Canada is Collapsing

Canadian in-store Prices are downstream from Canadian culture.

Hence the similiarities.

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Trudeau did this. Panama Papers.

Trudeau is wholesale responsible :)

Just grow your own vegies, you dumb fucks.

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Then why u fucking leaves don’t do anything?

What a fuck ?
How is this possible ?

What does Trudy have to do with Panama Papers?

50 pounds is a lot of money

Wait. Those are Canadian dollars. Right? If so, that's about 135$ US? What kind of prices are those? That has to be fake.

always with the celery

I'm going to purchase some today in that case up to the value of the Canadian sticks.

Then hand some out for free. It's an effort to help.

probably unironically 80+% of the country is made of shit skins and white people whos brains are fried beyond repair and liberalism enables them/comforts them

you have to understand that the culture destroys your mind and body first, and obviously letting yourself get a fucked up mind and body is a no no for conservatism, so instead of improving themselves they stew in their own filth by opting for liberalism, because it tells that that everything is all right and they can keep destroying themselves and their nation, and then true conservatism to them is like a huge foot in the ass that will force them to improve or get fucked, and that is genuinely terrifying to them

not photo shopped but likely just mislabeled

apples and oranges

Purchaing Power Parity is the same

5.98 in Canada is the same as 50p in the UK


Not mislabled, leaf

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Here's is HIGH Grade UK celery.

50p celery is for mere mundanes.

65p celery is for closers

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I saw a club pack of ground beef for $23 yesterday

crunch the price per kg on your own

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Canada willing elected faggeaux. The deserve it.

And howmuch is a club pack, might I ask? I can get like 4lbs of ground beef for $15ish or less if I'm feeling frisky enough to look for something expiring soon that's marked down.