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>Tory leadership hopefuls to face second vote

>Gulf crisis: US sends more troops amid tanker tension with Iran

No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take control. Move forward. Dreams keep us alive, fighting for them makes us feel alive.
Self Improvement information here

>The official British army fitness programme

>Information On Legally Owning Firearms In The UK

>Oswald Mosley - Europeans

>History With Hilbert - Languages of the British Isles

>(((The London Question))): Britain's Second Empire & The Secret City

>Survive The Jive - What does it mean to be English ?

>An introduction to off grid living in the UK

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>incitement to violence
thread binned by jannies in 5...4...3...2...1...

read my lips

>kill yourself

Space travel is heaven for athiests

>Rory is a sp-

Christians can enjoy space travel too m8

Canadian Helmetman is a hero

do you not understand what i ment?? you'll be getting all shitty 3rd world migrants from the EU, who are importing them en masse, rory stuart will keep us tied to the EU and its migrant quotas and its freedom of movement pledges.

you've seen the demographic changes because of the EU in germany/paris/sweeden, we havent seen it here because we voted to leave just before it got wildly out of control, under rory stewarts proposed brexit we will be in exactly the same mess minus the protection we have previously had and the possibility of being able to do anything about it

rory stewart is by far the worst case scenario, might as well have not bothered voting in the referendum if we get him

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reminder to happy slap pakis that are texting

They can DO space travel.
But they can never enjoy it, because every time they get to a moonlet ot planetoid, God won't be hiding behind it.
>in space, no-one can hear you pray
There are no gaps in the cosmos.

>four years for making a meme

Holy shit

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You as a nation will watch your sons and daughters raped and murdered and do NOTHING to stop it like good law abiding gnarled toothed scab bastard britcucks.

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t. seething commie mutant
the most genius dane is a midwit in England at best

Reminder that you're genuinely a mong if you want BJ as PM

incitement to crime has always been a crime under common law. It's never evenly enforced though

UK ministers including Hunt took to Twitter Saturday to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn’s call for caution over attacks on Gulf tankers last week. The problem is the EU supports the Labour leader’s stance.

Javid also waded in
Why is Jeremy Corbyn never on the side of the country he seeks to lead? Time and time again - be it the provenance of Novichok, or the banning of Hizbollah - he gives the benefit of the doubt to those who threaten our national security

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honk honk

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Brit/pol/ backs Rory becuase Rory will kill the tory party quicker.
Parliamentary Arithmetic wont change with this leadership election, he wont be able to get mays deal through

I've won again, lads

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binned your worthless shithole yet, ya stupid britpakis?

>to back British allies

lmao we're a US Puppet state

>irrepairably damage your country to get rid of 2 faced scum
Scars are for life, user.
Stop cutting yourself. Self-harm is self abuse.

our country is already irreparably damaged

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why is the media shilling Rory Stewart so hard

he's the only candidate i hear about 24/7 and he looks and talks like a nonce

Whatever rows your boat you illbred polish rape baby.

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As I said, midwit to the t.

Maybe because he's the only human amongst shitty beep-boop career politician NPC automatons.

>he lives above a kfc

Becuase he’s the only remain candidate.

>obvious MI6 plant is the only' human'

this, dominic raab is my favourite



That’s it.

he's the establishment chosen puppet, he's the good goy who'll do as hes told, (((they))) dont like the idea of some one like boris taking the helm in case (((they))) loose control of the UK and dont get their 40 billion quid

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pol/pol/ in the can. Even our nationalists these days aren’t British.

> dominic raab
he would be best, but i really dont think hes got any chance of making the final 2, although if he does he stands a better chance with the members than MPs

Boris is one of the most pro-immigration tories

>claim to be pro-british
>use german words in propaganda
>german word as organisation name

these people are just kikes themselves, look at the state of them

Then fix it.
>my arm hurts
>better stab myself in the leg
isn't a sensible strategy. was all the accelerationists saying " nothing and the people will awaken" that helped get us to this place you hate so much.

