Why is it so difficult to speak your mind on the internet except Jow Forums/8ch/tvach, user?

Why is it so difficult to speak your mind on the internet except Jow Forums/8ch/tvach, user?

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JIDF are a dedicated ethnic team that monitors us

>Why is it so difficult to speak your mind on the internet except Jow Forums/8ch/tvach, user?
Shill orgs like JIDF.



>ACT.IL shill recruitment video




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No usernames.

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because it’s edgy and i don’t want people to think that im a racist neet

Becasue you care what others think of you. Pussy

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The left are fascist. They are ok with a diversity of colors, but of ideas.

2019 US Congress jews (1.4% of the US population)



Tammy Baldwin (D)
Bernie Sanders (I)
Ron Wyden (D)
Chuck Schumer (D)
Jacky Rosen (D)
Ben Cardin (D)
Chris Van Hollen (D)
Richard Blumenthal (D)
Dianne Feinstein (D)


Adam Schiff (D)
Brad Sherman (D)
Pete Aguilar (D)
Alan Lownethal (D)
Mike Levin (D)
Susan Davis (D)
Ed Perlmutter (D)
Bill Posey (R)
Lois Frankel (D)
Ted Deutch (D)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)
Jan Schakowsky (D)
Brad Schneider (D)
Abby Finkenaur (D)
John Yarmuth (D)
Jamie Raskin (D)
Elissa Slotkin (D)
Andy Levin (D)
Dean Phillips (D)
Josh Gottheimer (D)
Lee Zeldin (R)
Jerrold Nadler (D)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)
Max Rose (D)
Eliot Engel (D)
Nita Lowey (D)
Suzanne Bonamici (D)
David Cicilline (D)
David Kustoff (R)
Steve Cohen (D)
Elaine Luria (D)
Kim Schrier (D)

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It's not difficult at all when you aren't a racist neet incel.

>Can speak your mind on Jow Forums
I think all major white achievements are a result of groups like the Masons, and by extention Kabbalistic psychological manipulation. Western civilizations aren't 1st world countries due to any intrinsic possitive value of Whites, but due to them being easily manipulated by the powers that be, that allowed their civilizations to be focused towards a single direction.

(((they))) are afraid

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>The left are fascist. They are ok with a diversity of colors, but of ideas.
because thats the core of fascism. fuck off back to plebbit

he said speak your mind. not barfing up a reddit-esque world salad

Fuck off, kikes.

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Because posters on forums outside of here have good arguments.

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It by arguments you mean shadowban, ban, lock, edit, delete posts then yea, they sure do.

t. coping libtard censorship loving black Jewish cock sucker

What are you having difficulty comprehending. Perhaps I can help you.

Not a kike. Not that you'd believe me. I just think that Jow Forums is in it's own bubble, and there are things that even the people here aren't willing to discuss. The idea that there is a place anywhere, internet or otherwise, where people regularly engage in free & open dialog to work towards their own enlightenment, is an illusion.

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How do I expose my dad for following tons of underage girls on Instagram? I want him gone, for real.

This. Communities with names tied to every post just become grandstanding. You aren't staying something to say it; you're signaling to others so you can maintain and control a persona.

>Not a kike.
>pilpuls a bunch of blackpill bullshit

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I still don't understand what pilpul means. Are you saying I'm using rhetoric to mislead you towards a blackpill worldview? If so, I don't know how you got that impression. How is saying that Whites or (Jow Forums specifically) should have more humility, and be cognizant of it's blindspots, blackpilled?

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There are usually one or two of the
type people on any website, the ones who get offended by proxy.
Everyone else falls into line with them except for the few rebels.

I think if all discussions of social issues are stifled, either by deplatforming or accusations of wrong think, tensions are more likely to escalate into violence. Shutting down speech and discussion means people are unable to find middle ground and work out ways to approach issues in a cooperative manner. We are all being funneled into either hate groups or target groups, cut off from one another and fed propaganda. Divide and conquer etc

because you're a racist?

Why is it so hard to be racist the internet these days? Wasn't always so.

Maybe you're a radical with violent ideas?

100% kike confirmed


Funnyjunk is alright i guess. That place never changes, it is like conventrated autism and the admin is just as autistic and allows whatever.