Doesn’t matter who you are

Holy fucking kek man, reaching levels of cinematography that shouldn’t even be possible.
> starts with man lighting up. Pans over to faggots getting uppity.
> random lanklet twirls after soiboi out of frame, letting us all know that absolute state of the soft bodies at this event.
> our guy spots confused whore unsure of what to do, ignores her, sees-
> -said previously running Soiboy who’s going for round two, diving back in, reaching for a mans face as his held down by 3 other state endorsed homos.
> equip helmet... hand?
> R A K E D O N E
> R A K E D T W O
> whores come in like they are going to help downed comrade.
> just came to pull the sign out from under his bleeding body.
> he crawls back into his safe space under his lgbt3000 cuck-tarp
> Fgt. Pile dives after our man in a diabetic haze, somehow ends up below him on his back the floor squealing and eating punches.
> our guy never drops his smoke.
> 3 malnourished whores who still somehow manage to be morbidly obese start to try and pry helmet Knight off their comrade-in-bariatrics, pull his hair and clothes as whores are want.
> man stands up.
> fat masked whore won’t let go, she has the weight advantage, she wants to keep the fight close.
> he eventually jabs her in the nose and she lets go like a confused yellow rodent, pointing at him in obese effeminate impotence.
> bearded shemale behind screams “that’s a lady!!!”
> confused womenlet from the start finally catches up and try’s to fight preacher.
> he tells all the whores not to hurt themselves.
> scene ends with another pig femcel shouting about “oH mY gOd WhAtS wRoNg WiTh YoU sHe’s A pOwErFul LaNd WhAlE!?!”
> boomer mad dogs still smoking mad lad like he wants it too.
Fucking holy shit man holly-kikes have nothing in that.
Best camera work I’ve seen in awhile.

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Go back faggot.

did u just post a reddit link \
holy shit nigger
holy shit

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Please ban OP

>If only you knew...

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> seething pol cucks.

You fags are going to learn today.

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Fucking reddit faggot, never ever been to that shithole and the fact that you browse it makes you a brainlet and a fucking cuck liberal. Kill yourself you fucking faggot

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>unironically linking plebbit

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Lurk for atleast 6 months before posting anything.

it was pretty kino, but I kinda wish it was zoomed out more

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amazing. canadians are the master race now :)

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Red shirt helmet guy definitely had God with him here.

You still own those pink masked homos, land whale harpies and boomer hippies.

We all have a burden, fren.

absurd number of old half-bald hippies here it's true

how about you watch and upvote you farthuffing faggots

lol who does this art so fast

>The cigarette
I'm dying

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Me, and it wasn't fast.

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This is the face of an angry man.

If you see this, some serious shit is about to gown down and you just need to stay away from what ever hell is about to be unleashed.

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They want you to stay here. Here you are quarantined. We must be as the Borg and eliminate the liberal bastions.

Also, I'm pretty sure this was posted here before it was posted to plebbit. It's where they got the video - next time just post the YouTube video, dork.

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The old boomer at the end is rage-inducing

I saw the longform video on YouTube, didn’t see this version there at first.
Sorry man it was just too funny to me.
favorite fucking part is that split second where you see the guy the faggots are going after, who already has two dudes on top of him, languishing and making aw shit I’m fucked faces; then helmet dude bonks em both in record time.
Then those 2’s who should be wearing masks go after the real goal:
The posters
Leaving their comrades to crawl away ahahahaha.

It's funny.

Red Dhirt just took down at least 5 young men of equal or larger size as Red Shirt, and the old hippie thinks he's tough shit.

Red Shirt is a force of nature here.


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Upvote? So your entire board is based on votes? Makes for a really boring discussion when you "win" by getting more votes and having a profile. On Jow Forums it's all about having a good argument and then you get (yous)