Spics are 100x worse than niggers

Ever noticed how when you insult a south American or Mexican, American posters swarm to defend like "they are based and Catholic very trad". Also have you noticed how incredibly retarded they are even for Jow Forums standards...

Watch the thread now

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Poor guy has terrible acne. How do you not feel sorry for him?

look up the police officer and his son who were decapitated

They're the Uruk-hai of racemixing.

no because hes too ugly to get a girlfriend which means he wont reproduce we already have enough of these abominations in our great country

youll be surprised many mexicans are 100% aztec

>Ever noticed how when you insult a south American or Mexican, American posters swarm to defend like "they are based and Catholic very trad".
I've never noticed this, where have you been posting? Where do you think you're posting?

Jannies please I know u do it for free but this has to be the 100th time this has been posted.

I know the exact post you are referencing, faggot

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College educated whites, including women, went Trump... something the media and shills try to bury.

"Muh suburban retards" is a shill myth. Urban areas went Hillary ONLY due to their black and hispanic populations. The college educated vote demographics Hillary won was ONLY from blacks and hispanics. See pic related.

Hillary also only got 37% of the overall white vote.


We are basically at a point now where it's white people vs everyone else (jews, immigrants, blacks, radicals etc.)

Just look at the demographics vs counties won.

It's time for any of that 37% out there to wake the fuck up as to what is really going on.

Time is short.




The country can easily be saved if we do just those 3 things.

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purest saruman magic in all of Isengard.

>user has clearly never seen a goblina


"We Build the Wall"
>Trump locks it open
Faggot boomer

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Mexicans = Mostly Good not including Cali Niggers = Alot Bad do Math

That's true. Spics are worse than niggers will ever be. Niggers are a pure race. Spics, on the other hand, only exist as a mongrel, dysgenic breed. They are a race that is by default mixed race. They are spiteful and invasive whereas niggers just keep to their containment zones.

Fuck every spic. Even the legal ones must be removed.

Naco MS13 spics are a God Damn plague. 80%+ Spanish Mexicans are meh. Somaliniggers are the worst niggers. There are rumors Apefrican niggers are being flown to Mexico so they can cross the southern border, so your hypothesis might be put to the test soon OP. Conclusion: BUILD THE WALL

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We need based spics and niggers

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Mercury fillings are part of it I bet.

I've lived around both and I can tell you niggers are definitely worse.

>Niggers are a pure race.
Haha, no they're not fucking moron.

Goddamn this guy never had a chance did he? Talk about punching down

Spics aren't a threat. White women aren't lining up to fuck spics. White women are lining up to fuck niggers due to kike propaganda and because niggers are more charismatic and persuasive.

>100% aztec
Aztec is not an ethnicity, dumbass. Read a book. You can't even be one because all of them died centuries ago.
Ok 56% amerimutt. At least you get that "spic" is not a race.

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i fucking hate beaners they are animals just like niggers except literally greasier and smaller

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dont forget

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try living in a predom black place vs predominatel yhispanic. no contest, hispanics so much better. black people literally want whites dead, hispanics just want to leech the economy and they put out an actual culture `

>go to south america
>see buildings
>a semifunctional government
>go to africa
>see ...
>the one car in town is driven by local warlord who snorts gunpowder to get high
I honestly think we can just judge them from the level of civilization they are able to maintain.

Spics and niggers are different. Spic druglords are the whitest among spics. Their crime is being clever in the ways of farming and supply chains.

Mexican drug lords have black market, illicit supply chains rivaling Wal-Mart to get drugs into the USA and all over the world.

They're also master botanists and farmers who grow marijuana,poppy, and cocaine... then process it.

Imagine if the spics put their brains into shit other than drugs.

The violence is over the top, barbaric, and cruel. They need a good dose of fascism, hangings, and firing squads to put them in line. Too bad their governments are weak. The best and brightest spics appear to be at the top of the drug trade.

Nothing from Africa or from New World niggers is as sophisticated as what spics can do in the black market.

meant coca leaf.

That pic does nothing to make me hate spics more than I already do. It’s unlikely that that’s even caused by diet or hygiene, probably an autoimmune disease

>usa not being white
>israel still being jewish
those people are delusional

>Spics are 100x worse than niggers

More like a BILLION times worse

t. Live in L.A.

Never heard of La Raza? Spics want us dead even more than niggers do.

0% of them

Even lawyers agree.
You seem to be wrong OP but then again never interacted with a Mexican.

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I see this nigger hasn't been into the deepest blackest of hoods.

Any spic barrio is 1000000 times less shitty than the deepest, darkest, and most niggerfied hood.

Rather get stranded in Haiti or Guatemala?

He's not even a spic, you dumbfuck anglokike. He's an aztec.

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thank you for stating the truth. I see this on the board all the time, there are so many apologists for the fucking Mexicans.

La Raza is a Bolshevik front organization founded by nigger lovers who wanted to turn spics into Black Panthers.

It's like if wiggers became militant white supremacists but voted for niggers.

Spiggers modeling themselves after militant niggers.

He's fucking Puerto Rican not Mexican

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He looks like a pizza hut pizza

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They're all the same

We really need another Operation Wetback. Every parasitic subhuman beaner spic scum that retardedly lives in this multicultural kike shithole of a country should be deported or killed on sight. These mongrelized verminous primitive barbaric inbreds are nothing but infestation to this fucking country.

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At my university, the laziest, dumbest, most entitled students were the beaners. They were worse than the blacks (and more numerous). At least most of the black students (what few there were) tried to take their studies seriously. Very few beaners ever did. Mostly they just whined about how hard the university was (even when it bent over backwards to accommodate them).

No they are not, your spics are just feral.
They grew up in a shithole country filled with crime while seeing you turning into the most prosperous nation on earth.
This already would cause a country to get crazy. Then they have a huge problem with mafia( fueled by drugs that you also consume).
The Mexicans we have here in Italy are good people, slightly darker than us and with a keen sense of humour we get along very well.

If you go in S.America in places with decent income(Cile, Argentina) you will find perfectly non feral Latinos and you will probably end up ducking a local and making children(since women in that area are much more human than white women form us coasts)

The current Latinos, especially Mexicans in US are like the Italians in the 20's same place in society and same problems, but they would integrate very well if it wasn't also for the shitty media that pushes for hate towards white and make white Americans look like Satan

This guy needs more olive oil in his diet. Clean out his pores with healthy fats.