Why are the best looking whites girls dating black guys these days?

Why are the best looking whites girls dating black guys these days?

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Kill Jews

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She’s dating that black guy? Is this trolling or proof?

why do christcucks get so pissy about what the free people do? Go pray to rabbi Yeshua you annoying abrahimic

Ashley St. Clair. Yea she loves black dudes. But shes Jewish, not white. So who cares.

Both of those "girls" look like trannies
FFS the one on the right is more manly than they black

women want the strong not the weak

Blacks are just better at pleasing women. Whites have their advantages, but when it comes to pleasing to women, Blacks win easily

She looks Hispanic...

Based on your own experiences?

>fake eyelashes
>eye liner, shadow
>50 layers of foundation
> lipstick
>pencil eyebrows
Sorry memeflaggot, that doesn't say good looking, that screams monster
Good men know to steer clear of made up women.

Because it's fun I guess. What the fuck do you want me to think about it?

you mean the fattest white girls are dating black guys.

Its real, im black and ive fucked hotter girls

only about 20% of the yt girls ive fucked are slampigs, most ive fucked are fit with good bodies

Sure, dude,

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its true bbc does damage to yt pussies, average black dick is 8 inches and average white is 5 inches. Probably the main reason white women are leaving you pale freaks in droves

The cross-eyed fattie look disgusting.

You deserve to be castrated and gelded, autistic browncel. Not that you were ever going to reproduce anyway.

She's Jewish
Go back to India poo in loo gypsy

Bro, she looks like a duck.
And so do most women with a black BF, not even racist just speaking out of experience.

Indians are more aryan than you, shitalomonkey