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sauce *

you are a very slow kike

the companies could use the workers

Fuckin' sweet. The economy will be going in overdrive.


>Migapede cope
Vote for Biden if you don't want this illegal immigrant shit anymore. It's clear trump won't do anything so we gotta get someone else in there.

Make it 2million!

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College educated whites, including women, went Trump... something the media and shills try to bury.

"Muh suburban retards" is a shill myth. Urban areas went Hillary ONLY due to their black and hispanic populations. The college educated vote demographics Hillary won was ONLY from blacks and hispanics. See pic related.

Hillary also only got 37% of the overall white vote.


We are basically at a point now where it's white people vs everyone else (jews, immigrants, blacks, radicals etc.)

Just look at the demographics vs counties won.

It's time for any of that 37% out there to wake the fuck up as to what is really going on.

Time is short.




The country can easily be saved if we do just those 3 things.

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cool! trump is doing what merkel did 2015
>boost economy by letting millions of new consumers flood into an oversaturate market
>these new consumers buy themselves (with welfare money) everything the old market is still able to supply relatively cheap
>the economy will boom
>your culture will die

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How Blumpf is better than Merkel at this point?

Jow Forumsitards are speechless

Based, can I come? Msc in Aerospace. I dont mind cleaning your toilets for 100k/year.

What do you expect when Trump ran as an out-and-out White supremacist?

>the companies could use the workers
Those are the legit companies seeking skilled workers with specific talents. The unskilled labor pool also seeks workers, it's true, but those should come from existing USA citizens and formerly amnestied illegal immigrants. Instead, the legitimate workers get displaced from jobs and add to either the social welfare problems or to the homeless problem.

A lot of our existing black unemployment problem also results from the illegal immigration problem.

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>What do you expect
>Trump ran as an out-and-out White supremacist?
You are lying. You conveniently forget during the election that BLM, NAACP, and others on the left accused patriotism as being the same as racism. You also forget that during the election, the SJW accused nationalism as racism. If George Washington ran, the SJW would gang up on him.

Trump ran as a patriotic nationalist as well as restoring the rule of law instead of ignoring the laws due to emotional decision-making instead of logic.

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