The old days

after watching some internet historian (yes i do go on youtube) ive been really noticing that there has not been a lot BIG Jow Forums raids lately what happened?

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How new are you?

ok fine im a newfag

It’s hot summer here in India.

retard, the sharia-blue raid never fucking ended. When their organization finally dies this will be a totally different place.

ive never heard of that raid before what is it please explain

pretty much all u.s. debt is welfare.
the illegals get to keep their welfare
if they volunteer 20 hours a week.
this includes at home online jobs.
including shitposting on Jow Forums.
so your entire national debt..
is just from welfare recipients
raiding Jow Forums 24.7

not 1 white. not 1.

Sharia blue is a secret left-wing SJW agency that pays hundreds of trolls to raid Jow Forums and post D&C threads. Back in 2011 it all began when a Jow Forumsacck defected to the agency and let them know of the rabid antisemitism. It's been downhill ever since.

Literally all the oldfags left. This board is full of redditors, LARPers and closet leftists.

wiil you guys still do more large scale ever?

Where did they go? Gab lmao?

>you guys

User base replaced by you fucking slime.

Internet Historian's take on Tay was really disappointing.

Ill give you an advice: stop listening to normies, they dont know shit and only try to appease other normies.

That will be 4 shekeles

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Ok. Organize a raid. Tell us when and where and we will be there. Your pick.

Postcard rack

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he won't deliver

raid threads are against the rules on pretty much any board

This is a parody board now

Yellow at /b/ you normie
Lurk more

Lurk shodan for two years gathering links then come back and share.

Shit like that's only possible if you organize in places like discord.
If you go to places like discord now, you're liable to being doxxed and exposed to massive faggotry.

There is.
Its just you wasnt invited billy no mates.

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well on bright side /b/ is raiding itself to get rid of porn threads

All our main enemy websites are either dead, de-populated, or know not to fuck with us anymore.

Now it's just alphabet soup, sharia blue, and russians who use our board, pluse the occasional $cientologist recruiter.

But there is no one atm that challenges our supremacy, or at least, no one we haven't corrupted from the inside out (reddit)

also there was a supreme( brand) raid that failed instantly because no one created bait accounts and poor planning

We've upgraded to raiding everywhere subtly all of the time.

>Believing this
(You)+meds=shizo lvls getting down

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Rule 4 of the global rules of Jow Forums prohibit the calls for raids and mods actively ban threads and discussion of raids. The days of using Jow Forums as a launching point for raids are over as long as the mods keep enforcing the rules

"4. You will not post or request personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raids"). Inciting or participating in cross-board (intra-Jow Forums) raids is also not permitted."


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Well friend I got a pH.d in dank memes as well how can I assist you

Modd are cocksuckers who post off topics and shoah anything exposing their fellow pedos

Fuck the rules