Been seeing this in Jow Forums

>There's going to be a massive leak of Jow Forums user data. Namely posting histories, geo-loc and real life IDs. The leak will come from the company Foursquare.

>So regardless who you are if you've posted on a phone or PC without a VPN even on multiple devices there's a profile about you so you'll be affected. Lurkers should be safe.

>The janitors are deleting these threads because they know and are involved in the coverup.
This isn't possible right...

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No it's not possible. This is a meme being spread by the FBI and others to make people feel scared about posting or visiting Jow Forums and other such websites.

fake and gay.

Hiroshimoot was known to sell user data before buying 4channel from that sjw cuck.

it's a sentiment analysis thread

they are posting it to see how you would respond to such a thing to gauge your mood

the only people with this capability are literally the NSA and they couldn't get a case together without parallel construction

shift+click the threads or shitpost them to death

>There's going to be a massive leak of Jow Forums user data. Namely posting histories, geo-loc and real life IDs. The leak will come from the company Foursquare.

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you can sell my user data all you want, I dont even show up on dataming websites that you can pay for

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who cares?

Nothing is getting between me and my right to call people niggers online

>tfw no one cares enough about you to look you up in the leak

Its a copypasta, you retard.

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This pasta is getting kinda stale

>mfw the leak forces our red pills into the international spotlight and the movement resurrects National Socialism

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Win a lawsuit against foursquare and befren some rl anons? Sounds good to me

Who here honestly cares? I dont have enough RL friends to care if I say nigger or not

do it faggot

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Who cares?

So? I proudly stand behind every shitpost I've made these last 14 years.
Good thing they have a list of "accountable" people on their site then. Perhaps some burger will pay them a visit in Minecraft?

Jews rape kids.
Its part if their religion desu
Debate me

Bring it on you faggot fucks

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fake and gay

how I hope it's real

Good that I'm connecting to the internetz with a stolen computer to the wifi of my neighboors.

Try it faggot, I'm behind 7000 public wifi connections.

Oh man, I remember wardriving with my friends in the early 00's. Growing up as script-kiddies in the 90s, it felt like we were super hackers or some shit; mapping the wifi networks of our small town, spending all their collective bandwith on porn and warez.
Those were the fucking days.

here's a tip
member those 3rd party archives?
they are royally screwing you over

>This isn't possible right...
duno about the irl ids but everything else is very and easily possible [yes all your posts can be linked to you see the prev gay post]
why would hiro pay for this if he didn't expect to make even more money

>It's not possible
literally all they would have to do is buy the data from Jow Forums.

my sides haha

>No it's not possible.
you don't know what you're talking about or you're lying

Good, I hope it happens soon
>Finally people will learn who spams those blacked threads