O.J. Simpson’s Twitter account threatens man with knife emojis

Why can't he just count his blessings?


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nigs gonna nog

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nigga you´re insane

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OJ killed a rostie and a kike. He's okay as far as niggers go.

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I didn't even realize he got out of jail after that robbery shit.

Probably hacked account, though the sudden anger bursts make me think it's definitely a nigger sending those dms.

I was watching his interviews last night, surprisingly. He actually sounds intelligent when he speaks, and also seems to be one excellent liar.


I guess any publicity is good publicity, might help book sales.

O.J. Simpson killed that coalburner and DNA proved it but the racist niggers on the jury let it walk cuz he "one of us niggers". Nigger should be dead.

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Holocaust 2: Satanic Niggaboo, X Y DNA genocide edition

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The civil law suit from Goldman parents got the rights to his book so the kikes are making money off their dead son


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The circle of (((life))), Jews have children to make them more money, even in death.

I wish mate

I really think he did it all those years ago. You didn't hear this from me.

Fake therealzeroj32. Idiot

>OJ killed a rostie and a kike. He's okay as far as niggers go.

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based and shekelpilled

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>knife emoji
oi m8 do you got loicense for that emoji?

No one man should have all that smugness

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Do you actually believe anyone will go to your honeypot, spook.

which one is oj there, the left or the right
i don't know how this social garbage works

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