Thanks to you fucks I now hate Jews and don’t believe in the holocaust...

Thanks to you fucks I now hate Jews and don’t believe in the holocaust, but I have a few questions I feel like you’ll be able to help with, because obviously most google searches are Yiddish influenced anyways

Is it true there weren’t even 6 million Jews in all of German controlled Europe? What does it mean when people mention the ‘wooden doors’ at Auschwitz? Regardless of those answers, I’d appreciate more info as to how it’s all just one big jewish scheme if possible

Literally anything helps

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Probably more like 2- 4 million Jews died. Most Jews probably died from poor sanitation, and lack of food in the camps. The German people were to be fed first, and we're fed better than any other country even in the last days of the war. The camps were bare bones funded. There really wasn't even enough workers assigned to the camps, so they struggled to provide much of anything. I'd say the Jewish people who died by gas was a very small minority of the total death count of Jews. (Read a lot, but not an expert)

it was 80k jews and they died from typhus

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Read "Iron Curtain Over America"

>bomb the living fuck out of all the cities and roads with the intention of preventing German state infrastructure from supporting their population and war effort
>weeks later, when you discover the internment camps, accuse the Nazis of starving prisoners and gassing people to death in a room with glass windows and a wooden door
>the internet comes into being and shits on the whole thing
I hope there's life after death so the people responsible for lying about fucking EVERYTHING after WW2 can see how big of a fuck up they made.

That's a document purporting to record numbers of deaths of "former concentration camp inmates" i.e. deaths after the liberation of the camp

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The answers you may receive will not suffice for the questions you require.

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No to your first question. Eichmann estimated 11 million Jews in Europe, about Eight within their easy reach.

3 million in Poland, 3 million in the eastern states, 2 million in the rest.

The “Muh wooden doors” is an old denier lie, referring to the office doors put into the air raid shelter at Auschwitz. Previously it had been a crematorium with a morgue, but was radically remodelled and the whole interior was changed.

The morgue was used for a few experimental gassings.

Since the SS had blown up all the other gas chambers, the Soviets decided to “restore” the old crematorium to its configuration when it was used to kill people. They didn’t do a good job, and left the office doors in place. These are obviously unsuitable for Agas chamber, and obviously not the doors on the room when it was used for that purpose. They are actually not even in doorways that were present at that time - the doorways were made in the air raid shelter rebuild

So deniers lie about them.

That is a (partly faked) document from the International Tracing Service, listing the number of people traced to the camps at the request of relatives, by 1979.

It is not a death count, and not a death total.

The Arolsen Archive is now online, with millions of relevant documents

They have only fragments of the camp records, none at all for most camps, and no camp has complet records. Auschwitz for example has only 20 months of records of deaths of registered slave labourers. No records for children, and the majority of women and the elderly sent there, as they were not slaves, so no reason to record them. They of course were for the most part killed on arrival, as useless eaters.

Deniers, lying, try to pass this document off as some sort of official death total.

The Red Cross has repeatedly said it is not, and they had no means to total deaths during the war, and never attempted to do so.

I hate arguing this tired topic.
Why does the Red Cross have documentation of Jewish women giving birth at Auschwitz?
I was taught in school that those unfit for work (the elderly, pregnant women, young children) were seperated into a different line upon arrival to the camp and executed immediately.

This is another, later International Tracing Service document

Note the different total, and the list of new persons traced each year - it wasn’t that more people died in the camps in the 1980s, it was just that they had traced more, on relatives request.

Clearly if you compare the two you can see that the deniers are lying when they claim these are death totals.

Of course they only list a few camps - the few they have some records for. The list does not include Treblinka, Sobibor or Belzec or Chelmno, were over a million people were killed.

Except the doors we see are not the original, but "faithful reproductions of the original".
Like the rest. Everything was conveniently "rebuilt" because the germans destroyed the facilities. In short: fake.
Oops, your whole argument crumbled.

The problem you have is there is also documented mass death by starvation in 1942. The Nazis had a deliberate policy of starvation diet for the camps. In 43 they found the slaves were dying too fast, and they needed to keep the labourers (not the useless eaters) alive so they upped the rations for the slaves. But the correspondence makes it clear that even that was too late and thousands were still dying from starvation

You will also note that the prisoners found in the camps were overwhelmingly Male, and young to middle aged.

