Reminder that these dickheads are always Republican voters

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Prolly couldn't hit a purple flimsy queer from a mile out at all...

u are a pussy

Reminder that hunters pay for wildlife sanctuaries and without them all the critically endangered things you love like lions, Rhinos, Elephants? They would all be gone.

>implying Jow Forums likes Republicans

OP is someone who threatens to kill citizens with drones because they don't want to relinquish their firearms, but thinks hunters are "dickheads". Go ahead and let that sink in

>killing an animal for sport and not to eat or use its parts for something
>mounting it
All american past times. Americans are basically children. They're power fantasy retards who want to be Superman bit are basically kids in capes who get owned at every turn by less well armed and well equipped forces. This is why they are so enamoured with likes and Israel. Because Jews tell them "you're our superman USA!' And they love that shit.

Real men?

Reminder that OP is a low test s o y b o y

I see nothing wrong with hunting if you eat the meat afterwards
If you just do it for memes it's kind of sad

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better bin that knoife ahmed

I bet you still eat meat

What your such a pussy you dont care if the animal dies in a decrepit factory farm, as long as another man does the deed fir you?

but its fine when ungobungo bush niggers drive entire species to extinction because they want a single horn, or a fin or some other tiny part of an animal

>hunting bad

Op is a cuck

You have a lot of anger, share it with me.


>Reminder that hunters pay for wildlife sanctuaries and without them all the critically endangered things you love like lions, Rhinos, Elephants? They would all be gone.

Wildlife sanctuaries draw funding from many sources. Logically we would have MORE lions if we don't SHOOT them

>I see nothing wrong with hunting if you eat the meat afterwards

Just buy meat from animals that have been slaughtered quickly

>I bet you still eat meat
>What your such a pussy you dont care if the animal dies in a decrepit factory farm, as long as another man does the deed fir you?

Animals should be killed by professionals, not Billy Bob Plaidjacket who has to finish off the animal after he caused it pain

hunting animals is more moral than hunting children, op, and those are always demonrats

Fucking hell imagine being this much of an urbanite cuck. Stay in London and never leave, or better yet neck yourself and stream it.

>Fucking hell imagine being this much of an urbanite cuck. Stay in London and never leave, or better yet neck yourself and stream it.



Hunters are BETA MALES. They are all frustrated wagecucks with fat ugly white wives.

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Can you record this on vocaroo?

It’d be funny in the bong accent



>Just buy meat from animals
Well yeah,It's much simpler for me, I am a wage cuck, can't afford to go hunting, also no game to hunt here except for pigeons.
Is it not worth hunting animal meat?
The meat is usually much healthier and better for you
And as long as you don't act like a nigger and hump the deer like burgers do it's fine

You got no say in any of this
Stay impotent my fren

>Logically we would have MORE lions if we don't SHOOT them
you would have a lot less actually, since without funding the natural preserves would not survive and the land would be bought up by construction companies. The animals that are shot in natural reserves are not of breeding age

I'm going lamping later, I'll be sure to shoot an extra brace just for you. Maybe a fox too if there are any about.

I sharted in op's mouth so he could remain vegan since the meat was processed by my digestive system

>oh, no, poor goat
Gtfo faggot

Oh are you a billionaire that wants to shoot a lion that is going to donate millions of dollars to keep a sanctuary operational?
That is literally what wildlife sanctuaries are mate.
Fucking get over yourself.
Without the hunters there is no sanctuary because cryhard fuckwits such as youself have no money to give.

What is the next step?
Ban hunting?
Then blame white people when niggers make all the animals in Africa go extinct?

We do it to control the numbers.
There are no large predators left so these animals just keep multiplying.
They graze forests down to dust.

Implying having a white wife is a negative

nailed an amazing 10 pointer last season, filled the freezer and looks great on the cabin wall

>next step
>implying faggot op has thought any further ahead than his aching pussy

I've known tons of fudd democrat hunters, why don't you stick to debating local sharia law, mohammad?

What's the difference between this chicken, pigs, duck and cows?

They never do, it is like when vegans complain about diary farming i am like what?
Dairy farming?
Cows live up to and over 15 years eating as much fresh grass as they want as well as extras like silage, hay, grains, vegetable scraps (the ship people won't eat) etc

I love explaining just how many animals get rekt by combines, vegan wankers actually think they don't ingest animal products on a daily basis hahahaha

....Because the Starbucks sipping urbanite Men are the Alphas

They used to be British pastimes. Britain had colonies all over the world where explorers and hunstmen would kill exotic animals on expeditions for sport and glory. Now your country is a neutered island full of chavs and brown skin begging for the EUs multi-kulti cock in your ass.

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I hunt for food, it’s a lifestyle. It does pay for itself several times over. I would gladly trophy hunt if it’s for conservation efforts, esp. considering local meat often times goes to locals. Better than the government shooting animals out of a helicopter. All the ragecels out there should have gone hunting with their father figure as a kid, maybe they wouldn’t have angsty social anxiety. I live in the city btw, it’s not that hard to get out into nature at least in the USA.

half of my hunts go to poor cucks that can't hunt themselves
the rest is in my freezer

they have small penises FACT

sorry about your tiny peen memeflaggot

Don't worry.

Once the western goverment fails it will be you that the right hunts.

