Your making a big mistake white boy

Your making a big mistake white boy.

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How appropriate there are 11 of them

11 fags

>didnt use the nigger flag this time
i dont know what honeypot you are getting money from or if you are mentally ill to the point that you enjoy cuckolding yourself in posts, but... how is a species that couldnt even invent the wheel going to defeat the species which invented aircraft

do you?

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gay ass nigger, why you have picture of buff men

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statistically blacks have the highest percentage of homosexuals of any race

Ok lol

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black "people"

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n-no master >_

Africans are the dumbest of groups (outside of Aboriginals), and they're the 2nd weakest physically.

Only numbers would help, but in the age of nuclear warfare, that's nothing.


These people mistake twitch muscles for physical strength. Then wonder why the white man always dominates wrestling and power lifting while they dominate boxing and sprinting.

Grappling styles are superior though, hence why the niggers don't do as well in the UFC.

How can you compete

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Muscles aren't stronger than bullets.

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they look like they fuck niggers

world's heaviest deadlift

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Look man, you are your people are completely irrelevant, just fuck off, nobody cares about you or wants to talk about you. Look what we have.

Maybe they are not exactly white european, but still whiteish, and there are some like that. Brutal, huge but also smart enough to not be garbage. Unlike you. We could beat you up, but also outshoot you, and out business you. You are irrelevant. We dont even want your women. Just fuck off.

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World's heaviest Back Squat

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Who would win?
>we wuz kiingz, gibs me dat niggers
>thiccc slave ships destined for USA

World's heaviest Bench Press

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>I dont listen to your music
>I dont watch your people on tv
>I dont read any of your journals
>I dont read any of your research
>I dont look at any of your tech (since you have none)

Thanks to my job where we have almost no niggers, I havent interacted or said a word to niggers for over a year lel.

FUCK niggers, fuck off you useless fucking chimps.

World Curl record

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World Clean and Jerk record

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World record Snatch

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World record Clean

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He cute

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World record Front Squat

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World record overhead press (they did away with record keeping in 1972, but he's still not a nigger as you can see)

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Do you have a dick as long as a horse, animal?

>cherry picking niggers
>doesn't know the world's strongest men are always white except for like two token niggers and some Somoan
>Doesn't know the best power lifters are white men (lmao thinking larry wheels would be anywhere if he wasn't juicing 24/7)
>Doesn't know the majority of the military is 74% white
>Doesn't know Rugby players are mostly white

k bye

I would think Africans bodies would be more suited though.

Yah whites are stronger, but they have less endurance and are not as fast. In urban environments there is a lot of running around from alley tonalley and building to building. Sometimes you just have to fucking sprint across open streets, and when that happens I would much rather be quick than strong.

Strength is pretty irrelevant in a world of guns

I dunno man, his arms look too close together for that to be a snatch at his height. They'd be more towards to collars.

That's a snatch. I think you got the two mixed up.


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Can you fucking stop? Jow Forums I'd one huge slide thread, only like once a month does a thread worth actual meaning come along.

I'm sorry noone is paying attention to your thread, maybe if it wasnt complete dog shit and you had a original bone in your body people would reply

Kek. Keep telling yourself that, Tyrone.

Nope. I pulled each one off the record page. You can close grip snatch or wide grip overhead if you choose.



You really need to calm down about this.

Huh, I don't know why someone would wide grip an OHP.

I'll shoot you like your fucking zulu ancestors

Do it then.