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SOUTHFRONT Jun 12&tanker attack

>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>Idlib June 15
>Syria Jun 15
>Afghanistan june 15
>Yemen June 15
>Libya Apr 30

Devs Jun 15
>Turkey asks Russia for help after its troops come under HTS heavy fire in Idlib
>Putin:Total elimination of terrorist centers in Idlib is Russian priority
>Explosions rock Damscusc suburb. State TV claims area hit was a military zone, and that the blast was caused by wildfires burning in dry grass nearby& ignited ammunition stored
>Jihadist counter-offensive reverses all SAA gains in Tal Malah &Jibeen, NW Hama
>Saudi officials visit eastern Syria to meet with US, SDF delegations
>SDF busts ISIS sleeper cell responsible for several terrorist attacks in Raqqa
>report:Mossad is trainign SDF intelligence personnel
>report:Turkey has supplied armed groups occupying Syria’s Idlib with anti-aircraft missiles
>June 12 IDF aunched a barrage of missiles at targets near Tell al-Hara in S Syria, IDF employed electronic warfare measures to suppress Syrian AD systems, part of the missiles were intercepted
>50 LNA fighters killed or injured in clashes with IS in southern libya
>Japanese tanker owner denies ship hit by mine, says crew saw “flying objects” before attack
>houthis targeted Abha Airport with several Qasef K2 suicide drones


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Thanks for baking.

God, I hope he does it. Please let it happen so the while IP thing gets killed in the process

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I actually have managed to find the video of the fight with somali pirates.
The "artillery" gunfire
and the boarding action
It was done by Admiral Panteleev ship n crew in 2010, so year after 2008 after all.

>also dat "why do you lie to me" marine on second video is pretty cringe.

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i don't think his handlers will let him push this too far, the patent and IP protection is a multi-trillion dollar racket
this is the equivalent of the dealer's pet poodle jumping up on the poker table and farting
he's gonna get his leash pulled before he shits all over it

pretty cool man, i really enjoy naval stuff we serbs are just cursed right now when it comes to being landlocked. we had some decent history during the two yugoslavias and SHS when it comes to a naval history/culture

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Assad just got BTFO

IWN @A7_Mirza 22min

The militants operation room Fatah al-Mobin announced this morning the start of a new round of attacks against the Syrian Army positions in northwestern #Hama.
21 min

From this morning, heavy fighting has been reported on the axis of al-Jalmah, al-Jadidah, Kafr Houd and Sheikh Hadid between the militants and the Syrian Army.

Also the Syrian Army eliminated a militants VBIED before reaching the target.

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I don't expect it to pass, but you never know

oust that muslim memeflaggot kike, he's a disinfo shill
again, sorry for spamming the last thread /sg/
keep on being based

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aaand fuck
I saw the news before, as
>US official says anonmously or something something
but was not taking it seriously

This fucks up the whole ideas of patents.
Aren't those the free market and such guys?
Targeting specific companies is the total opposite of that

The article is about US sending soldiers to persian gulf?
If so it could be nothing, theyconstantly send their ships left and right and they just stand there for a week and then go back.
This thing happens in Black sea all the time.

>US ship enters
>Ukraineans are like 'Haha Russia you dead"
>one week later - it leaves
>picrel my russian face

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I am looking forward to Apple brand computers shipped directly from Shenzou for a third of the price. Identical to the ones from California.

I read that and am in awe at how far along translation services have gone back in the day when babel fish was the best thing going you could get the jist of a foreign article but generally it was pretty shit.
Google translate has brought it to another level. kinda cool, kinda creepy

>Identical to the ones from California.
You mean the ones from China? They don't make shit in California

>"but muh China social score winnie the pooh man bad"

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the idea is people we like can apply for patents and be protected under our laws, and people we don't like can fuck off, so everyone better stay on our good side if they know what's good for them
also huawei probably stole those patents in the first place, everyone knows the chinks don't invent anything, only steal
what do you mean "that's not how patents work"? look just trust trump he knows all about winning

t. your average mutt

I also see them doing this in regards with 5G since huawei has a lot of patents.
>Huweiwei stole patents and now try to block US companies to develop and create 5G networks. This is a terrorist act and we must ignore their patent claims in order to not be left behind.

Lurk more

Tbh social credit system will be pushed by US companies and be welcomed with open hands. Facebook will search for what you do offplatform, whatsapp will sue people for what they do off platform. Its coming

The only thing they need to do for it to face no opposition is make sure it is targeted as a way to deplatform """fascists"""


>NATO Monteniggers trying to pull the same shit with the Orthodox Church there like in Ukraine

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Are you even surprised?
you know what happens when the west gets its hooks into a nation.

