If BLACK people are inferior then why do our AFRICAN genes dominate over the wh*toid genes?

If BLACK people are inferior then why do our AFRICAN genes dominate over the wh*toid genes?
Just look at any biracial kid and you'll see that BLACK features are dominant,from the nose,shape of the skull,lips,teeth to the skin color.

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Exactly, his impure blood can be made obvious that way.

If I throw shit at a sandwich, why is it then classified as inedible? Does that mean shit is a stronger food source?

Unless you are already black, why would you want that for your own child for all their life?

One drop of shit in a bottle of wine ruins the entire bottle.

none of the best traits are dominate. If the dominate traits had always dominated we would still be single celled organisms in the ocean

I take immense satisfaction knowing the nigglet will kill her one day

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why do christcucks get so pissy about what the free people do? Go pray to rabbi Yeshua you annoying abrahimic.

shit like this doesn't even effect me anymore. The vast majority of humanity even whites are of no genetic value what so ever. Only a handful of whites are classified as god tier, and why would you want anything less? What does bother me is how whites such as pic related show are close to being in the herrenvolk choose genetic suicide instead of ascension. Why would you throw away a billion years of evolution?

Except you forgot to mention halving the childs IQ

>once beautiful
>brown, brown, and brown all over
So much diversity.

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Don't feel sorry for her. Feel sorry for her Dad watching her fuck up a once pure genetic family line. She'll pay the toll if she hasn't already.

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Its because white people are matrix apes, descendants of leucistic primates. Pol doesnt even know what leucism is and will deny it being unable to overcome their shame. Cucked by their own hubris into forsaking their ancestors. Abandoning their 70,000 year old history for a 2000 year mk ultra monkey mind control retelling version of their story. All their religion is larp to hide these simple truths. We are just advanced primates. Whites project their insecurity as hatred, unable to conquer themselves. That is why their favorite insults are Subhuman, nigger, ape, monkey, animal.


Quest for fire, real european history.


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>if cancer cells are inferior to healthy cells, why do they spread so quickly and rapidly destroy your body?

one drop of feces in a barrel of milk

White = pure
Black = contamination
It's like mixing chocolate with vanilla ice cream except think of the chocolate more like dog shit... It's not going to end up vanilla.
So from a contamination of purity standpoint yes black is superior at contaminating.

What does shit contaminate anything it touches?

It's almost like if you shit into water, it will get dirty.

Because they have weak monkey genes.

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white ppl be like "I am soo special. Soo unbelievably beautiful. My ancestors must have been space aliens or some shit. TALL WHITE NORDICS come and save me space ancestors. =)"

Tfw they learn their ancestors were north african niggers.

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>Be You
Be retarded
>Mah NigGER genes
Look at you and your people, then look at Europe and white nations... you're not superior, your genes are so rotten that they just destroy what could've been a good offspring.

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