Given the demographics of who was sent to the camps (entire cities cleared - children 20-30% of the people, old people 20%, women 50%) the survivors, and the dead bodies found at liberation, are massively skewed from what you would expect if the deaths were only in the last few months. The only explanation is, as all the witnesses say, that the elderly, the children, and most women, were killed much earlier. On arrival.

No it isn’t

You have been misled.

>nobody could find records
>the red cross couldnt get the numbers and didnt saw the mass slaughter
>no man that escaped the camps for the duration of the entire war reported anything like this
>look, we find the truth, trust us !

So they killed them on arrival, non stop, but starved them also. Makes sense.

>>no man that escaped the camps for the duration of the entire war reported anything like this
Witold Pilecki?

You're retarded. You'd lose any debate against a real history professor

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Hey, you think you can keep my down here all night on this penny-ante bullshit? I'll tell you what, five more minutes and I'm going to kick up an international incident that will make your head spin

sloppy job putin

I am Mt sure the Red Cross does - do you have a source for that?

The births at Auschwitz are easily explained - if you round up a half million women, select out the fit for work (ie of childbearing age) and wait .. you will find some are pregnant in early stages of pregnancy when you caught them, and are now trained slave workers doing vital war production work, and worth not just killing on the spot.

The story of the midwife of Auschwitz is horrifying. When she arrived there was no care for pregnant women. Many were aborted, many miscarried, and any that got too gravid to work were killed. If they could work until term, give birth and go back to work, they survived, but the children were killed. If they could not go back to work, they were killed. Many died from childbirth

She was trained midwife, and set up a couple of beds in one block to help women give birth. The Nazis recognised that this helped to save some slaves, so allowed it. The babies were killed at birth, or if not Jewish, they may be taken for adoption. She delivered about 3000. Only a handful survived the war.

In the last few months the gassings stopped, the crematoria were destroyed and the arriving children and pregnant women were no longer killed. That is why when the camp was liberated they found 600 kids. Out of an estimated 200,000 sent to the camp.

It wasn’t a fully equipped maternity ward with modern facilities. They had no doctor. Many still died.

A spy. Nothing a spy writes has value. Provided the reports presented are genuine.
The massive creation of propaganda from all sides makes impossible the possibility to trust them. If we listen to them, all armies ate babies and worshipped lucifer.

I think you're lying, now let me get back to my baguette or else

So you let the now pregnant xomen unable to work live until they give birth, instead of gassing them like the others unable to work.
Makes sense.

Terrible that the international finance system would start such a war, isn't it

>What does it mean when people mention the ‘wooden doors’ at Auschwitz?
There are wooden doors on the gas chambers.

>A spy.
If his entire goal was to get into Auschwitz to deliver information about it why would his report be doubtful?

Is that the case? The outside door that was added to the room that was the morgue is original - metal, gastight door. The little foyer corridor is from 44. Isn’t the door on that corridor - one of the often photographed “wooden doors” an office type door, from that remodelling?

And the other is the door to the washroom. When the Soviets broke the internal walls down to open up the space again to be like it was as a morgue, they broke one too many down, making the washroom part of the space. You vacancy see the tiled floor. That other door is the office door type that was the washroom door.

The opening directly from the crematorium room to the “morgue” room was broken through the solid wall that had been there, and it has no door at all on it. It is not quite in the right place - the original doorway, with the gas tight door used when it was made into a gas chamber, was a few feet away.

So I think those doors are the ones installed by the Nazis in 1944, but not of course from 42 when the room was configured differently and had only one doorway, a gas tight door.

I didn’t say any of those things.

You are building a straw man. Kindly do not misquote me.

Hey killed the useless eaters on arrival, but kept the useful workers. But they kept the workers slightly starved to make them easier to control, and with the intention that they would slowly die, and be replaced with new slaves. Extermination through labour.

Unfortunately they started to run out of new slaves... so they had to try to keep the ones they had alive, for the war effort.

