. It's fucked and I got while the getting was good but I'll be dead and won't see it all burn. Tell the grand kids I love them (but I still don't care that much).

How do we trick them into taking the comfy pill?

We've already won.
Once this shit is over maybe you atheist beta cucks will try to improve your life?
Better yet, be inspired to kill yourself for being such a fucking faggot


Good plan.

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>we let Jews in our countries
>we let non whites in our countries
>we let women vote
We really fucked up by fully buying into our new enlightenment values that everyone is equal. We forgot why we had long established traditions like a patriarchy, mistrust of Jews, and homogeneous societies in the first place.

unironically this.

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you didnt just link me a gilva sunner mario 64 track hahahahahah

I am not sure, but you need to lead by example. You must display to others around just how comfy you are and that you are not afraid to be comfy anytime anywhere. Own it. You must be based and redpilled to be comfy but never blackpilled. Every comfy person is a bloomer, not a doomer. 'Everything will be ok and even better! Clown world is coming apart at the seams! Habbenings! Just have to ride out the storm and remain comfy.' These are the inner thoughts of the comfy

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I never thought about the power of comfiness before. It's just the little things. Drinking tea, hot coco, making tendies, tator tots, fish sticks. Having a comfy show on in the background while you shitpost, perhaps a podcast of informative video of some type. Most of the things anons get depressed over lacking like women would just hurt your ability to be comfy any way. Women want you to jump through hoops for them.

We will all make it lads, so you might as well enjoy your comfiness while you have the chance to.

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Secret of the universe is to remain comfy at all times. Amen

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The West has been fucked since the end of the first World War and the death of European imperialism.

The cultural makeup and history of America is too divided and new to be a true symbol of Western unity. Although we have unprecedented power, in the scramble to make something of ourselves on a global stage, we gave into a lot of bad actors in the international scene with the money and resources to exploit our entrepreneurial spirit.

Fascism attempted to salvage the ruins, but the Germans didn't have enough resources to sustain a long war with the Russians and Americans.

Is there really anything that can be done? On a large scale, not really. I'm trying to put basic concerns like family and work ahead of me. Keep true to your values and live through them. That's all you can really do.

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The only GF you're going to get like that will have a feminine penis for sure.

I didn't expect to find such like minded comfort in this thread, thank you all

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We should welcome our new Chinese overlords. They will not be kind to our children if we resist.

Pax Sinarum will lay the foundation of humanity's ascent to the solar system and beyond.

>When you're a fucking liberal
>Be generally optimistic about things in general
>Have the nabbing sensation that Jow Forums is right and I'm wrong, the West is falling in many aspects

I'm joining this comfy thread from my
wagecuck work desk. No work to do right now, so comfy it is.

How do we save the west my friends?
I personally think tech, robots and AI will be our saviors.
In a few decades Everyone will be Comfy bastards because we won't have to work as much, and the NEET population would explode and we can all focus on what we want, wether that be constructive or destructive to the human species.

Active/positive nihilism is maybr the answer

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Doubles don't lie

we already did.
its called New Testament

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it will collapse long after you faggots die of a heart attack in your mccucksheds

This is a great post. Thank you for the advice.
I feel justified in the sense that the comfy user is a bloomer.
It's been my mood as of late.
Watching Clown go down in flames from the comfiness of your own home.
Seems like the best option honestly.

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Better version

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>European imperialism
Was a jewish profitmaking scheme.

No point for me to watch the world burn while comfy if it's not to share with the experience with my comfy gf.

Maybe I'm not the norm and most comfy anons are maybe Neets, but it's way better with a partner.
Even more comfy if your partners cooks and does the house chores.
Really, a comfy GF is peak comfy imo.

Also, don't project your cuck fantasies on others. Your insult don't make sense anyways.

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What's the difference?

Have another.

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Absolutely, when habbenings get bad and things fall apart, we may need to put our comfy blankets in the closet and mobilize. But until that moment (we will know when it comes) remain optimistic and comfy. Sunny disposition.

That we will

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I try.

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What went wrong... SO many things.
Woman voting rights.
Not enough Xenophobia
Too many greedy Goyim in the quest for lots of shekels

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I've seen a lot.
The worst video's.
But this level of degeneracy, is really... incomprehensable

Here is a classic cap that I took awhile ago. Bless this user, wherever he may be today.

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We voted for Trump and Brexit. They wouldnt let us have nice things.

Our towns get busier everyday. Any objection is wrong think. The people profiting off all this laugh at us from tax havens. Pride propaganda lasts all summer. There's no gods to smite Sodom and Gomorroah

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Have sex

Matteo is a good lad

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>defeatist accelerationist nihilism
fuck off you hook nosed demon

How about Christian accelerationist nihilism? That's more what I'm thinking.

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pick one and only one, you clawed hunchback whom bears the star of david upon his head.

I know where I stand

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Whats the 100+ countries referring to?

Number of countries that OP was kicked out of for being a faggot.

have sex

What does OP being a muslim have to do with my question?

relaxed revolutionary existemtialism

>what went wrong
Christcucks and their filosemitism

>no WE are da true children of Abraham
>Our church is the new Jerusalem
>Thank YHVH we have the jews, the chosen people to enlighten us with their sand stories
>Praise semite desert demon
>Christianity build the west (fuck pagan Greeks and Romans)
The list goes on

Wew lad, you couldn't have come up with a worse response.
Read my post again retarded McFucking Braindead, I have sex, and am not an cuck incel like you

have more sex

Christ cucks aren't nihilists. They're retards.

The natural end of christianity is nihilism though.

>what happened
Ethnic displacement of white hegemony
Deindustrialization of America
Catabolic collapse that has still yet to peak