"I'm going to make a censorship free platform!"

>"I'm going to make a censorship free platform!"
>includes reddit upvote ratio system


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im sick of this guy

Is that a good thing or bad?

Good. This will basicly be a echo-chamber for his audience, pathetic beta-males, and draw them out from other plattforms and then i don't have to read these stupid "you just don't get what hes saying" comments anymore.

Well, on reddit, if you say anything that deviates from the commonly accepted social norms - you get instantly downvoted until your post is hidden.

This faggot is nothing but pure Greedy mother fucker..

I can understand that somebody would want to cash into their success, but after some point of time you have to stop think about money Money money...
Sometimes ideology is more important than fucking money grabbing.
Thats why he is broken man who takes anti depressants with his literal Schizo daughter...
Irony in all that is he is teaching world how to live.
This is what greed makes of you.

You have enough money to life you can start non profit movements for betterment of man kind .... no but jew has to amass precious coins

Fuck this Nigger, from day one I could spot he was a sneeky Jew

Simple fix, you can upvote content, but you can't downvote it.
This means that the baseline of content is as it was submitted and only "good" content rises above via user engagement.
Course you can't have a censorship free platform without allowing commentary which means that it just turns into a bunch of shrieking white noise again.

A worthy idea.

He shut down his patreon after they gave him a short suspension.

i called it. judenson cultists are reddit trash and on too many anti depressants to handle true free speech

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I try to debate them in the YT comments sections of his videos. Most of the time they run screeching to the admin and get my comments deleted. Yeah, they're really committed to free speech. *eyeroll*

Who could have foreseen this?

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> I must hate everything what moves in the right direction but is not perfect.

What is your alternative? The one who spams the most gets the most views?

well it is venture to make money. nothing elseü

nah, you just get out right banned, if reddit didnt ban people, there would be a huge right wing support base like youtube comments have

the fuck did he mean by this

subscription mandatory, curation and shadowbanning a bonus. don’t you want a chance to interact with the world’s greatest intellectuals like sargon of akkad and ben shapiro ?

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i know exactly what you are talking about. its only free speech if your opinion somewhat alligns with the leaf messiah's delusions.

i’m sorry did you two think we were open to suggestions ?

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The Jow Forums model isn't half bad.


Whats the more redpilled social media out there?

But Imageboards attract the kind of autism that would spam his boards with cp or feet.

It happens with literally every chan, which is actually a damn shame because you're right.

Is Andrew Anglin going to be allowed to make an account? If not then the free speech claim is bullshit and this platform won't be any better than Twitter.
Anglin is the shit test, he always goes first.

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The upvote ratio is the worst part about reddit - if you say something people don't like, even if it's true (often they don't like it BECAUSE it's true), your post gets hidden then BAM - it's like you never posted at all.
It's not even remotely close to what I consider to be "censorship free".

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We're going to test anything that purports to be 'censorship-free' It'll fail and we'll all yawn, it's part of the plan.

>your post gets hidden then BAM - it's like you never posted at all.
I dont think that's exactly true. I constantly post negative comments and they almost always get a few replies.
You just have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the comments section and unhide the posts, which almost no one does.

You have to sort by "Controversial", then the posts with the most downvotes/absolute votes get put on top. The real problem is that 3/4 of those posts are deleted by the mods.

Yeah ok I don't really know how reddit works, I saw my post with a *hidden* text next to it and came back to Jow Forums never to return again.

Yeah, and there was that one admin who was exposed for editing other user's comments, and this was after someone in the UK was arrested for posting a hateful comment on reddit, as a handful of other people have also been arrested and fined for.

He will soon find out that unless he wants CP and neo-nazis to spam his board he would need to censor.

but it's a nice idea.

>unless he wants (((us))) to post CP and pose as neo-nazis spamming his board he would need to censor
>exactly as planned

I see through you Jew.

Ze jewz!


I can just picture you there, hunched over your keyboard, rubbing your hands together:
>"That's a nice censorship free platform you've got there Jordan, It would be a REAL SHAME if someone were to SPAM IT WITH CP!!! AHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH"

It will either devolve into censorship of "extremists" and "radicals" or become a circlejerk of his strand of liberal individualist cuckoldry.

Yes and no. It gives the right a chance to have a voice maybe but limits debate to acceptable norms. They're more likely to give people a chance to speak but will not tolerate Jow Forums foolishness for very long. So not exactly unfettered freedom of speech but better than youtube or reddit.

dont choke on your bagel, your post was retarded
>pedophiles are not gonna pay 20 bucks to spam CP on a site where they left their credit card info
>neo nazis are alright and can come spam their autism naziboo shit. no one cares
and besides that. who the fuck is gonna pay patreonstein $20

But It wouldn't be the spammer's fault, it would be Jordan's for opening himself to it.
We all know how ignorance of the internet works out for public figures.
If not the jews then it would just be some bored user doing it.

Ask Bethesda to add some more lines to your script.

Variants on "Ze Jewz!" are not interesting.

>no fun allowed

Ok schlomo, you can bugger off out of my thread now.

who the fuck would even use a JP approved platform?

OP is this (you) mate?

Why? because of ze jewz?

Because you have no sense of banter.

Oh you tricked me goy

Go suck some babydick or fuck your retarded cousin, as is usual für ze Judenrat.

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Why put Sam Hyde there lmfao

actually this guy's a fucken legend I could watch these all day.



Fuck juden peterstein we emjgang now

I'm gonna create some pro-fascist threads when they send me invite, and see how it ends.

I completely agree with what you've said.