Gang rape case arrests made despite alleged destruction of DNA evidence by police

How QLD tiler bought first property at 20 with ‘no help’ from parents

Terrifying southern Sydney carpark mugging caught on CCTV

Climate change protesters glue themselves to Brisbane’s busiest street

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There was a story with a rape in Melbourne, the guy was a NIGGER, but it was scrubbed before I got home to archive it. FML. They are covering up NIGGER crime in Melbourne all the time.

NVM. Daily Mail had it.

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>man buys house
this is news in Australia


What's for din-dins tonight lads?

I'm making up one of those cheap mi-goreng noodles with two fried eggs on top. It's pretty nice if I say so myself.

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>over-leveraged man buys house in Australia

Chicken, rice, red capsicum, chill & broccoli with a dash of soi

Have you anons swallowed the gympill yet? links dont work for me

mums cooking curried snags

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>in middle of housing crash
these fuckers are actually going to have the gal to act surprised when we tear them out of their offices too

obligatory JUST post

>tfw was taken off rotating shift and put on permanent day shift since im that much of a liability
>tfw have 5 am starts

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Lamb with a bunch of vegetables. Everything but the meat and the onion from my garden.

>what is open dns

Unironically onions schnitzel, roast veg, steamed broccoli. You’re not saying Uncle was wrong to be a vegetarian, are you?

>1:30 finish
Its not so bad mate. I'm guessing you're the power industry guy?


nah im not :( sounds comfy though

It’s no longer obligatory. Aus/pol/ is now banning all references to shift workers, slampigs, how there’s no work in your town, chicks on Tinder, how you intend to save the white race by living on your own in a shack, etc in perpetuity.

Dinner posting strongly encouraged.

Already gave dm my clickshekel, but cheers any way cobb

Just read it, he put down a 10% deposit on a 175k home, no big achievement. Anyone can save 20k and buy a shitbox

How could this article exist when this never happens?

NOOOO thats mostly what i post. actually the only thing that i used to post from that list was the tinder screenshots, but ive since deleted all of those apps so that wont be happening again

so wagecucks are fine but shift workers are fucked? t-thanks

And you still can't access

Kill yourself subversive cunt. Fuck off from aus/pol/ with your off topic garbage.
Stick to Facebook kiddo aus/pol/ is for politics.

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Fuck going to the gym, it’s full of roided up weirdos who do ice and bum each other, and Lebs who do same but pretend not to. Good at around 11am when the Yummy Mummies are about though.

The real life hack for propagating BLEACHING is here. Instead of cracking off another sad wank to some bored starlet having her shitter ruined, wank off to an eighties porn mag given to you by a cheeky nurse and SAVE THE WHITE RACE.

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This is library.

Yurp. Powerful inconvenient

Whats the "compensation" for your time worth?

Cunts fucked

You can’t read?

First for huffing Palacuck's soiled panties

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Knocking someone up without having to raise the kid or touch a filthy roastie. Best of both worlds

>Today Mr Kaess earns $1600 per week in rental income, and when he is saving a deposit for a new property, he works a minimum of 80 hours a week to bulk up his income as much as possible — although he still manages to go out with mates on the weekend and go on overseas holidays, as long as he plans in advance.

>“If you work 38 hours a week you’re just keeping your head above the water — you’ve got to be putting in more hours than the next person. If you’re going to get paid double the money for double the hours, my biggest tip is to find a job that doesn’t limit your amount of hours per week so you can work as many hours as you want,” he said.

Remember the days when journalists had an obligation to tell the truth?


Time for your Daily Reminder that Boomers are scum and everything wrong with Australia.

Also time for another Reminder that Unchecked Migration is Generational Genocide.

You the user who was being set up to be fired?

>80 hours a week to put a deposit on a house in Townsville
He plans on renting the place to abos, I guess.