There's giant protests there now (over 1/3 of Montenegros 300 000 population is Serbs)

i unironically will
you faggots put out some fucking good assad memes

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Are you aware of latest church twist in Ukraine btw?
They merged ukrainean "orthodox church of Kievan patriarchate" and "ukrainean orthodox church Moscow patriarchate" into "Ukrainean orthodox church" and Moscow patriarchate instantly said they dont recognise that and they are still going and independent, as you might know.

But recently guy from Kievan patriarchate poped up and declared that they dont recognize the merge as well.
So now they have "Ukrainean orthodox church of Kievan patriarchate", "Ukrainean orthodox church of Moscow patriarchate" and "Ukrainean orthodox church" and no of those 3 recognize each other.

Such a "clownfiesta" can only happen in the Ukraine.

>2000-years-old jewish fairtales

After seeing them paint the Azov logo on an icon, nothing surprises me
Haha epic meme bro
ecks dee

>autocephaly bad
Sure, they speak the same language but so what?

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>Azov logo

Because no one wants it except for the former Nomenklatura turned Serbian nationalist turned Montenegrin nationalist that runs Montenegro now
And the main problem is they want to steal SOC property in Montenegro, Churches that are over half a millenia old
I don't know what the rune is called

>comparison between various versions of firmware for NPC


If you don't install your own firmware, then others will
Tell me,
Would you prefer Liberalism.exe or Orthodoxy.exe


>And the main problem is they want to steal SOC property in Montenegro, Churches that are over half a millenia old
Oh, if that's the case I kinda understand. Same thing happened in Ukraine IIRC

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check ptg


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Tis nothing new really

It's a much more touchy subject for us, religion is after all what most defines the South Slavs
One of these monasteries was used as a fort in the wars against the Ottomans

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>The Nip Jew is a /ptg/ poster
Not surprising really

total shitshow.
but steer clear from here, I'd rather have a slow thread than a revengeraid.
we disavow you

Btw, if we remember that ROC blessed the February revolution and tried to flirt with bolsheviks in hope of preserving financial (not religious and spiritual!!!) position for long-long time...

stfu germutt nigger

And the retards still killed them, destroying their reputation in the process
Literally all they had to do is leave the church alone and their international appeal would shoot up

>ROC blessed the February revolution

>tried to flirt with bolsheviks in hope of preserving financial (not religious and spiritual!!!) position for long-long time...
Source? If anything they were being used by Stalin and some of his followers.

>touchy subject
Thats understandable but creating a schism is pretty dangerous and it can actually backfire on them in your favour.
Belive it or not but i actually have a working "old believers" church not far from where i live.
Russian empire is gone, Soviet union is gone but the schism that happened in 1658 in "Russian Tsardom' is stil ongoing.

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not directly related, but looked into UK tory leader election.
And damn. the 2 in the lead are Boris strawhead Johnson with 114 and Jeremy Cunt with 43.
UK will keep up horrible politics US bootlicking for the forseeable future

Well the reason we know about that schism is probably because it lived on so long, there's probably many others that petered out unceremoniously, just like Ural republic or Green Ukraine vanished as states and nobody pretends they're real nationalities anymore

Any religion would imbrace multicult if it meant it became dominant. Ask anybody if they preferred a brown but christian europe. Would you?

>trusting to ideological prostitutes that believes only in gold

Well, i had these documents, among which were the most interesting reports on anticlerical chimpouts in late RE. Most of archive are gone due my retardion.
For example, this pikrelated document.

Also this

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Yes. Would you prefer a white but islamic europe?

>brown but christian europe
>white but islamic europe
really makes me think

ice age civilization?

>sumerian flood myth

>ww3, tsunamis... earthquakes, nukes, volcanoes, sky goes dark, world freezes

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I would, Allah willing!

On a more serious note, I dont endorse organized religion as a whole. So the answer is no

>one of the first civilizations in the world along with Ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley.

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>old believers
IIRC, on Ex-Empire western frontiers local population called Starovers "a white jew".
Both ethnoreligious groups had strict food prohibitions, ceremonial food, internal language, limited communication with outside population, propensity to trade and craft...

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>western corporations
They already have simular thing

>limited communication
>strict food prohibitions
Yeah they are pertty hardcore, it is mindblowing that some of them are stil living their hermit lives in 2019

kek, the corp I work for always bitches that our kpi is negative but they never listen.

Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency:

You’ll pseudonymously buy or cash out your Libra online or at local exchange points like grocery stores, and spend it using interoperable third-party wallet apps or Facebook’s own Calibra wallet that will be built into WhatsApp, Messenger, and its own app. Today Facebook released its white paper explaining Libra and its testnet for working out the kinks of its blockchain system before a public launch in the first half of 2020.

