Animals that race mix?

Is there any proof that animals reproduce with another species in nature? And if yes, on what scale? And I don't mean done by humans or in captivity.

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“there is only one race the human race, race is a social construct”, was construed pre-50s by a Jew, Boaz, adopted by UNESCO in the 50s, (read Culture of Critique), before the human genome was even sequenced. We know that Neanderthal, Denisovian, and Cro-Magnon admixture significantly contributed to what we know as race, and sub saharans have little to none of this ad mixture. Neanderthals and Cro Magnon, for example, were completely different hominid species like the lion and the tiger are completely different feline species; yet they could interbreed successfully with fertile offspring. No one is saying Neanderthal and Homo Sapien were the same species because that's fucking retarded. Wolves and coyotes also successfully interbreed and they are different species of the canine family. Coywolves. It happens in nature. Siamese fighting fish as well. There's a lot
It’s difficult to get good new information, because the vast majority of social scientists are liberal. In social science it is easier to not be objective. They are cautious of getting labeled racist, especially if they’ve got a book to sell.
If they do find something, say on genetics and intelligence, or that race isn’t a social construct because you can distinguish race by DNA and bone structure, they will throw in a few caveats to make them not seem racist. Then when you try to use the fact, liberals will point to the caveat, and discount the data, even though the data is significant.
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ring species such as arctic bird populations
some dragonflies
weird crossbreeds such as coyotes and red wolves in the goblin parts of North America

>any proof that animals reproduce with another species
pls read up on genetics
doesn't work this way
foxes and dogs can't reproduce
nor monkeys and cats
nor penguins and eagles
nor eagles and elephants
nor mice and giraffes
and so on... get it?

>race mixing
It's opportunistic rape at best.

>what animals racemix
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All the time. Hybrids occur in nature quite frequently. Areas where two species hybridize regularly are called "hybrid zones". Separating animals into different species is actually a pretty messy business. It's not at all as simple as "if they can breed, they are the same species." There are many types of prezygotic and postzygotic barriers.There are many different species concepts, such as biological and ecological. Every year, scientists argue and update classifications. They combined Audubon's warbler and the myrtle warbler into the yellow-rumped warbler, and now are going to reclassify them as separate species again.

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>pls read up on genetics
>doesn't work this way
What is it that makes leafs so much more retarded than any other people on this whole planet? Many species are capable of cross-breeding. Foxes and wolves perhaps not, but how about wolves and dogs or jackals and dogs? Donkeys and horses? Horses and zebras? Polar bears and grizzly bears? Mallards and ducks, tigers and lions, jaguars and leopards? Humans and neanderthals? Humans and niggers?

Polar bears can breed with grizzlies


But there is more genetic diversity between dog breeds than amongst humans themselves and neither have subspecies. More or less genetic admixture is irrelevant when the genetic bottleneck for modern humans is so small.

Please provide some citations. It's a bit difficult to believe that the very young species of dogs that went through extreme selection could be more genetically diverse than humans. In fact, I'm pretty sure that dogs are more similar to even wolves than humans are to niggers. And saying that something "has no sub-species" as an argument is just fucking stupid, when the whole conversation is about why there should be sub-species. It's a question of definition, not one of physical truth.

they create sterile offspring

Some do, some don't. Some do some times.

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Male tigers mate with female lions in nature.
But female tigers don't allow male lions to mate with them in nature - that only happens in zoos.

>I'm pretty sure that dogs are more similar to even wolves than humans are to niggers.

This is correct.

Of course dogs come in a very wide range of shapes and colors, but the number of genes involved in that is very limited.
Interesting: the same genetic mutation (and it is just one mutation) that makes animals like wolves and foxes become friendly towards humans also cause more variation in their appearances - but nobody knows why.

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I wanted to know, so I have a stronger argument against humans that are pro-race mixing.. but ok.


Good point

Interesting, thanks

There's a bird that's a hybrid from three different species.

race =/= species

That's so fucking cool.

domestic cats breed with wild cats, domestic pigs breed with wild pigs and domestic dogs breed with wolves

What is the actual definition of the difference?
Dogs are all the same species, but three almost identicallooking tigers are not?

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I'm not sure if this is right, but maybe the difference between dogs and tigers is that we created dog breeds. If dogs were left to their own devices, they would interbreed into the mutts you see in areas with feral dog populations. Left to their own devices, tigers remained as distinct species, isolated by some "natural" phenomena.

some interesting searches are ring species and wide crosses in plants

So whites and blacks are also different species then.

White girls with dogs or horses. Very common. They usually have a male partner who is also interested in watching.
In New Zealand, the number of pure Grey Duck has started to decline due to mallard ducks that were introduced. It also doesn't help that the Grey ducks were hunted a lot during the 20th century.