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Get in the box

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Trump: NKorea Will Be Met with 'Fire and Fury'

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Obama and Erdogan: Syria's Assad Must Go



Whats going on here?

Slow the fuck down, Bolton.

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Reminder that Persians are bulls who will fuck all American women.

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says the israeli hiding behing a meme flag

yep. if you don't have nukes, you're not a country.

Lmao, no.

Iranians are far from bulls, every other guy is a hairdresser that is super feminine... And on top of that Persians are probably the ethno group with the highest percentage of homosexuals in the middle-east.


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muricans taking a knee

>t. Afkooni refugee.

Fucking pathetic. Show flag kike.


This isn't propaganda



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I left the U.S. navy for that reason. Wish he was ROE like the Russians. Next to none...

Also a quick PSA, fuck Malcolm Nance! He is a a fucking pathogical liar and a joke in the intelligence community. Can't believe he sold that many copies of his retarded book.

>t. former Intelligence Specialist, U.S. Navy

not ordnance, not shit

Bullshit. Most Persians have pubey beards and smell like ass. Even supposed "Persian bulls" like this spend more time in front of the mirror than my gf, to which she thinks persian men are either effiminate wannabe pretty rich boys or fat ugly perverts.

Nice try Shlomo, but no. It's actually the opposite. Persian women crave white cock. Two Iranian sisters at my old college said they go after white men the most, as persians are usually abusive, self-obsessed, and materialistic. Just like black men

And... that's the other reason I got out. We had a war to fight and faggot AOs were still on about some high school cliquey bullshit.

Load the fucking AIM-9 and shut the fuck up. Do your job and I'll do mine. You fucks ruined a once great branch with that special brand of autism.

If You Are Ordance Your ASVAB Sucked.

Ill just leave this here

>The intermarriage rate is very high among Iranian Americans.[31] It has been estimated that nearly 50 percent of Iranian-Americans who married between 1995 and 2007 married non-Iranian Americans.[31] Research has furthermore indicated that Iranian-Americans who are Muslim are more open to intermarry than those who are members of religious or ethnic minorities, such as Jews and Armenians.[31] Compared to men, Iranian women are less likely to mix or intermarry outside their group, which, according to the PAAIA, is likely because, as a group, they are more likely to adhere to traditional Iranian values, including making marriages that are approved by their families and are within Iranian cultural norms.[31]

Iranian bulls are impregnating white american women at a very fast rate. Not much can be done about it either.

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Also the level of cope in your post. JUST.

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so whats the solution? the few will rule over the many that has 0 weapons of mass destruction?

this will end in one way...

also the few will be massacred and destroyed before we royally fuck up the world. then roaches, rats and bacteries will rule the world.

In these dark times we MUST stand with Israel

show flag nigger.

you don't have a girlfriend. are probably a virgin. unlikely to ever be married and have kids. you don't have a career or profession, or a proper job. so you post here to at least feel you are not alone and get attention. you are alone and always will be.

I dont have a gf youre right, i have a fuck buddy and shes white, and i like it that way.

I also lost my virginity to a tight pussied white qt.

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>are probably
Lrn2probabilly, Billy.



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persians are super gay

One cancer said to the other cancer


Who the fuck would die for a multicultural empire and corporate interests? There are only two kinds of people in the military, morons and mercenaries.

The US is cowardly because we've had super toys in the military to hide behind for 50 years. This has made the common soldier soft because they've never really had prolonged WWII style open combat. Look at today. Some nerd with a remote control can drop bombs from a drone while sitting on an aircraft carrier. All real covert/dangerous shit is subcontracted out through PMC mercs. Also, our geographic isolation has made invasion impossible. This is why the average American talks so tough online, military guys walk around all bug and bad; but when the SHTF, the regular person is a massive pussy.