She's right you know

She's right you know.

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Oh did the psy-op make people start talking about gun control again?

>not viable for home protection
just call the cops idiot haha

>semi auto rifle
>"as quickly as possible"
This cunt fucking dumb, yo. I thought Americans knew guns.

>She's right you know.
My Bushmaster is an excellent varmint rifle. Fuck off kike

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Not American
Not white.

>quick fire, accurate, good magazine capacity, lightweight
>not viable for home protection
What the fuck is wrong in these retards who believe what these fucking kikes say

I'm against anything that gives the Goverment the privilege to do or own something that the people it's supposed to serve are not allowed to.
I'd say outlawing guns for one single Goverment would be a crazy idea, as it would be suicidal if all other Goverments didn't follow suit. So I'm against banning guns following those two premises.

She is a jew not an americana

Damn near everybody I know who hunts hogs uses AR platforms of some sort. Most of the ones who don't still use MUH SALT RIFLES of some sort.

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Gun owners are statistically more likely to shoot themselves or a family member than to defend their home from an intruder. The best way to keep your home safe is to keep it gun free.

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Rifle of choice for hunting wild boars in California???

Even if that is true, it's still no excuse for banning firearms.

>Rifle of choice for hunting wild whores in California

Canadians are statistically more likely to fuck a dog, or force a dog to fuck them.

>Gun owners are statistically more likely to shoot themselves or a family member
Car owner are statistically more likely to get into a car accident and kill themselves and family members

>not viable for home protection
>fire as many rounds as possible
>as quickly as possible
>not viable for home protection
Can this senile cunt fuck off and die already?

>what are suicides

This. My buddy got an AR-15 just to hunt hogs.

2nd Amendment is for shooting gun grabbers.
You aren't a gun grabber, are you, Dianne?
Because that's how you get shot.

My rights dont require your permission

>Semi-autos have only one purpose:fire as many rounds as possible, as quickly as possible.
Lmao fuck these retards

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And your a faggot you know

>To fire as many rounds as possible, as quickly as possible

If that's the case; it does a really shitty job.

Pros vastly outweigh the cons

>Pros vastly outweigh the cons
Yes, the pros of gun ownership do vastly outweigh the cons.

if the goal were to shoot as many rounds as possible as quickly as possible, it'd be a full auto

Cool, so when are her armed guards ditching their submachines for California compatible weapons reasonably obtained by the average civilian?

Shes insane and Fucking Totalitarian monster

Yet she has bodyguards. Had a Chinaman that got state secrets. She is no way a representation of any of us. Just another one of (((Them))) Pushing a narrative to disarm law-biding gun-owners. Move along. A bitch is a bitch no matter how you look at it.

Wow, I never knew killing people was legal in the US

This is only true when taking suicides into the equation, which doesn't make a lot of sense.


Alright schizo

That reminds me, why do mods keep autosaging Hong Kong threads?

Then why are they the weapon of choice for most mass shooters?

Aurora: AR-15
Orlando: AR-15
Parkland: AR-15
Las Vegas: AR-15
Sandy Hook: AR-15
Umpqua CC: AR-15
Waffle House: AR-15
Texas Church: AR-15
San Bernardino: AR-15
Pittsburgh synagogue- AR-15

yeah her armed security brigade was nodding the whole time she was writing that tweet

>fire as many rounds as possible, as quickly as possible
If you believe this, you’re too stupid to have an opinion.

>Let me tell you what tools are viable home protection and hunting goyim!!1!

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>Orlando: AR-15

Sig MCX, try again nigger.

They are common and fairly cheap

>most mass shooters
Wrong. Most mass shootings occur with semi automatic pistols, not rifles. Next.

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Hot damn, you Yankees are crazy. No wonder the no gunz crowd is so vocal. Did you ever consider banning hunting of humans?

Imagine being this much of a faggot.

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OP is a tremendous kike loving gigafaggot

That's like asking why a guitar player fucked your girlfriend and implying there must be something inherently more arousing about guitars because a ukelele player didn't fuck your gf.

She clearly doesn’t know about the 300 blackout, those puppies are awesome at home defense.

