Lmaoing at all of you right now

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uuhh... huts anyone wants to play uuuhh.. DND?

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So this is the guy who calls me a kike on the internet. I am not surprised

Guy was an antifa super solder who decided to shoot up a courthouse to fight white supremacy and racism.

killing normalfags is based I approve

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millennials gonna destroy the world



He only got himself killed and he was an anime conventiong-goer, so he didn't even do that right.

DO DO DO, ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. Please, if you fucking faggots ever feel the need to go on a massive shooting spree, please choose a hardened objective such as a federal office building. Better yet, just put one through your head and save everyone else the time. Even though this one is funny as fuck.


>literal soldier gets killed in first 2 minutes of attack.

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>So this is what your average /pol poster looks like

You're all fucking incels


>that look of pure hopelessness in his eyes when the picture was taken during the shooting
what a faggot

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>m...muh d...day of the r...rope

he an hero'd so we wouldn't have to

Okay, which is the more Kino image?

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He accomplished what exactly? Being a complete fucking laughing stock?

>couldn't even tuck his laces into his boots correctly

who is this faggot?

this guy is so cringe i will stop using this board.

quad trips of truth.

>cokbffap id
what your cock boyfriend faps you?

very sexy
and no, there is no way to "leave"

Yeah, yeah and if some fuckstick succeeds you will be sitting in a corner with blankets and coco.

Top fucking kek

nice try kike

speak for yourself, faggot masturbate look at porn.

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Magic is haram

He's a perfect representation of Jow Forums

Easy for you to say in your progressive no-guns society. Maybe you can get some free Mental health for the mental anguish of not AN HERO'ing like this fucking faggot.

Get raped again by those Russians again, Hans.

t. guy who has seen his mother fuck black men

Are you projecting? Did your mommy fuck black men, britbong?

>n-no u

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cock bf fap

Nah, you know what it is, you've got black dick on the brain, It's okay, britbong, Go out and fill that void. As in, get fucked in the ass by some BBC. We won't judge.

Hard to say, really, the turk pics are far more aesthetic, but the Clyde pic packs an insane emotional punch, when you think about it. That's the face of someone who realized "fuck. I WILL die here and I'll never see anyone I care about ever again".

>In one picture posted Saturday, 10 magazines are laid out on the floor. In the caption, Clyde said he is no longer going to dress up for the local yearly anime conference in Dallas because he “decided to finish getting all of my mags.”

This is a good example of an actual 2 way range in a 360 degree environment, and it shows clearly that if people can fight back, then they can stop people that want to murder others.

Massacres only happen because people can't fight back.

>Marine spree shooters known for outstanding marlsmanship
>Army spree shooters such as this guy and dorner get lost on their way to objectives
Uhmm army??

>Posts some retarded shit on social media
>Takes on a building that is most likely going to be heavily armed with trained security all by himself
>Everyone thinks military training is better than a security guard
>No tactical plan, no observation, just pure fucking stupidity
>Most security at these places have better training than most spec ops because they deal with reality not fantasy
>Dies without killing anyone because he was using stupid military team tactics without a team that doesn't work versus rangers and security trained for individual combat.

Most mil fags are just that, faggots. That's why they're fucking terrible in airsoft games and they're the biggest fucking crybabies. This dumbass shooter proves military peeps retard level.

>american humour

literally who


I unironically am the Slav, my dad is from Eastern Europe. And I always laugh my ass off if you progressives get rekt

Security didn't get him.

It was police that flanked from behind with rifles.

clyde died without pride

never heard of him

Jow Forums lost another user?

Except he didn't actually get any kills.
Total fail

No they didn't, but they contained him and prevented him from pushing his objective. They did their job properly as they're supposed too.

Jow Forumstards always embarrass themselves when they go public.



How do they get that good of a photo op on a random shooting?


>Was in the US Army for 2 years
>Failed to down even a single target

so close

Doesn't get more kino than an assassination in a fucking art museum

Too bad he could not do more



He was not equipped adequately. I would have join a local, infiltrated far-right organization, have a sheep dipped pasty, and then target the building only when there were convenient need to suppress information on Clinton for the CIA drug running operation in Mena, with associates seen wiring Det-Cord on the support columns.

This pic doesn't make sense the more I look at it. It's like a stock photo. He is trying to reload right? But how he is supporting the rifle by the hand guard and the other hand is holding a mag. It's like hey photographer I am holding gun stuff. Now what is he going to drop one?

Yes, they did.

Watch the video. He gets hit from behind, from some distance, and you can see the rounds that miss him hit the wall near the guy hiding.

He was shooting at the security inside.

>attacking random people
>not corporations that spawned degenerate culture

you look like a straight hoe.

The photographer, being a crazy journalist was managed to get really damn close. As for the random shooting, this was all at a court house, where local journalists visit regularly to get stories.


He attacked a federal government building. There's nothing more these people hate than their country itself.

This guy got kick out of the military for being retarded and not metting standar.The military may be a public service but they have standars unless its a draft.

Regardless, my point still stands. It doesn't matter who shot him, the security and rangers did their job properly against a milfag shooter.


I wonder if we will ever get a motive for this one.
My bet is court ruling went against him and he decided to go out like a badass but realized too late he was just another incompetent normie


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Reference this

How incompetent was this milfag?

The YPG was formed in 2004 as the armed wing of the Kurdish leftist Democratic Union Party. It expanded rapidly in the Syrian Civil War and came to predominate over other armed Kurdish groups. A sister group, the Women's Protection Units (YPJ), fights alongside them. The YPG is active in northern and eastern Syria.
General Commander: Sîpan Hemo
Notable commanders: Ciwan Îbrahîm
Size: 20,000–30,000 (Including YPJ, 2017 estimate)

Dude damn well pissed himself

Slavshits are disgusting. Based medfag eith scand fiance our kids will be the perfect mix and wont sunburn in daylight like a vampire. Get rekt

As incompetent as 90% of milfags.


Wouldn't have happened if our military would've let him kill shitskins like he signed up for.


making a bulletproof suit cannot be that hard. surely if you have steel plates thick enough they will stop anything

just train for years to get strong enough and take a bunch of pcp. you're only gonna last a few minutes anyway but at least you won't end up looking completely fucking stupid

Every platoon had a faggot like this that no one wanted to work with and gets sent to so shitty S-shop.

Is it really that bad?


>attacking ZOG buildings is a bad thing.

This picture is a psyop, everyone here would be using ammo pouches with taped double mags, and not even needing to conceal identity. Why would a suicide mission require to conceal identity? He's already been through basic training, knows how to shoot, and how to maneuver. I think the feds put him up to it and killed him for a staged false flag.

no wonder amerisoldiers have to pick fights with the brokest nations on earth and lose regularly anyway

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man i’m just here for the ironic memes

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How does piss flow to the top end of his trousers especially the backside. How can someone piss himself like this? He looks like he is laying facedown.. the piss would flow to the street not to his back and even if he pissed himself while standing the piss would flow down not up

Let me guess, you failed the asvab huh?

poor op sec

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we all know this kid belongs to the alt reich, lmaooooooo


Shut up kike

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What’s these guy’s problem my dad was spit on when he came back from the war and 2008 pretty much made him homeless and he didn’t go killing the government when he got back. These guys are getting hero’s welcomes compared to his generation and he was drafted.

Look who's signing up. A bunch of low-IQ faggots who are unable to process what's going on properly. Niggers, spics and a bunch of retard whites.

Look who he went up against, high IQ trained professionals who requires high marks in school to be a part of. It was inevitable what was going to happen.

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