Poor fuck. I scored a sweet job in a factory the other day. 41 per hour to work a gantry crane, shifts either midday till 8:30pm or 2pm till 10:30pm. Sleep in erry day.

Exactly how much of a liability are you?

he bought a bunch of garbage houses in a shithole mining town that will be worth nothing in 5 years.


>Sperm Donors Australia was established to provide single women or couples (heterosexual or same sex), who are not able to conceive naturally, the opportunity to fulfil their dream of having a baby. Our commitment is to provide excellent medical care with a caring, informative and personalised approach.

How about you go fuck your ass with a razor?

"Good men needed for an important job"

Yeah, getting fucked over legally in 10 years time when they YET AGAIN change the laws making sperm donors identifiable and liable for child support / alimony ... AND getting their DNA profiled once they sign away the shit for use in police databases.

Some idiots never learn.

Anyone get the clip from Qanda last night of the abo kid with Why duh star blink

i can't bring myself to watch that shit any more, even after 2 years of QandA Bingo Threads

Shits too painful

41 for a gantry crane what the fuck. Steel industry?

Don’t encourage it, this is a politics board. We’ve got

- Zulu rapists in Melbourne
- Chinese death ray, well, they call it a Noodle House but I know what they’re up to here in Sydney
- possible Scomo footage in a tank and kerchief a-la Thatcher preceding a pointless war with Iran
- A Labor party hurting from its loss and ripe for Nazbol entryism
- Some fag in Jew Zealand (spit) gaoled for 2 years because he Tarrantposted
- Muh Charlie Crowder Benjamin Woes losing shekels and selling manties
- Daisy Cousens still not BTFOd for being a lolbert by mass dumping her nudes

Get on it, Bush Tucker Men. Thread theme:

>Not putting Nazbol genes in a household of lesbian Freegans
>Not crackin’ One off for whiteness bc roasties gonna roast and you won’t be there anyway
>Not having a separate Racial Cum Division identity

Fuckin’ amateurs.

>assuming I followed the link
How much /deposit?

dont forget Palacuchdkakdk's cyberdildo leaked pics

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Takeaway curry, because I cooked the last five nights in a row and I’m not a complete tightarse. 20 bucks inc naan and rice. Last night was lush af tho, wood ear, shiitake, oyster enoki amd Swiss brown shrooms with gnocchi, and a jus and cream sauce. With ravioli. 25 bucks fed 3.

>Climate change protesters glue themselves to Brisbane’s busiest street
DOTR when?

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>Not putting Nazbol genes in a household of lesbian Freegans
I must admit, you raise a cogent point. The keks would be worth it.

>Aus/pol/ dregs don’t see correlation between effort and happiness

>Daisy Cousens
Literally who?
>Daisy is a political and cultural commentator. She contributes to The Spectator (, Penthouse Magazine (for the articles), and Sky News Australia. She has appeared on ABC'S QandA and The Drum, Hack Live on ABC2, Channel 10's The Project, and Sky's The Bolt Report, Paul Murray Live, and Jones and Co. She also holds a Master of Creative Writing from the University of Sydney. Daisy has been told she's a 'flamethrower', and describes herself as an *occasional* provocateur, and feminist apostate.
>Taking up the call to fight for Western civilisation with flair, style, and incredible sass.

Look at dns cloak. Many many dns to choose from.

Day of the Rack? What's the equivalent here?

‘turns out’ is the new ‘sweet summer child’

Many cases of this around the world of men getting bitten in the arse by this. A few months back on the radio a guy called in about children contacting him even though there was an NDA.
>If married or in a defacto relationship, the wife/partner must consent to the donation
Chuckled, what ever happened to the notion my body my choice mentality.

Saged for not being politics.


“and how many baguettes can this bad boy warm up in an hour?”

You know how people don’t know Clark Kent is Superman? Just drop the ‘u’

>paying shitskins to cook your food

Its like you want a parasite

Soooo, how much /deposit then, fren?