Your betrayal to your people will not be forgiven, not even in death.

i was referring to you, and any other person on this thread that kills for fun or sport. your penis is small, you know it, i know it. meme flag argument? really faggot? learn how proxies and vpns work, flags mean shit. now shut the fuck up little dick hick.

I'm sorry memeflaggot. I heard taking cialis for a few months will help your micropenis

Some inbred running out into the woods shooting everything in sight to make up for his dick size isn't supporting anything

What's the killshot anons? To the brain or to the heart?

Cope harder cia nigger

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Reminder that hunters do more for wildlife conservation than people who hate hunters.

right behind the shoulder, blow out the lungs and heart


If the eat it, what's your problem?

The animal had a better life than any involved in the production of your food.

In the US you literally have to get the animal butchered for the meat. You can't just go around killing animals and leaving their headless carcasses laying around.

Just a reminder that you probably eat meat too.. you're just too much of a coward to accept your role in the death of animals to admit that you are no different from him except animals that he eats don't live tortured lives.

you were filmed on 64 different cameras that you kow of, being this big of a faggot

>Always Democrat voters


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those kind of British are long gone

you can butcher it yourself
I take them to a butcher though after doing a quick field dressing
I tried a new butcher once, his venison sucked, it was pretty much inedible
right back to the old one I go

Reminder that Brits, much like dumbocrats, are raging pussies.

>Wildlife sanctuaries draw funding from many sources. Logically we would have MORE lions if we don't SHOOT them

Yes, because everyone wants to live next door to a lion for nothing in exchange. The reality is that without hunters paying massive amounts of money for the lines that they kill, local villagers would slaughter all the lions... Because that's the reality. It's where they fucking live. Nobody wants to live next to lions and elephants. They're super destructive animals. The Western Hunter will pay enough to feed a local village for years just to kill one of these lions... That's why they had value to the locals and aren't slaughtered.


in my book a hunter is better than a baby killer


Either way. The Bong I'm responding to doesn't know what the fuck he's even talking about.

whatever you say little guy.

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Theres literally no reason to eat any meat, hunting is a complete waste of time we aren't living in a frozen iceage with the only vegetation alive are algae and grass leading to Hunting as the only means of survival.

>look at how those evil hunters treat poor animals
>fuck that fetus its not a fucking human so it doesn't matter

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true. just like the memeflaggot here

Hunters! Remember to vote Republican! Democrats hate you. They look down on you. They patronize you. Look down on you. PETA is a good example of the typical Democrat and their mindset towards hunters. So when you're in the voting booth next November voting Republican, also remember that the Republican party is the party that will ALWAYS have Israels back every time and never give up patiently explaining to slow voters such as yourself why invading Iran simply just is the right thing to do. I meant forget. Next november, forget about Iran. Remember PETA!

Hugs and Kisses,
Your Buddy

Reminder that without hunters and their financial contributions a great many of the world's exotic creatures such as the lion or tiger or elephant would have already be driven extinct by the niggers that OP worships

Open season on leftists when?

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but the faggot who buys the ramskin yeezy's always votes for whoever the jew tells him to, if they vote at all.

that's my face when I have to reach up and cut the cartilage off the spine to get the guts out.
but the meat is so tasty later!

My best friend butchers deer in his bathtub.

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Im confused, im gonna vote democrat just to be safe

>Ungor Herd gets rekt by the Silver Bullets
Beastmen BTFO.

Can I just say as a brit I am ashamed of you.

I own firearms, I hunt I shoot Clay's and most of all I am a right leaning voter.

You are scum who buy your hormone injected mest in supermarkets because you are too pussy to go and kill it yourself.

Humans are animals but you are a consumer. Your not even an animal, you are a pathetic excuse of a slave to capitalism.

Kill yourself queer

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little man is angry at the world he has to kill animals because he is compensating for having a tiny penis. we all know it.
well, most of us know it. all you hunting hick faggots have little twigs.. sorry about your genes tiny.

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I have a buddy that does it in his garage with chains to hang the carcass, a sawzall and a couple knives
I just take it to the local butcher. give him a few pounds of meat
guess I'm lazy

Americans hunt big game while bongs hunt foxes and little birds.



You faggots project so much you could screen a film off it

BS. Know a rich guy -owns historic home, multiple vacation houses, boats, etc. he is a big donor to dems and public tv, that type of thing.
He also has been to africa and killed basically everything.
Things aren’t always as they seem, incels.

this bong speaks the truth

calm down with the talk about inbreds, mohammad

get original.. see my post above about projection, dip shit.

Based and redpilled

all you have is ad hom insults? bro, it's ok. there's someone out there that will be ok with your micro peen. maybe he'll be handsome

and a britt faggot talking shit to me? you cannot even own a butt knife bitch.
get the fuck outta here and shove some crumpets up your ass pussy.

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Hunters are cool, hunting is life.
Grab a revolver and hunt male elk on mating season now.

Are you vegan? Would explain your nagging like a woman. You need checked for low T

all you have is repetition and projection.
you are just embarrassing yourself little guy.

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and screw off bong, it's not pheasant season and now you made me want some

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i eat meat almost every meal.
my test levels would strangle yours to death and hang yours on display for other weaklings to see


What's your point?

oh I'm sure you eat meat. daily.

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