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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

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SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool: publicpool.kinja.com/

>SoS Pompeo meets w/Italian DepPM Salvini 6/17/19
>CommSec Wilburine on Bloomberg 6/17/19
>CommSec Wilburine on CNBC 6/17/19
>HHSSec Azar @USGLC Annual State Leaders Summit 6/17/19
>Trump2020PressSec McEnany on F&F 6/17/19
>America1stPolDir Ellis on FBN 6/17/19
>StateDept Press Brief (Morgan) 6/17/19
>Pres Trump on ABCNews 6/16/19
youtu.be/K_IR90FthXQ (pt1)
youtu.be/Nf_CATbYilQ (pt2)
youtu.be/O2nkQMZEI6Q (pt3)
>Is-ra-hell PM Bibi unveils Trump Heights 6/16/19
>SoS Pompeo on FoxNewsSun 6/16/19
>SoS Pompeo on FtN 6/16/19
>WHTradeDir Navarro on SunMornFutures 6/16/19
>Happy Birthday Mr President 6/14/19
>ArmyVideo: Army Birthday 6/14/19
>Pres Trump on Health Coverage for Small Biz 6/14/19
>Pres Trump on F&F 6/14/19

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trump is a zog puppet


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>muh drain the swamp

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fuck off JIDf gaslighters

>>muh drain the swamp

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How's Petra? I've heard it's more complex and magnificent than any other ancient site in the world, but is basically falling to the wayside as the Jordanian government doesn't protect large portions of it.

am i in a shill thread?

No, we just have a persistent kike larping as a Jordanian. Ignore him and carry on.

Also I'm heading to bed now, new baker needed.

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I am merely letters on a screen.

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>Ignore him
/^Jordan$/ I've had this in the filter for a while....this is what I saw when I came over. lol

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Yet /ptg/ campaign employees support one over the other, just like their favorite President.

pagan shit, i say we take it down.

Oh, yikes.

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>/co/ defending degeneracy this hard

We have to show them the light. Free them from their Jewish masters.

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Filter any opposing voices, that'll show them. Lmao at your life you weak fuck.

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The only good Jew is a pile of ashes

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>t. too stupid for 4chanX
lmao @ ur brain loser

these are the people your shabbos president serves

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Anybody read the DR hotel news with American tourists dying?

What do you guys think the tourists are drying from?

Illegal alcohol basically dangerous moonshine?

Illegal use of pesticides in indoor environments?

Thanks for keeping the thread bumped, cupcake. Nighty night.

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>>t. too stupid for 4chanX
No just not faggot enough to actually use it because words on a computer screen make me rage, especially when it's the kike president stand in for the father I never had.

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wew,these faggots are mad tonight!

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lemme guess -(you) replied? lel, brainlet

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yup, totally mad.

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>What do you guys think the tourists are drying from?
Diversity, these people could have been killed here by Dominicans, what kind of loser pays for a flight and hotel to die?

lel, not very effective at 3 am with filters in place. they really are fucking stupid

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It's 3am..

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you're absolutely seething

Gay country.

You got names or links for each of these?

>newfag r/t_d retards actually think i'm a paid shill or a group of people


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ive been saying this all the time, jews are just light skin arabs.

any particular reason why this edition is so far from being on topic?

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board of peace, etc.

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Don't take it personally, these hours are staffed exclusively by campaign workers with perhaps 1 or two actual unknowing r/t_d retards.

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no,everyone knows you're just some seething loser

>kike larping as a jordanian

half the population of jordan is from the west bank, he is probably a palestinian. Of course the west bank was originally Jordanian, and only became palestinian later when it was convenient for the arab league to create a nation there, where previously there had been western transjordan.

i like it kek, turning their autistic weapon against them.

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Have any of you lads ever had sex?

He is an ISIS wannabee


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Any reason why you use the same fucking picture every night around the same time and still think people haven't identified you?

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>still think people haven't identified you?

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Funny how Democrats keep saying Republicans and Trump supporters are the ones who are living in a fantasy world.

Today I just saw a comic of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a cover portraying Trump as Bowser and her as Princess Peach punching him.

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why did trump sell us out guys??

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Didn't expect much from the campaign, you delivered.

Of course Trump is supporting Israel. It wasn't Russia that rigged the election for him. It was Israel. (Of course a major reason was that it was a response to Saudia Arabia rigging the election for HIllary.)

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> non argumentative arguments

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quit god damn replying to spammers you fucking moron

drumpf supporting israel is 4d chess guys by actually giving them money he is destroying them

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that cat is so high

he is not supporting israel, israel is supporting him, he is serving them.

>It was Israel. (Of course a major reason was that it was a response to Saudia Arabia rigging the election for HIllar
The House of Saud IS Israel you fucking retard.

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I actually think aid to Mexico and Central America is as important as building a wall. I think we need to stabilize those countries. We need to root out the corruption driving people away from their homelands. I think America owes to them because corrupt American politicians like the Clintons and Bushs let the CIA play all kinds of games that helped run those countries into the ground.

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As if the CIA is not still fucking with south and central america, what about bolsonaro and venezuela you dumb migapede, also didn't trump promise to make mexico pay for the wall, instead he pays mexico LMAO.

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hory shit what a loser lmao

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They are strange bed follows.
The House of Saud and Israel have been carving up the middle east for decades. They both have been puppeteering American policy. They just fight over who gets control of the wheel. Hillary was Saudi's preferred puppet. Trump was Israel's.

>trump is going to war with Iran

okay time for you migapede obsessed losers to go back to the Donald

my kitten looks EXACTLY like the one in your pic

this, we have to drive these jew loving delusional circle jerking faggots out.

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