I dunno. Why people would lie and why documents and reports were falsified by all sides ? I wonder. It took decades to debunk many bullshit cases, but fortunatly, we have now laws to stop this madness. Maybe because if one day the accurate depiction of events, whatever it is, would be known, it would be a shitstorm of a never seen magnitude. In short: everyone lies, and we do not know what happened, but we can reliably dismiss anything that does not survive basic logic.

Wouldn’t be a complete holohaux thread without the France VPN Jewish kike. What a fucking sad existence that Jews need to ‘combat’ truth from coming out on the internet. Fucking kike

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You can fact check it, and if yo you can show I am wrong please tell me. I do my best to make sure I don’t make mistakes.

If I have I will acknowledge it and then never say that again. I have done this several times on this board. I am open to learning.

>I dunno. Why people would lie and why documents and reports were falsified by all sides
If the documents were faked why waste the time of actually getting Witold into the camp? Why not make a comprehensive report of multiple fake individuals who had escaped the camps?

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No they have to work until the last possible moment. Many worked until the day they gave birth. If they got too gravid to work too early they were aborted or killed.

But if you have a trained worker making munitions you don’t just kill them when they first show a bit of a bump. You try to keep them, and if they have to take two days off to give birth, then fair enough. Back to work as soon as possible, the Reich needs the bullets.

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Did it?

I thought it was Hitlers continual breaking promises and making territorial demands and running an economy that was geared to war, and unsustainable without war plunder.

The soviets broke the doors of buildings nazis blew up ? Its getting more confusing.
Last time a guy named Faurrisson visited the facilities, everything was presented as genuine. So he reported on it. Then was banned from visiting again. And physically attacked. Makes sense when you are so sure of the accuracy of the narrative concerning the events.

Since when has anyone on this site been afraid of stating the facts?
The fuck has happened to this place; is this just a fucking anonymous tumblr now?

So we can dismiss what you just said as it is illogical. Good to know

the total population of jews in the world at the time was about six million. so if they all died why are they all still here shitting up the world? yiddle me that fren.

but i digress, around the camps as many as 500,000 jews would have died due to the conditions. Mostly disease and starvation. the number of "innocent" jews executed around the camps is probably less than 10% of that figure, and of those, the number "gassed with zyklon b" well that's where things get interesting.

i know it's 4 hours but I'd say this is the most consolidated documentary

I am not Jewish

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Obviously they worked them to death. It was even the motto displayed at the entrance. Still the narrative of the rest makes no sense.

Paranoid conspiracy theorist in action ....

Fuck off kike, nobody believes your lies anymore. The best part about the coming demographic transformation is that niggers and spics do not give two shits about kikes and the holocaust. So I hope you enjoy the future you have created.

The only paranoid conspiracy is 6 million jews being exterminated.


>the total population of jews in the world at the time was about six million.
The Nazis themselves estimated a total of 11 million in Europe alone at the Wannsee Conference

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hello french kike
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Did I say they broke the doors?

What are you talking about.

And Faurisson proved he history of the building and established the account I just gave.

He did indeed show that the Soviet unpaid guides were talking bullshit and badly trained. But things have improved since then. That does not excuse deniers from talking bullshit and claiming the doors currently leading to the space were there when it was used as a gas chamber, or claiming this shows it could not have been a gas chamber.

That is where Faurisson went hysterically wrong.

Population was about 16 million.

Not six. You are misled.

Killing those unable to work who would just be hanging around eating, or starving, makes no sense?


We do not know if he actually went in the camp. Thats the point. After 70 years of bullshit, we no longer know anything for sure. Many resistance fighters, survivors and other were unmasked as complete frauds. So many that no credibility is left. We know that there was a ruthless war, and that people worked to death in camps. This is the only things we can rely on. Nazis lied, allies lied, soviets lied, everyone spent his time making up things. I no longer trust them. I no longer even trust physical proofs since most are forgeries or reconstructions.

okay so show me the numbers before and after the war then

numbers before and after, show them

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No. You can make them work to death too. Remind me ? Did women ever worked in factories ? Did children ever worked in mines ?
Mmm. They seem pretty much able to work it seems.

