My racism

I believe in exactly two races:
- subhuman: homo sapiens with IQ below 100, regardless of skin color.
- people: homo sapiens with IQ of 100 or more, regardless of skin color.

These are races because IQ is significantly heritable and races are (arbitrarily bordered) groups of people by heritable characteristics.

I don't consider any other racial distinctions (such as "white" or "black") inherently meaningful, but I thoroughly encourage discrimination against male subhumans and favoring people.

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ok cool blog post

This is fairly true. There are developmental outliers in every racial type so there isn't specifically a superior race at all.
There are smart people, and dumb people...and unfortunately the largest cross section of individuals world wide are functionally retarded.

>he doesn't know about Regression to the Mean
>inb4 not gonna watch it
Less than 2 minute synopsis nigger, no excuses

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IQ is terribly overrated. You will come to learn this when you get old enough to post here.

>outliers exist therefore the bell curve is irrelevant

>Regression to the mean
You're the one who doesn't understand it, subhuman. Correlation is bidirectional, and thus applies both from parent to child AND from child to parent.

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Need a tutorial? Let's say the correlation in IQ between parent and child is 0.5 (most studies put it slightly lower, but at least one study made this conclusion).
-If we know nothing about either parent or child, the average IQ of a US citizen is about 99.
-If we know the IQ of a parent is 135 but we haven't measured a child, then the average IQ of the child is 117. (You knew this already.)
-If we know the IQ of a child is 135 but we haven't measured a parent, then the average IQ of the parent is 117. (You were willfully ignorant of this, as well as what a correlation even is on anything but the most superficial level.)

Muh rasism

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I am neither religiously nor ethnically Jewish, not that the latter should matter. (The first should — fuck the Talmudists.)

IQ can't be the only determination at hand here. Unless the numbers are inaccurate, chinks are high IQ but are cruel, soulless, insects that can't drive. All chinks could just be autistic or retarded as well. You can tell a person is worthy of being considered "human" if they are compassionate and show empathy but at the same time aren't complete pussies.

Although a minority of chinks are subhuman, it's a very large minority. Chinks that are actually people can drive just fine, and they have a valid point regarding the exploitable nature of compassion.

Do you feel better now that you have virtue signalled to a bunch of random strangers about how not racist you are?

I'm not not racist. I believe all males of a particular race should be sterilized. I just define race in a radically different manner than you do.

It seems OP believes in eugenics across racial lines based on a measure of intellectual ability. Ironically though his policies would end up targeting people by race anyway.

What about the fact that dumb parents can have smarter children (that how human evolved after all)? By excluding them the genetic pool is shrinking, which will lead to degeneracy sooner or later.

It's not about how you feel about what race is. Race is the largest subdivision of a specie we can observe that those groups are often separated by continents. Race is not about iq it's about genetic proximity

So basically you don't understand how averages work. Interesting.

Not him, but what? If someone with an IQ of 135 births a child with an American of average iq (99) then yes we can deduct that the iq would most likely be 117. But how in the world does the work "bidirectionally"? If we know a childs IQ is 135, then the parents can have an plethora of ranges that could be applied to this. They're clearly both not 99 and they're clearly both not 117. There is no way to judge a parents IQ based off their child. The only "average" IQ for that child would be both of the parents posessing an IQ of 135 as well respectively. It's not like the IQ's stack with eachother at 117.

You moron. Intelligence isn't even the most important factor. It's behavior. And no amount of intellectual ability or lack thereof can change that.