Was this a glownigger false flag op?

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It was too much of an incompetent shitshow to be fake

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You just described the alphabet agencies.

No way it was fake, he was just retarded. What my question is: where are the other videos? How are there no videos from the inside? And also, from where and who shot him? I know he was shot from behind as he tried to make his way in the building as you can see the granite being shot where the reporter was hiding. How did he not anticipate this?

I don’t usually associate here on my days off, what did I miss? Link to video?

So which is it?
Are Agents radicalizing Jow Forums or is Jow Forums radicalizing Agents?

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I saw this funny photo. if you look behind the fleeing coward, you can see the gunman on the other street corner. At worst the FBI niggers told this guy to go to the federal building and shoot the front door.

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>It was too much of an incompetent shitshow to be fake
I think he was setup and doublecrossed.

Nope, real for sure, he is a legitimate retard! An example of when folks imagine themselves one way but in reality are 180 degrees of their fantasy. Kind of dude who would get half his squad killed all because of his incompetence.

>I was there to catch a defendant arriving for jury duty

What did Tom Fox mean by this?


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I eonder what the chances are that the camera man "radicalized" a mentally retarded man on the internet and convinced him to shoot up a federal building just so he could "happen" to be there and get these shots... Reminds me of something the main character of Nightcrawler would do.

everything about this guy screams sam hyde parody. its like some cia nigger said "lets do a real sam hyde shooter"


no its just one more instance of the civil war to come. there are countless more man like him doing their 9 to 5 and watching netflix. it wont take much to set them off collectively.


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>Fox was there at the beginning of what would have been a typical day for any metro journalist: he was headed to the inauguration for the city’s new mayor but stopped by the building, which houses a federal courthouse, to snap photos of a defendant in a case about charter school fraud first.

someone should check see if hes telling the truth

That means he went to go get information from some one serving on a jury duty, probably for a high profile case in which the outcome would be worth reporting. Pretty normal

And you are who we will come for

everything is a false flag on pol

a short clip here.

but can't really see much from that angle. and who the hell filmed this? no one will just be there on top of the roof with their phone out


He is a Jew. So false Flag.

This video was obviously taken by some retard who either lives or works in that building across from the courthouse. He probably heard shooting and started to record. I want cop videos and that fucking journeys video I know he took one.

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I just need to add his baby momma behind him and some watermelons.

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>and that fucking journeys video I know he took one.

He was almost shot around the same time as the shooter.

wait, so the sperg got killed by this securtiy guy?

I've been pondering this op all night. I'm still baffled.
Which leads me to believe, he simply flipped. Maybe an unjust court ruling.
There is no big conspiracy with this one imho


See Cops were off to the top left past the cars. You can see rounds impact near the guy hiding around the time the shooter is hit.

He got flanked.

He was a q-tard, "a storm is coming", and, since Q is Russian psyop, this kid may have been radicalized by a crack team of military mindfuckers from the governments.

They find young impressionable retards, build up a web of intrigue around them (make them feel part of something greater) then send them on their way to do stupid Breivik shit.

Hoped that manchurian candidate stuff stayed in the 60s but now even countries like Iran or NK use them.

Honestly looks like antifa

Sometimes people actually do,just lose their shit.
The average person is so pathetic though that this incident is actually believable

>nosel of the gun
This is probably one of the more interesting ways I've heard someone call a gun barrel. Granted they interviewed this dude the day OF THE SHOOTING.

Another attempt to take our gun rights away. Every single day they do this. No one is buying it anymore. It's like watching a bad C-rated movie. with a poor budget.

Your country has a false flag

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you will come for no one
we will come for you

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this is going in every cop thread from now on.

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No, this is the true face of neo-nazi clowns. Pathetic and incompetent.

I sincerely doubt it was fake. I'm not sure we should assume he was (he was fmr military) incompetent either. I'd guess he just encountered something he didn't expect, like more armed gunmen than he had anticipated or in different places.

What do y'all think his target indicates his motive was?

he really makes me appreciate the sheer craft and execution of the NZ shooter

NZ was an exceptional talent but he's inspiring a bunch of knucleheads who don't know the first thing about killing

>I'm not sure we should assume he was (he was fmr military) incompetent either.
Nah it's pretty safe to assume he's dumb. Army guy with no deployment photos on his facebook. I heard 2 years of service, separated early, not a good soldier.