ashkeNAZI were jews themselves participating in creation of state of Israel and removal of European intellectual elites.

you can tell this document is made up by
>how their assumptions dont correlate with other documented population statistics around that time
>how they correlate with kike kabbalah
>how their end numbers are rounded to full milions which even with such overestimated numbers make it almost 10% error margin

>just pay up for all 11milion goyim
also Nazi jews established judenrat ghettos where jews self-governed themselves to keep them away from German soldiers and war

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I have a feeling you're being rather disingenuous here. If your position is some weird relativist "we can't know anything for sure and all evidence has been faked" then that's fine I guess, but it makes having an actual tangible discussion about these issues dumb when any evidence that is presented by anyone can be dismissed because you're ideologically inclined to saying they're faked


>you can tell this document is made up by
It's literally an estimate by the Nazis themselves from the population of Jews in Europe from the Wannsee Conference

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there were six million or so but hitler didn't kill them
also the wooden doors refers to the supposed wooden doors of the gas chambers

They all migrated to the USA during and after world war 2

Hahaha the French jew to the rescue against Jow Forums antisemites. Fucking fag

The Jewish population of the US and Canada went from 4.9 million to 5.1 million between 1939 and 1948.

no. i was saying bullshit numbers trying to get you to post the real numbers

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>It's literally an estimate by the Nazis themselves from the population of Jews in Europe from the Wannsee Conference
>looks at pic rel
>1939 jews in europe: 9,739,200
>looks around
>tfw its the "revised" version published in 1949 after World Jewish Congres begged them to increase pre-war European number by almost 1mln to better fit 6mln narrative(it was 8,9mln before)
>still doesn't fit either narrative or NAZI 11mln assumptions
>NAZI assumptions still perfectly fits Israel PM demands for reparations though

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I wasn't calling you disingenuous, I was calling the French user disingenuous. I believe you're arguing in good faith, but you're just not informed.
For example, the pic you posted literally says at the top that they're "based on the latest official and unofficial estimates". Which was using pre-war estimates, see which is the edition one year later that factors in the war.

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Have you got a source for that pic? I tried searching around but the only thing I could find was Holocaust denial websites

World Almanac 1938 (there are two versions of this one as Jews begged them to change the numbers couple years after the war. but i think the new revised number went as 1939)

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i think the new number for 1939 was actually part of 1948 almanac so 1938 should be the one

All he does is bump the threads hurting his own cause. Just let him be.

I'll just assume it's from WA because it looks similar, I've tried looking around and I can't find a PDF for 1938. What makes you assume that the later revision was done off the backs of Jews begging them to do it or something? As opposed to a change in methodology allowing for greater accuracy. I'd pick the Nazis estimates of the Jewish population over the pre-War estimates done by a third party any day.

Every fucking day

All you need to understand is that there are a lot of lies around the Holohoax, (what are the description of the mechanisms, and the kikes who survive 6 times in a gas chamber and then rescued in a hospital)
That many more people of others races have died.
That there is a small group of people controlling the power in world - Zionism.
Not all Jews are bad, but those who rule everyone's bad.
Germany was a party to the conflict, not a fiend of hell.
The fact that the jewish forces are united against her will not argue even a french kike. The fact that Hitler offered the world constantly will not argue the same.
The fact that modern jews control the degradation no one also argues

kill kikes

it writes right there on the picture its WA...
>What makes you assume that the later revision was done off the backs of Jews begging them to do it or something?
i've read about it in the past, can't find sources now though.
but basically
>WA does population censuses every couple years(based on national ones)
>around the war all the different ones shown differences in jewish population(jews like to pretend they made after war census based on pre war one but its kind of weird they wouldn't know about the biggest war ever that just happened. another thing is Christian european population did notice huge drop)
>this difference was continuous and it shown around 300-700 000 jewish casualties during whole WW2(it didn't actually show 700 000 jews missing but some were born during that time so it's still possible)
>late 40s WJC push their reparations claims
>they first demand to increase pre war numbers in 1948 by almost one milion to better fit their demands (and nazi estimates by the way)
>they dont mention where the extra numbers come from and what did they base this decision on
>its not enough
>in 1949 suddenly ~4 miion of jews dissapear
>in reality they are somewhere in soviet union/china/israel/US/SA but in public opinion they dont exist