>I’m going to glue myself to the road
>I ha e a great idea, I’ll use a cyanate glue do I get cancer
>shits not comfy, so I’ll glue myself to a yoga mat
Sort that shot put real quick with a d9

Cronulla 2.0 Melbourne edition when?

She’s Andrew Bolt with tits, except Andrew Bolt is secretly quite left.

Our genes must go on. Your lad will be nominally genderqueer for a summer before discovering Bitchute. Then cunt will be truly fucked.

Theres Daisy Cousens n00dz? Post em

I’m paying you neetfags anyway, might as well get some tucker out of it

>Low IQ parrot but unfortunately not in cage hmmm

Fucking when?

Pozzbourne "aussies" will side with the niggers, every.fucking.time.

>called in about children contacting him even though there was an NDA.
correct ... always remember, Government ALWAYS sides with the twats for more rights. You WILL be fucked over as they change the goal posts in favor of the women, no matter what contracts they break in the process. Who you gonna sue? The Gov with their bottomless pockets?

>Still no answer hmmm

we love Paul Murray Live don't we auspol?

well, accounting for her using it both on her anus and vagene, about 60 per day

Her and Sydney Watson, also deff a made up name. As for we don’t want Australia to be like the US because then we’d be an even browner Wide Brown Land, but without doctors.

Guy sounds like a typical boomer.
>what do you mean you can’t afford $500 a fortnight? Just get a better job.
>so what I haven’t looked for work since the 80’s, I know more than you.

t. KFC counter staff

>(((Sydney Watson)))

>thetes a link between being taxed and choosing to pay a shitskin $20 for giving you dysentry

Aee you a retard? What a moronic non sequitur

Pre-cast concrete. Have dogmans ticket and advanced riggers ticket.

Anons, if you want easy coin and work that doesnt kill you physically, get into cranes.

the kind of autism that is truly welcome on /pol

Even though it nothing but unbridalled boomconism... yes.

Post em. Link? Story? Tweet? I need info.

Why do you faggots think that won’t just be another irritating disruption in Melbourne’s day followed by a hagiographic documentary called ‘Dey good bois dindu nuffin.’ Get into politics, populism is here to stay. Trumpberg not delivering the goods is just the start of the whitelash. Soon even social democrat parties in Europe will be pledging no immigration as the Danes have done, and right wing parties will continue proposing a welfare state that is robust like the Poles have done. Getting a Southern Cross tattoo and taking your Ritalin helps no one, least of all your Boomer parents who thought the X box would stop you from hurting small animals.

No, your mission is to find their nudes. I will make this thread productive. You can deal with a Noodle House after that.

Obviously I need to break it down further
>contributes to The Spectator
>Penthouse Magazine
>Sky News Australia
>She has appeared on ABC'S QandA and The Drum, Hack Live
>Channel 10's The Project
>Sky's The Bolt Report, Paul Murray Live and Jones and Co
>Master of Creative Writing from the University of Sydney
>Taking up the call to fight for Western civilisation with flair, style, and incredible sass.
What's her stance on the JQ?
Wait, I already know the answer.

The entire article is likely to be fake, Newscorpse has a long reported history of coming up with articles on how easy it is to get into property for young people that turn out to either be a) fake or b) mis-reported.

They are trying to keep the property market up at all costs and keep people lending, also it allows the Boomers to have yet another kick at young people and tell them it's because their lazy that they don't have a home/jobs.

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‘She’s Australian and American which means a stingray will shoot a dart up her pussy and she’ll die because she doesn’t make enough betabux for insurance!’

i think he's a millennial

I'll reply to whoever I feel like TYVM

Knew you were a lying faggot. Every post youve made itt has been low IQ

The JQ is kind of retarded at this stage though. All Nasho parties have to ritualistically support the only ethnostate as a means of not being banninated.

This is time you could have spent finding the Nazi rapist and scrubbing off his minstrel makeup.