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im advocating the destruction of the tories , not britain.

If boris gets in, we get brexit, nothing actually changes and we have another 10 years of the same shit we had under may , except our passports are now blue and don't have European Union written on the top.

If Rory gets im, , he cancels brexit and we get 10 years of Nigel Farage led brexit party goverment.

lol no hes not

Nigel Farage wont do anything different to Boris. Ideally we have neither

creasy proving herself to be completely retarded yet again

Pretty funny. MPs need more financial help and it's our duty as citizens to support the political elite!

I think this type of movement isn’t NatSoc at all. They just want to burn down our current society which desu is fair enough.

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we live in a society

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>If boris gets in, we get brexit
im afraid i still dont believe that'll happen, boris will just sit on his hands and wait for oct 31st, the rest of parliment wont let it happen, i imagine the largely remain MPs will shut down parliment and demand a GE, fuck knows what'll happen then, probably a LAB/LIB coalition on the understanding of a second referendum to keep the libs happy, but if boris does get in his time in charge will be much shorter than Mays

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Ideally we have nick griffin but fuck knows what he is doing now

Reminder that there is literally nothing wrong with food banks.

they're absolute gay boys, sat posting cringe-tier propaganda pieces on hungarian-inspired korean knitting boards whilst calling themselves the eighth coming of hitler on discord rather than rationally debating their meme ideology and defeating opponents through logic; basically they're the same as the leftists, they sit and cry all emotional instead of rallying people to their cause

an amnesty isnt "pro migrant", an amnesty isnt open the doors and let them all in, an amnesty is just a way of dealing with the expensive impossible mess we've got with illeagal immigrants thanks to the fucking EU, and hes anti EU

that being said im not in favor of a migrant amnesty, and am not trying to promote it

How is illegal immigration the fault of the EU?
We check passports at the border no matter the country of origin. It's the reciving countries responsibility to check trucks coming in and to patrol the sea around britain.
Amnesty will inventively have knock on effect on immigration, as all the new citizens will now be able to import their spouse and children in pakistan legally

Blaming the EU for everything is just stupid. Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, Czechia etc. are all in the EU, how many shitskin migrants do they have?

The British government is at fault for the browning of Britain, not the EU.

you seem envious of my perpetual winning streak?

>If Rory gets in, he cancels brexit and we get
Another 2 - 3 years of May style delaying tactics, with traitors in westminster squabling over the "popular" appeasement referendum, while Britains standing goes ever down in the world, more people, firms and money leave for greener pastures where the government can actually either make up it's mind or carry out the will of the people, and the economy tanks hard...enabling the stallers and wreckers to bray and crow, and say shit like "see. told you brexit was a bad idea"
Great plan you got there...

>Their bizarre supernatural belief system imagined Hitler to be an avatar of a god, lionised the Moors Murderer Ian Brady and cult leader Charles Manson, and blended violent Satanism, a berserk misogyny, and admiration for radical Islamism.

>The aim? To undermine and collapse civilization, which the group deemed a necessary forerunner to the creation of a Nazi warrior society.


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>believing the poland isn't full of niggers and pakis meme

went to warsaw and krakow with a bird i was shagging, trip to auschwitz too was cool

its full of niggers

brinnies detected

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>Nazi warrior society.

what with pube chin and jawlet

hahahaha warriors

pic related

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morning you bunch of poofs



Anecdotal nonsense.

You don’t have to look like Dolph Lundgren to fight.

WTF is that guy doing to the traffic light?

what will brexit change?