Facebook won’t fully control Libra, but instead get just a single vote in its governance like other founding members of the Libra Association including Visa, Uber, and Andreessen Horowitz who’ve invested at least $10 million each into the project’s operations. The association will promote the open-sourced Libra blockchain and developer platform with its own Move programming language plus sign up businesses to accept Libra for payment and even give customers discounts or rewards.

Facebook is launching a subsidiary company also called Calibra that handles its crypto dealings and protects users’ privacy by never mingling your Libra payments with your Facebook data so it can’t be used for ad targeting. Your real identity won’t be tied to your publicly visible transactions. But Facebook/Calibra and other founding members of the Libra Association will earn interest on the money users cash in that is held in reserve to keep the value of Libra stable.

>U.S. Senator Marco Rubio filed legislation on Monday that would prevent Huawei Technologies Co Ltd from seeking damages in U.S. patent courts, after the Chinese firm demanded that Verizon Communications Inc pay $1 billion to license the rights to patented technology.

Nice girl

>our kpi is negative
>our kpi
It's natural that performance assessment tool designed for individualist-based society just don't work in mostly collectivist E.European country.
Just like teambuilding as concept


>Nothing to see here people, just some seaweed, move on please

we already have social credit score
it's just the normal credit score, your actions in public do effect it and it greatly impacts where you can live, what jobs you can work, etc

Is it true that in order to rent a room you need recommendation letter from previous landlord plus non-conviction certificate with full credit history?

depends on what part of the country, what city, etc
renting in a non-ghetto absolutely requires a good credit score though

german FM threatens Iran, saying it is Iran that is breaching (one sided) the deal by enriching more uranium. Calls it unacceptable.
First step to fully get in line with the US on the war agenda. Germany stopped all trade with Iran.

>renting in a non-ghetto
>still no automatic clothes washer
At least gee-dee-pee is high

>Just like teambuilding as concept

Well in regards to kpi, they blame it on us or the direct leader as our product is the people and its done internally

"Yemen's Houthis to allow U.N. to inspect ships in Hodeidah - sources"

Yemen's Houthi movement and the United Nations have agreed on a mechanism to inspect ships docking at Hodeidah following the group's withdrawal from three Red Sea ports under a U.N.-sponsored deal, a Houthi official and a U.N. source said.

The Houthis' unilateral pullout last month from the ports of Saleef, used for grain, Ras Isa oil terminal and Hodeidah, the main entry point for commercial and aid imports, represented the only progress in implementing the deal reached last December.

"We agreed with the U.N. on a mechanism to inspect ships docking in the ports of Hodeidah and its implementation will start in the coming days," Houthi transport minister Zakaria Shami was quoted as saying on Tuesday by the group's Al Masirah TV.


It seems to me that *modern* teambuilding is an attempt to combine two fundamentally incompatible concepts:atomization and competition with teamwork and loyalty to corporation.

>they're bombing terrorists!

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All islamists are terrorists, sweetie

Oh, yeah I see it now

Oh look, another one

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A war with Iran is pretty much unavoidable now. They'll be lookin' for an excuse to mass soldiers around the Iranian border and then an excuse to invade(which seems all too easy as soon as the troops are there

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Also i'm starting to like this Chinese idea of an asian NATO. 10 bucks says the US will do everything they can to undermine that

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if war with iran does happen, imagine the shitshow if a f-35 gets shot down.

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>10 bucks says the US will do everything they can to undermine that
Going for a safe bet huh

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If Iran is smart they'll be doing everything in their power to disrupt those formations before they are established, including constant guerilla strikes and use of regional militias.
They need to make the American establishment realise that there won't be a neatly contained war in Iran, it will be in every middle east country they have assets and allies in. Make the nervous nellies be louder than the warhawks.

Hey a guy's gotta make a quick buck

And Turkey giving America "that look"

Indeed. Will be one of the biggest wars this century, dwarfing Iraq and maybe Syria

reminder that the rapefugee in finland is some self hating sand nigger

Hello, CIA

Open up

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At this point the U.S is so insane that even if you shoot down a few of F-35's and not the carrier, it will be just the end of power projection and people will protest in the U.S.

I wonder what Erdogan wants; does he want the war? On the one hand Iran is a rival but on the other hand it will hurt the economy even worse than the Lira falling. Also it might strenghten and embolden the kurds. If he were smart he would side with Iran and save them. But unfortunately he is almost as dumb and small minded as Trump.

Aye, will be interesting to see if Turkey has the balls to act though(my money's on no)

>page 8

Törks are trying to do the best they can with what little power they have, but they are a nuisance at best when it comes to the great powers


fuck a$$ad

fuck iraqi subhumans

and fuck anglo cucks