pic rel is only thing i found for now.
it says what i say is bullshit, but i already explained it.
also there is one quote at the bottom about how they revised those numbers
>"Dear Mr. Kominsky,
>"Thank you for your letter of inquiry of January 6.
>"The world Jewish population figures printed in this
>story came from the 1948 edition of the World Almanac.
>Later we checked it with the American Jewish Committee and
>other sources and said in the correction, as I noted to you
>in my previous letter, that the authorities agree that
>Hitler's wholesale massacre of Jews during the war reduced
>the Jewish population to perhaps 12 million today (2/26/48).
>"If Mr. Freedman met with me I do not remember it.

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The holocaust is a load of crap literally the most forced meme in the history of mankind.

> What makes you assume that the later revision was done off the backs of Jews begging them to do it or something?

In the list of countries you can see Palestine listed, then erased and only Israel showing up in the Jewish revised one.

>running an economy that was geared to war
god you're just retarded, fuck

But what if you don’t need them? You have enough slaves for the jobs that need done - and there is little work to be got out of the elderly and the kids, they are a pain to keep. You don’t need more women, because you are bringing in half a million - you only need a small proportion.

Because the camp was not just a labour camp...

Of course at Treblinka they just killed everyone, except for a very few taken to run the camp and do some lumber yard work.

Same at a Belzec and Chelmno and Sobibor

Lol. It is The Eichmann document from Wannsee .

You should do some basic research before blithely making such silly accusations. No revisionist historian has shown this is not original.

How can you even claim that there was a war then, never mind a ruthless one? How do you know anything about the past? How do you know anything about your own life, since you are only an (unreliable) eyewitness to it?

Your scepticism is unwarranted and unreasonable

No they didn’t

And they had no means to do so. What a ridiculous thing to claim - three million Polish jews escaped and went o America... how?

All the Nazi documents about the ghettos, and the transports, are just made up? Nonsense

But you just posted fake numbers.

Or rather, the 1948 American Almanac. Umbers, which, on the bit of the page you cut off, say are actually 1939 numbers as they didn’t have any updates.

So your graphic is deceptive. Those are not 1948 data.

It is a lie to say the numbers had not changed

The Red Cross said around 200,000 died in the camps, but this was almost certainly due to the lack of food later on in the war rather than intentional. Another thing to note is that all of the "death camps" were found in the East and liberated by Russia, so probably the russians built the chambers themselves.

Your graphic is correct, your following text is bullshit.

The WA always got its figures from Jewish organisations (just like it gets it count of Christian denominations from church sources) they do not do census data themselves, or collect government data to analyse themselves. (In any case many countries did not ask people their religion of census forms, so there would be no such data)

They did not do any census work during th war, they used figures supplied by the American Jewish organisations which they said were based on 1938/39 data as they had no new figures

There was no begging - the Almanac asked for updated data again in 1948 for the 1949 edition, and they received it, and published it.

The letter you quote is saying that the 1948 data was wrong, and they they checked with the AJC who gave them the right numbers. No begging, no conspiracy

He rearmed. He spent a fortune rearming. He mobilised men, and trained them and armed them and prepared them for war. It was an economy aimed at war. He made changes to the economic structure to support the upcoming war. His attempts to get foreign currency were all aimed at buying in materials for rearmament

It was an economy based on the upcoming conflict, and needed plunder to sustain it.

No they didn’t


You are repeating a lie about the Red Cross that the Red Cross have said is a lie.

You have no source for this claim. Please stop,repeating this lie.

What camp was she in? How was she smuggled out? Was she ever in actual immediate danger of being gassed?

Could she for instance have lived in a block that was cleared out while she was in hospital - so had she not been in the hospital she would,have gone with her blockmates to thengas chamber?

Was she a trained worker in some particular job - a precision job in the munitions plant perhaps? Or trained to,make parts for aircraft or tanks? So worth hospitalising on the off chance she might recover?

Too many unanswered questions of detail to make any sense of this.