If America is so concerned about tech companies spying, then isn't it time we ban Google, Facebook and Apple?

If America is so concerned about tech companies spying, then isn't it time we ban Google, Facebook and Apple?

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Banning them isn't American thats actually Chinese.
Regulation though is necessary.

*bans Huawei*

>If America is so concerned about tech companies spying

Who said they were concerned? they fully embrace it

They don't need to be banned. Add political orientation to the civil rights act and sue them into oblivion if they continue to discriminate.

Lip service you stupid nigger.

completely different. the ban on huawei comes from suspicion it's the chinese government attempting to spy on america

Huawei is a different situation entirely.


They are banned because of trade war.
Specifically: American companies cannot keep up with Chinese technological advancements so they need help from their government to stay competitive.

we broke up ma bell for less

They need to be split up. They threaten society in their current state of existence.

If you want to ban Google, Facebook, and Apple, i fucking dare you, but you will have only one chance to dismantle the pantheonic orthodoxy. Total internet isolationism. H1B poos go home, no more Chinese CDN, no more nonUSA-made tech. Too dangerousForeigners can't handle this level of connectivity, so we must put up national network borders.

Ban is a nice way of saying round up and slaughter everyone involved.

Ban them? No, no, no. Facebook is releasing its own version of bitcoin. Soon megacorps will have their own private currency to manipulate taxes and increase profitability 1000%. Its totally not fb though because they are using a shell corporation to do it, but that's ok. Its not like fb has 100's of data breeches a year that get swept under the rug. You can trust them with your life savings because large mega banks and visa, etc are backing this new, private, currency. Why hold onto tangible assets or currency backed by the united states? Give those things to facebook in exchange for fbbucks.

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Or just simply delete, wipe-clean and block those sites off and not be tempted to use them anymore?

Dude you ban dangerous chemicals and unsafe business practices. These people need something more then banned.

>Facebook is releasing its own version of bitcoin
I only use hashcoin

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>Dude you ban dangerous chemicals
no we don't we spray them on food

There is project for a decentralized internet that would be even more efficient than the centralized IP network we currently are forced to use. I forget what its called, but its in the works and will be released soon™.

>Cut them into little pieces.

>e-ville companies have no business as public leeches whoring user data around town through government funded tubes without being fined or otherwise held accountable for violation of the collective trust and infringement of taxpayer rights in a shifting web of unregulated lies

>e-ville social media corporation is a platform claiming neutral party immunity from lawsuits
>e-ville social media corporation is a speaker editorially censoring free speech for publishing
pick 1 or 0, or 1010, pick all the ones that are good for you

Dear Friend,

There's no need to cause fights, simply burn the Bill of Rights.
Don't think it harsh or make drama, just ban the Supreme Court's decision in Marsh v. Alabama.
Mandatory content rating isn't fair, share hell with "the modern public square".
Whether you object or not, constitutionally protected material should rot.
Bake the cake and like it too, civil rights are for niggers, not you.

End goy, you're A(((i)))DS.

>E-Ville Incorporated, an illegal subsidiary of The Game

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-1 equals 1, if you don't concur you can get bent.
Taking something down is the same as putting it up, read the full proof in Free Speech and the Regulation of Social Media Content.

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