Kids adopted by same sex couples

How are they doing in life? Any statistics?

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Obamas dads were gay and he turned out fine

boys in male same sex couples are doing fine but the girls are not and the other way around.
A healthy family benefits from both roles.

They are dead

The Jews have known for a very long time that homosexuality is created through trauma to a young child. The things you would fear the most coming from same sex couples as it relates to children are all currently happening to those children. Which will produce the next crop of gays and child molesters. And the cycle repeats.

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Thanks for that grooming advice Muhammad. But people in the west realize that you goat fuckers are also little boy fuckers.

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they never have constipation

they are more depressed, more confused and are raised to be homosexuals

97% chance of lifelong trauma, homosexuality, gender dysphoria and autism.

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>come home from school
>go play vidya with friends
>have a great time blowing up homes in minecraft
>suddenly purple-haired hambeast mother storms in and rants at me for being addicted to sexist videogames and never playing outside
>hambeast leaves, continue playing although look over shoulder occasionally
>bald, turqoise-eyebrowed lard monster rolls into my room and gives me a second speech about how I spend my free time
>mfw I remember that I was adopted by two SJW feminists who never had a father figure.

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I read that with two dads, the boys start getting inappropriate attention from dads friends as they get older, and the girls take a huge hit to their self esteem because they never see their dad loving an adult female so assume it’s because they suck

Straight parents complain about videogames too.

I always found my mom the most annoying though, my dad was more harsh and what he said made more sense.

two dads will not have close family bonding, they will start dating others and the adopted kids will end up with 4 or 5 dads

bump for statistics

but I doubt we will ever get any reasonable studies. Topic is too sensitive and maybe even too young. We didnt had many generations of kids growing up in same sex relationship.

To be honest I wish I knew some real studies about this topic because I really want to say "yeah, give adoption rights to gays". I think it should be better than orphanages (incubators of pathology) but I cant say Im sure without some scientific data

They probably got way more politcal correctness shit thrown at them

>but I cant say Im sure without some scientific data
you can, you just need to observe nature and think about homosex

Homos created LGBT subculture which is basically just radical promiscuity, homo couples are also on average more violent, homos might want to bring up their children to be homos as well, I don't think we should spread homo norms above the limit of tolerance

Why are you talking about gay couples when you posted a pic of a single father household?

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while small scale and personal observation is important it has many pitfalls and its easy to skew up because perception is highly subjective and biased

its true that gays are more promiscous and have higher rates of mental problems (statistics) but we need another statistics to see if those things really pass down to their adopted kids and if they do - we need to compare that with orphanages. A well adjusted and productive cocksucker is still better for society than a heterosexual thug trash from an orphanage, desu.

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>because perception is highly subjective and biased

you don't even need some fucking statistics to reject homos and their weird behaviours

Plato, Kant and others rejected homos on philosophical basis

Jews are always mainstreaming degeneracy, read the Jew York Times, whenever some couple is featured for the house they bought if it isn't a proper Jewish couple they show a race mixed couple or a gay white couple, this has spread all over the fake MSM. They will never portray a straight white happy white couple with kids, they always have to fuck up the whites and promote the out groups.

That's one.stretched little white butthole.

I read one study that showed they're atleast 4 times as likely to be molested by their gay parents than is the norm for straight couples.

>How are they doing in life? Any statistics?

Can only give anecdotal evidence here.

My little step bro's biological mother is a lesbian. She decided this when he was 2-3 (why my stepdad left her).

Fast forward a few years (5-6) at at first the kid is normal, and likes the stuff normal little boys like. Sports, toy soldiers, toy cars etc.

He always said "I want to be a firefighter, astronaut, soldier" etc. Then one day he's over for dinner and says "I want to be a hairdresser". I'm like wtf, no you don't, who told you that. He says "mommy and her friend" (another dike).

I knew the direct approach woudln't work because he was too young to understand, but over the years I softly got him into implicitly masculine things. He always thought I was cooler than his biological brother so he did whatever I did. I got him into skating and surfing, and now he's an 18 year old chad fucking thots left and right.

Those fucking dikes tried turning the boy into a homo, not through abuse, but through pushing their ideas of what a man should do. It didn't work, but that was because his mom didn't have full custody and someone in the family he looked up to cut it off at the pass. Unfortunately this is the best case scenario, they will try to make the kid a fag softly by getting them into fag shit like hairdressing. Many children are far less fortunate and are outright abused.

the mormon church came out hard against this situation but had to back track because of all the social justice

Based stepbrother. A shame his biological brother wasn't as cool as you. Thanks for being a positive male role model.

I've never once heard of a child being adopted by a same sex couple and not ending up as one of the following:

>Molested and raped by the adoptive parents
>Tortured and abused by the adoptive parents
>Turned into the opposite gender and forced on hormones by the adoptive parents
>"Coincidentally" turning out to be a faggot or a dyke, like their adoptive parents

Never once. It always turns out like that. Never, ever, ever have I seen a kid turn out normal when they're raised by fags or dykes.

>Thanks for being a positive male role model.

Given the opportunity any of you would have done the same, but thank you

Honestly this was one of the things that woke me up to the homo problem. I coudln't fucking believe she wouldn't just let her little boy be a normal fucking boy. She styled his hair like a fag and for a year or so had him obsessed with how his hair looked. It took a minute but I broke him of it. This is why masculine role models are crucial for young buys. Dike or not if you're a masculine role model they look up to the boy will forget any stupid cunt advice his mother gives him.

All this being said I'm 10x more scared of gay men taking care of a child. They are far more likely to sexually abuse a boy, especially if its adopted.

I'm guessing the white guy is the "father"?