>hes anti EU
we know

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Poland sending their best.

b.... but check the stats goy! poland is white!

hahaha seething, go look yourself and you will see the stats are wrong

no you don't have to look like him to fight, but you should look intimidating- if those two gayboys aimed a rifle at me i'd laugh at them

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I’m so sick of the bbc bias it’s completely ridiculous

>How is illegal immigration the fault of the EU?
have you not seen the trails migrants from the middle east going through hungary and poland.
Have you not seen the migrant crisis in the med

you are aware of the EU response to all of this yes, we are simply told by the EU we cannot stop it because the ECJ says so, you do understand that italys salvini, hungarys orban and polands Morawiecki are getting EU punishments for trying to do something about it.

and as for the UK, well we're either just too cucked to elect some one of that nature, or we voted to leave the EU so we would be free from these courts and free to deport our illeagals without ridiculous expensive long trials that the ECJ insist we have

>Blaming the EU for everything is just stupid
YEAH! then why is everyone doing it, why are you seeing the rise of populism and nationalism as opposed to libaralism and globalism

The EU is ultimately just a reflection of it's member states. Every country has it's veto, but they choose not to use it.

I voted leave in the unlikley situation britain would uncuck itself and that continent would stay the the same. I am fully accepting that leaving the EU will likley change fuck all

Who? What?

>what will brexit change?
Everything, and if its done properly will probably mean the fall of the dystopian EU aswell

>have you not seen the trails migrants from the middle east going through hungary and poland.
We are under no obligation to take in them migrant. Those Syrians we did take in were camerons pet project.

Most of our illegals are chinks and africans overstaying student and tourist visas, leaving alone will make no impact on that.

why to right wing retards think they can be pro business and not pro migrant lol???

So what will be different presuming boris goes for no deal brexit on October 31st?

Good from china will be slightly cheaper and goods from the EU might be a bit more, that all i really see happening

>Don't believe the stats but do believe the testimony of one retard on Jow Forums

Also, you don't need to be a hard cunt to shoot someone.

It's funny that the mongs at The Guardian think that multiculturalism and multiracialism are great but then you look at the articles they post on the topic of race...
They don't connect that many of the things they whinge about are caused or made worse by the things they promote.

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Mass replyers must hang

Orban has shut the Hungarian border to monkeys and it has worked a treat. There is not even a trickle of them now.

Salvini has cut the nigger boats by 90% in just over a year.

Both of these countries are in the EU.

>italys salvini, hungarys orban and polands Morawiecki are getting EU punishments
Then if they are not willing, why are they not wanting to leave the EU. None of them parties promise even a referendum.

no you're 100% right you don't, you just have to have the balls to willingly take a life neither of them look like they're capable, they sit down all day larping on Jow Forums and discord calling a member of the royal family who has actually had the balls to serve in a war zone a race traitor meanwhile they live in a foreign country that, if they listened to their own ideals, wouldn't want them

SS Leibstandarte CuteTwink

>Most of our illegals are chinks and africans overstaying student and tourist visas
BULLSHIT, most of our illegals are lorry hoppers that have smuggled themselves in for bennies and low skilled work, check out calais

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>Both of these countries are in the EU.
Yes and the EU have gone apeshit about it

them lorry hoppers are a few hundred a month, visa overstays are in the hundreds a day.

They look like any other pair of school shooters though, Dylan Roof wasn't exactly a picture of masculinity.

if Britain survives a no deal they'll announce referendums within months, for them there is no time limit particularly, may as well stall on debt repayments and let the public seethe and guarantee themselves office.

The truth is the British public have been lied to when it comes to immigration. We’ve always had full control over migration from outside the EU, have we chose to stop it? No. Have we chose to cut the numbers? No.

dylan roof and other school shooters don't sit making absolutely cringey memes all day tbf though, they go out and do it without hesitation and without obvious "come catch me" propaganda pieces claiming they're wanting to do it

neither will be deported so who cares?

>why are they not wanting to leave the EU. None of them parties promise even a referendum
two reasons
1, they are net benifactors of the EU and want their bennies (that will change without the UK contribution)
2, they're scared of the economic consequences of leaving and are watching to see what happens with brexit (that will change when brexit is proven to be nothing more than another milenium bug)

imagine idolising people like that. get your head checked.

why do you get so pissed off just by my victory?


>why do you get so pissed off just by my victory?
coz i want some