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Looks like a Sam Hyde parody for sure.

he was a roman centurion.

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Hey MI6.

Has to be one of you autistic losers. Has pol written all over, have sex.

>he really makes me appreciate the sheer craft and execution of the NZ shooter

The NZ guy attacked some Islam temples in a no-guns country. This guy attacked a courthouse surrounded by cops and guards in Texas.

reminder that this is what the average user here look like

Spent money and brought that piece of shit, but used a shit tier rifle, the cheapest Amend-2 mags (although they work fine), and doesn't have a good plate carrier setup. Pathetic.

>Hoped that manchurian candidate stuff stayed in the 60s but now even countries like Iran or NK use them.
being this naive

Why are they waiting for him to start shooting?

For those that don't know, look at the white pick-up truck on the street, the cops are in the direction that the truck is facing, at the edge of the parking lot.

So this dude walks down the street,
> from the direction of the cops and we have to assume he somehow didn't notice them
> and apparently they didn't notice him either because they wait for him to open fire first before engaging him
> they don't notice a man carrying an assault rifle, Mask, and like 8 dangling magazines around his belly

this makes so little sense

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Eyyyy at least he gave the cameraman time to take his picture AND time to vacate the area..!

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>and has a sihtory of being a whie male

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Looks like a typical poltard

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You keep asking this, what's your problem?

Nasty ass dreads in his death photo...antifa?

That face.

I wanna see

no seriously even the gunshots don't sound real.
The only bullets that sound real are the 2 rounds that hit the wall and blow dust off.

go to leakreality if you wanna hear it with sound

Woah schizo time to go nappys


Hello glow niggers, got you working overtime this summer eh?

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wuts going on here?

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He looks like the average Jow Forumsack desu, everyone outside of this site already thinks so. Probably was one of you.

maybe it actually is just the audio not picking up everything

I honestly think he was an antifa r3dditor trying to "smash the patriarchy" that explains the complete incompetence.

They're on to us
[spoiler] You guys are for real schizos though [/spoiler]

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Also wait a second..
I just noticed that sheathe and it looks oddly familiar..
Is that a cold steel gladius? kek!
I bought one of those years ago.
It's a fucking meme sword hahahahaha

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I knew it looked familiar haha

Do we know who he was targeting or why?

He was a typical military veteran.

what happened? I'm totally out of the loop

Did some user an hero again?

didn't really follow what exactly happened but he didn't get any kills as far as i know.

>a man carrying an assault rifle, Mask, and like 8 dangling magazines around his belly
It's a free country.

Does anyone have the video of Goebbels speech talking about what would happen to nation's if jewry wins?

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Really activates my almonds his nose isn't covered


Some dweeb.

Q predicted this.

What did I miss?!


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He looks like Charls Caroll and John Connor mixed to me

It’s a dud

Looks a bit like Gibby from that Dan Schneider show with the feet.

Some dweeb tried to shoot up a courthouse but then was shot.

this is what happens when Jow Forums leaves their basement

Tarrant was mossad so you cant claim him.

you are pathetic hahahahaha

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This is how organic shootings always go down. People who get this idea in their heads themselves without the help of some three letter agency are dumb as shit and are inevitably shot down by a "good guy with a gun." Huge shootings are almost always fake. This one was real.

glad you admit that Jow Forums is full of pansies

he looks and acts autistic

well at least the retard attacked the right people instead of shooting up another church or school....

>Implying any of us want to shoot up anything
Whiter than you, etc. etc.

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i only shot a kalashnikov once in my life but i have a feeling i wouldve done better than him. especially on planning the attack.

why did he even do it. he attack a super market or something didnt he? he jsut wanted to kill random people?

Why do the FBI keep bringing up Putin here, it's like they have a autocorrect from Mossad..

He was bored and played too many videogames. Probably had anti-social disorder. Just some autist with a murder boner.

>Jow Forums
> not a hive mind
Pick only one

> ...and we deserve to die.

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No you wouldnt kill anyone ethnic romanian men are pussies.

Imagine being such a failure at life that this is the recording of your last moments alive.

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>he pissed himself
baby's first corpse?