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I'll just take one at random and look up the weapon used
>Sig Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle · Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol.
Fuck off shill faggot

Because they are good weapons that shoot.

Why do euronigs and muslims kill everyone with knives? You cant ban tho...

Kill yourself turbokike

Let's be honest here, everyone is fucking his gf.

Because the presidents in the 80s and 90s abused executive orders to ban importing most guns. The AR15 is left over because it's a domestic product. That's literally all there is to it.

I want war
End of

Seems to be a pretty good rifle



>2A is only about home protection and hunting

Cause glowniggers don't understand subtlety

>Put our police and Federal Forces must have them and more because they are effective defense weapons for our heros in uniform

False equivalence.

actually, theyre purpose is to kill people just like her, and anyone else who tries.

AR-15 are viable protection when it comes to fighting zombie hordes. She just wants us to die when the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

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It's true though that if you play the ukulele you're not fucking anyone's gf. Not even your own.

ok retard you know what happens if theyre banned people are going to make automatic bolt action rifles and start using repeaters again


>tools shouldn't be efficient

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Gun bans statistically raise crime rates, fuckboi.

Even if you don't own a firearm, when you live in an area that allows personal firearms, you are less likely to experience a home invasion.

Well they are communists

liberals aren't Americans.

>fire as many rounds as possible as quickly as possible.
I'm not by any means a gun expert but isn't the AR-15 semi-automatic?

oh boy you're gonna freak when you learn about planned obsolescence .

No. Retard.

Americans do.
Californians, not so much.
(((Californians))) not at all.

total lies.
1.hand guns kill way more people
2. AR-15 style guns are great for self defense and over throwing governments.

>Then why are they the weapon of choice for most mass shooters?
Not even close to accurate.

Totally misleading. You can't hunt humans here. Just illegals and thots.

>most popular rifle for hunting and home defense in USA
>literally considered a prescision weapon
>is also the MOST COMMON rifle in the US
>but ignore that and listen to this senile congresswoman.

Look at the flag.
His girlfriend is a dog.


Yep, it's fires one round per pull of the trigger. There have been semi-automatic pistols and rifles since the late 1890's but Feinstein seems to think it's some new development because she's a shriveled up old crone who killed her way into office.

What she means to say is "these guns might be used on me and my friends, so they must be banned"

It's not.

>"People" can read this post, be shown that Feinstein has been demonstrably wrong about basically everything she's ever said about firearms for the last 100 years, and still think that chosenites get into the Ivies on their own merit.

Why hasn’t someone killed her yet? (In Minecraft)

>blocks your lousy Canuck path

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single shot .22

How could a round LITTERALLY named blackout not be good for home defense? It literally kicks blacks out if your home.


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Funny FACT...... They were ALL registered DEMOCRATS and with DEMOCRAT families

See a pattern?

You hate the AR-15 Because it is BLACK and you Democrats are a bunch of RACIST white people with the token House Niggers, While us FREED Field Niggers have seen that you just want us as slaves.

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED what part of that you can not understand.

liberals are just Self entitled little pricks, prove me wrong!

I have yet to hear a legitimate reason why these gun grabbing worthless piles of shit are still in existence

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No, she's not, and we don't care about either her, or your opinion.

As I understand it, the second amendment doesn't allow guns to facilitate hunting or home protection, but as a necessary attribute of a free people.

Vegas was a M240 Bravo, among other things from various directions and angles.

But ok, officially it was an AR15... nevermind...

>This argument again
Just because you dont need something doesnt mean you shouldnt be able to get it. According to her logic everyone should life in identical commieblocks and only eat the same type of cheap food while working in only the most neccessary public sector jobs with absolutely bare minimum wages reguired to survive because its "all we need" Just let people have what they fucking want without constantly guestioning if they need it. I sure as hell want an AR 15 but cant get one because yourpoor.

You understand correctly. The main, explicitly stated, purpose of 2A was for militia purposes. That being said, you're of course allowed to hunt/defend your home with firearms.


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Cant really defend well against a dozen perps with just a single shot rifle.

Why are niggers the choice of weapon for most guns?


She is not you fuckwit.