I am... forgotten

I am... forgotten

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Nigga looks like christian bales autistic little brother

He doesn't look like Bale at all nigger.

no he's just irrelevant
nobody will ever forget what a little bitch he was



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That face you make when you got used by the Democrats for their MIdterm election strategy.

This kid ruined St. Louis’ best morning radio host, Jamie Allman.

Look him up.

everything about that picture is just so pretentious

just fucking tell us, you lazy stub.

literally who

Who are you again?

What was his name? David something? I’ve genuinely forgotten...

Christian Bale Onions edition.

He’ll graduate from Harvard and then get his own show on CNN.

Why don’t people ever bring up the fact that the media literally took traumatized kids who saw their friends get murdered, gave them a microphone and put their anguish on the world stage as a political weapon? Isn’t that the most fucked up thing of all time?

Sure that’s why you never got impregnated. If I looked like her I might come up with some bullshit like that too

His purpose was to be kid with political opinions. As soon as he turned into adult, everyone lost interest in what was he saying.

>I am... reborn

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I think it was david logs

I am checking.

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Don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten

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that dog driving the truck was so silly.

Doggy driving!

daisy will never be forgotten

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