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the globalist elite ruined our country and now we must take it back edition

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nah, your just fucked. brexit fucked you bigly. because the pounds your gunna have to pay are gunna come from the peasents and not the gentry or nobility. but, thats the price you pay for listening to burgers who don't know what the fuck they are talking about. good luck though

ok jew

Good morning Israel.


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Morning lads
What's that mutilated colonist talking shite for?

he got the call from bibi about this thread

Boys I have almost entirely tuned out of politics for weeks. It just got too tiring, from what I've seen they've tried to delay Brexit a couple more times and Sadiq Khan is still ruining London and shitslinging at trump like the monkey he is. What is this hellish cycle we are in

the one caused by the globalist elite

Morning lads. Have a boomer meme. You're welcome.

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We used to have fruit n fibre shops?

Second round today boys. Hopefully the MPs have seen sense and that Rory is the man that needs to be leading this country

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I don't remember any.?

theres literally no news ;-;
rory is a fag, he belongs in labour

where is that picture taken? It rings a bell with me

Looks like an investment opportunity to me. A lick of magnolia and you're a landlord

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So, they))) (Stewart, Hunt) finalised their closing speeches on old people shitting themselves.

They can’t wait till whites are too old to defend themselves.


>Implying mainland Europe isn't going downhill

No, he's a true conservative that recognises that this country is fucked. We're currently experiencing a national growing-up period where we recognise our post-empire position on the global stage

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fuck's sake

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Lmao. They're pitching to the tory members who have an average age of 65

Quick question, why the fuck can't *we* vote for the next ass in the saddle? No-one voted for cameron, no-one voted for may and no-one will have voted for whichever cunt gets the job next.

We didn't reply because no-one cares about scotland: moneysink.
Plus I don't think anyone in scotland gives a fuck about fishing except aberdeen villages so I don't understand how that fliers going to have mass appeal

We are electing them. The MPs whittle it down to two people they're happy to support and the tory membership decide the leader. If you want to vote next time, join the tory party.

You should probably care about the EU's fishing policy though for the UK though.

He's a fucking gaylord who lied about being in the forces.

We live on public anarchy and private repression: we should have public organisation and private liberty.

That's not exactly a democratic vote though is it?

are you an iqbal or a schlomo?

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This needs to be changed, they can have one leader change then it must go to a general election would be how I'd run it.

He looks like he should be a jockey.

Yeah, either that or have no distinct party leader.

We are taught that it is an outrage to interfere with the individual in his public capacity as producer, financier and distributor - though, if he uses his power badly, his anti-social conduct may damage tens of thousands of his fellow-citizens. But we are taught to interfere with every detail of his private life, in which sphere he can damage no one but himself, or at most his immediate surroundings.

We are just friends

a cock jockey

This is the best way because if it was just up to the members and not involving both MPs and the members, then you'd have a situation like Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour paty

Gov's corrupt, councils are next.

Jews everywhere, you'll start noticing them if you pay enough attention. They're more afraid of you than they know you should be of them, at least for now, because they see you as animals. The reason we're powerless is because we're all afraid of being racist. Until you get some balls and are willing to openly admit you are racist without fear you will forever be a puppet.


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He lied because he was actually a glowie doing work in iraq for sis/mi6.

A man may be sent to prison for having a shilling bet on a horse race, but he can have a tremendous bet on the stock market, and live honoured and respected as a pillar of industrial finance. He may damage the whole life of the nation in the capacity of capitalist or trade union leader, but he may not even risk the slightest damage to himself by obtaining a drink after the appointed hour!

We are treated as a nation of children; every item of social legislation is designed, not to enable the normal person to live a normal life, but to prevent the decadent from hurting himself. At every point the private liberty of the individual is invaded by busybody politicians who have grossly mismanaged their real business — which is the public life of an organised nation.

>The best way is to repeatedly have a leader no-one voted for
They want clearing out, the lot of them.

