I work for the FBI, AMA

I work for the FBI, AMA

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Did you work for the FBI?

whats my favorite genre of porn?



when is a new xfile movie coming out?
those are confy as fuck

How many boobies have you inspected ?

I work for the mosaad AMA

What’s your favorite third eye blind song?


Whats the deal with microchips inside ppl?

Big tits

You have nothing to hide

Fuck niggers

Who else is fucking your wife?

Do you know if you can order regular items at Taco Bell during breakfast hours?

Can you stop being a glownigger?

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Put me in the FBI report screencap!

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How long can you hold your breath?

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how does this prank make you feel

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how many times have you been raped by aliens agent Mulder?

How many people have you entrapped?

Why are you a bunch of treason faggots that spy on presidents, subvert democracy and kill innocent people in sieges? How do you sleep at night knowing you're a piece of shit that pisses on the constitution?

How do I get rid of the shit I torrented so Mum doesn't come home and check iknowwhatyoudownload.com

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No i do

Have you found the truth?

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>I work for the FBI, AMA
what would prevent me from passing a 6 month FBI background check?

I have no felonies

no u dont faggot

thats the NSA, the FBI sets you up to take the fall for their drug dealing

>I work for the mosaad AMA
why do you guys think swimming really well will prevent suspicion? everyone knows you are the wet guys

Yes I have proofs

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this was such a great show, jew boy almost bangs filthy shiksa and then decides not to try

how come the earlier seasons have all that shit about chemical companies poisoning people and then they stopped doing those?

Im asking again

Whats the deal with microchips inside ppl

Ok. Here goes.
Whats this pic ?

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Because its a "fiction" show, not reality show fren

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When are you going to kys?

Im asking again

Whats the deal with microchips inside people

>Because its a "fiction" show,
my pals at the big company call this show the greatest apology the IC has given the American people

amateur sluts swallowing combo?

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>its a "fiction" show
if it was real the jewish dude would have been trying to get in the sack with the hot shiksa the whole time

Thats what private hospitals put in your body to trigger illness

>Whats the deal with microchips inside people
it measure benis impulse

Why don't you work private sector and make more money yet?

dude he's FBI, his brother works border patrol and his cousin is DEA and they sell drugs and make bank

How does it feel when you glow in the dark desu

Found the one thread that probably wasn't created by glow niggers.

Lowlevel boot lickers are not running those schemes - they are cucked and do it for prestige more than money.

But recently the Fed is a joke filled with diversity hires straight out of college.

>But recently the Fed is a joke filled with diversity hires straight out of college.
they lost 3/4 of their budget to the wall, NSA too

The wall will be more effective protection for the USA then the glow boys - money well spent

Do you work for the FBI?

glow boys are mostly unconstitutional criminals, they have to consider you a threat or they don't have a job, this presumes guilt and is unconstitutional

Do I want gay anal male sex?

Where do you work?

how many niggers do you have to kill before you get invited in?
asking for a friend

How many x files have you actually had to deal with and can you give up some info?

just tell us if he ever manages his schmeckle in the shiksa

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Goddammit Agent Rabinowitz, we told you to stop doing this shit!

hey when you stop by ,just bring a pizza and I'll tell everything.

Who are your primary enemies, as an organisation, inside the Washington beltway?

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How long do I have before those weird lights in the hill do something? srs Also when if unrelated, do we get dewed/5g'd?

Is the bug episode where Mulder is strapped down in the mental hospital screaming for Scully... "ITS HERE ITS HERE" are those real?

Agent Scully practically begged you to fuck her. Why didn't you, you cuck?

Are you going out for lunch with hs today? I need to make the reservations by 9:30 or we won’t get a table

Is there any situation in which you wouldn't shoot an unarmed civilian?

Was Marilou Danley an FBI agent?

Show geoflag?

I work for the AFP.


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Have you read any books about the KGB that you can recommend?

You know "the Fed" refers to the Federal Reserve and not the Federal government, right?

How many niggers does your wife sleep with?

Any fun details about Brenton tarrant you’re aware of?

Yeah, he's a circumcised transvestite.

what porn do i watch faggot u know im a real shabbos got

>5 pbtid
>claims to be FBI
>can't show a US geoflag
Nu Jow Forums is fucking worthless...

Why do glowniggers want to incite violance in this board? Whats the point of them doing that? Are they out of job or something?

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Is Sculley's pussy hairy or shaved??

Happy Rusev day you ignorant barbarian!!

>I work for the FBI
Kill yourself and all other bootlicking FIBbers

why are your jobs sloppy ?

When are you going do the patriotic thing and kill yourself for committing treason?


i dont watch porn lol

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How's the investigation of V. Fernando Castillo going?

How's the investigation of V Fernando Castillo going?

Why don't you kill yourself?

I work for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, AMA.

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Who killed kennedy

You guys gonna raid Alex Jones radio station when he's live for the kiddy porn? That would be based!

Being a translator isnt that impressive Jacques


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is Trudeau going to go willingly, or is he going to force an uncomfortable situation on the Canadian people?

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What exactly is a "sloppy putin job". I think it's some kind of sexual favor popular in the FBI, but I can't figure out what it refers to?

what's the key for?

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Fuck if I know, I'm just a tech. We hack shit at my level, don't engage in much politics.

mine is malfunctioning...robust health here.

Arrests and disclosure when?

cant find the pizza hut one

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