It is, of course, a simpler task for limited intelli- gences to keep public-houses closed than to keep factories open. The politician, conscious perhaps of his own limitations, turns naturally to a sphere with which he is more familiar. The result is the creation of a political system which is precisely the reverse of what a political system should be. In the public affairs of national life we have disorder and anarchy: in the private affairs of individual life we have interference and repression.

thanks, I was mistaken, looks like a comfy town though that just needs the community to give it some love.

What you reading from?

Britain must be reformed into People's Republic of Islands.

It's not racist if it's true though. Britain, The - Oswald Mosley_djvu.txt

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Who cares?!

Why discuss Britain if you're not getting to the meat of the matter?

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We cannot muddle through this time

Bernie Sanders

I though it was a Mosley! Nice one, user.

>he's a fucking creepy glownig

>people who vote for other parties should have a say in who leads your party

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The global elite are responsible for the 10p increase on the Gregg's bacon roll and drink deal. Now I cant even afford 4 cans of tenants super at the end of the week.

>councils are next

imagine being subserviant to a foregn power like isreal.

I bet this is only half a meme

We're talking about the leader of the country though, ass-hat.

Is that an average northern 4 bedroom house

nope average house has a different design, that one looks a lot older since its made with a mix of stone blocks and brick
it might of been a home 200 years ago but it looks like a run down shop or something now

The leader of the country is the Queen. The prime minister (top advisor/gopher) works for her, as a runner between her and the party we voted for. The country votes for the party, not the individual. The party then decides who is gonna do all the leg work.
It's always been that way.

You're lucky if you get windows up norf

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Lurk more dickhead, if you don't understand the way our political system works, don't throw your smelly two cents in.

nah mate i live up north
but i heard down south you arnt allowed the have buildings that can last more than a decade because it scares negros

>The country votes for the party, not the individual
This is not the case in reality though is it. Just like the monarch isn't the actual leader of the country. Why do parties have leaders in this case? The whole system needs flushing out, along with the fan-boys like you.
>it's always been that way
oh, shit why didn't you say sooner

It doesn't work, that much is obvious.

Is this one of those prime British real estate that cost 15 million britbong quids?

>This is not the case in reality though is it.
Yes, it is.
Just because you don't understand the political mechanisms involved, or their need, doesn't mean it's a stupid system.

I think you need to wake up.

Is that you, Sargon?

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presidential systems are shit
People always think the president can do literally everything, so they dont bother taking the parliamentary elections seriously, but idiots dont regonize that presidents can't govern without a cooperative parliament.

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True it gives them ptsd from their experiences during colonialism

I understand how people think though and, no, people most definitely do vote for the leader of the party. You also didn't answer my question.

most people are retarded and shouldnt be able too vote

Why are you here?
This is a local thread. It's for local people.
It's not for you.

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I've won again

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I'll leave that one for someone else.



>I understand how people think though and, no, people most definitely do vote for the leader of the party

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I'm not wrong am i?

Recent photo. Pleased to see it was not a Kebab shop and remains local.

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He might just be dyslexic or something. I do that sometimes TOO.

We vote for individual MPs , not parties.

You can say i'm going to vote, i am going to do this. If you say like, I voted too, like aswell, then it's too and not to. It's all good brother

No, you're right. Most people are too retarded.

A sensible democracy shouldn't give me the franchise anyway

E-oy what's all this then

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Conservatism is fucking gay.

good comeback. I guess I should never see any blame or ill-will directed solely at the leader of a party, rather than at the party itself.

I bet you're too much of a pussy to snort half and eat half

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Direct Democracy is impossible

But those individuals (unless they are independents) toe the party line, including the prime minister. Even if you live in the constituency of the PM, you are voting for a member of a political party. you might think you are doing something else, but then you are a deluded fool who doesn't understand the way the system works.
Only idiots vote because "[x] has a nice smile".

>user makes pro-uk post
>shits on them for no reason
dick move desu

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