Why did they get Varg?

Hegole Wodanar, guys.
As you might know, Varg Vikernes was deleted twice now from JewTube in like 5 days. But why? As an avid watcher, I never spotted anything anti-Youtube policy in his videos. While he makes funny jokes and tells us to resist the desert death cult religion, he doesn't say stuff that might be interpreted as a call to arms. He doesn't even like Anders Breivheart. So why did they do this to him?
Are we, the whites, now cursed to watch the laggy fuckboy which is BitChute?
Why are they silencing the voices of traditionalists, conservatives and Tolkien lovers?
It's almost as if there's an actual Jewish conspiracy to erase European identity or something.

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lol fuck Varg

Is the new channel up, my aryan brethren?

Lol wut, I picked the European option for my location, why does it display the flag of Israel's colony? I wanted a true European flag, that cross in a circle thingy. The fuuuck...

Will of Wodanar was erased from jewtube yesterday, my man. There's no Varg anymore.

He got banned because enough faggots reported him.

neopagans are cringe

No, Varg is a great guy, he's funny, smart, and interesting to watch, as well as kinda autistic, but in a good way. Try it. Also, he murdered a man in self defense. Can you say the same, Imperial?

Bitchute is getting better and it has some awesome content. I found a channel with old klan rallies and cross lightings, am watching Triumph of the Will on it right now. FUCK JEWTUBE NIGGERS

How is loving nature and your people is cringe? I mean okay, if you actually bow to a phallic log statue or burn Nic Cage in a wicker man it's kinda cringe, but the main thing of paganism is love of nature, land, and life. Try it, it's pretty cool.

Notre Dame will be rebuilt before Varg gets his channel back lol

nature is for fags, build cool shit like a white man

We'll rebuild Notre Dame as a pagan temple to the Deer God and Varg will be there, in a horned hat.

The jews are behind this, I am certain of it. He must create a new channel asap, we must not let (((them))) silence us

Building is okay too, I'm not saying live with nature, you should live in a house you made. But taking hikes is cool, and you'll be one with the trees and animals.

You don't even know what that means.

Sounds like a deal!

He's only on BitChute now unfortunately.

BitChute is shit, it doesn't have the same reach as Jewtube

hello cringepagan, how are you today

t. christcuck

How long do you guys think it'll be before one of his isolated autistic incel sons rapes one of his daughters? He'll justify it as some ancient pagan tradition to keep the bloodline pure no doubt

He isn't even cringy. Paganism is cool. Go to a forest, hunt something, eat some nuts. You'll feel the gods watching you.

They're not even autistic. He has Pierre a close friend and neighbor, Varg's kids will marry his kids to repopulate the whites.

He should've just stuck to comfy videos and rpgs. Placenta stuff and da jooz did everything is kinda annoying and eventually got him removed.

>You'll feel the gods watching you.
paganism isn't cring-

>Varg Vikernes was deleted twice now from JewTube in like 5 days
Fucking finally

>But why? As an avid watcher, I never spotted anything anti-Youtube policy in his videos.

Because he has a history of discussing anti-Semitic ideas and he's on the record for making anti Jewish statements and jokes. Not that I disagree with him. I'm just saying it's not hard to find.

Full discloser, I say all this as a long time fan and supporter of Varg. But I respect the truth above all.

He made some pretty obvious mistakes that were bound to get him kicked eventually.

His (only) friend Piero isn't even white user, he's some swarthy Frenchman of (((questionable))) ancestry

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He'll probably stab him in self defense 47 times for having the wrong eye color.

Frenchmen have huge jew noses but they're still sort of white. Not as white as cool people like Germans and Nordic people and Slavs, but still technically white.

Christcucks are triggered by his presence. They can't stop the awakening of the heathen spirit, so they go after figureheads like Varg to spite us, but they still come here and cry whenever one of their own gets whacked. In my youth, I might have retaliated against their nonsense by targeting Christcucks on YouTube and reporting them. I'm not necessarily above such actions, but I am running out of time to pursue such things.

>Not as white as cool people like Germans and Nordic people and Slavs, but still technically white.

Varg will claim self-defense because he heard a rumor Piero and (((Noam Chomsky))) were planning to genocide his fat Aryan son

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It's called religious symbolism you dolt.

they cant handle le based pagan man

he constantly alludes to jews being the source of everything evil in the world (snopes says absolutely true) and advocates a radical withdrawal from the system. why wouldn't they ban him

You don't silence someone who is not a threat

Kek, that picture. Pierre confirmed for (((Mossad Agent))). Sloppy job, (((Mossad))). Heill Oudinn! Fuck STJive! Sael Oudinn!

^ This.

Well dudes these are just facts and jokes, they are not against Youtube guidelines. Saying the Jews are evil is like... saying the sun is shiny. If he'd say "Jews are evil so let's kill them" that would be considered "bad" and would make his ban legit according to Youtube's own standards. But just saying they're wicked is just speech... It's an opinion. And how are jokes against Youtube guidelines? They broke their own rules when they fucked his channels up.

Some fat commie e celeb did a hit piece on him and probably got his faggot subs to mass flag

You still don't know what that means.

Really? Who? I wanna give him a piece of my mind down in the comments and dislike his video.

True. It is only free speech in principle. But we're talking about the real world here. In the real world principles aren't always upheld completely and so sometimes in order to survive you are forced to adapt. Sometimes you have to change your strategy. That is unless you think the best strategy is to get kicked from YouTube which it may very well be for some people like Varg (since it will likely boost his popularity). But I tend to view it this way: If the given objective is to spread truth about the Aryan people and Pagan traditions than staying in plain sight (on big platforms) but also under the radar (watch what you say) is the most optimal strategy for the average person to adopt in order to accomplish said objective.

Zoomers on suicide watch kek


I flagged his channel for reasons of hate speech and told YT that's a banned user who wanted to bypass his ban. Lol get fucked faggot larper.

Oh please stop. You are just atheists pretending to have some kind of spirituality that is really empty and stupid.

Your pagan ancestors would consider you blasphemous as much as your Christian ancestors.

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the one true god had enough of his blasphemy. I hope this'll teach him a lesson

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Because leftists (and by extension, the tribe-controlled Christcucks on this board that delude themselves into thinking they're """red pilled""") kept reporting him.

It truly is amazing just how NPC the Christcuck on this board really is. An SJW may be a mental patient, but at least they're consistent with their insanity. The self-proclaimed "DOOZ VOLT" Christian on here will LARP about how god will purge the degenerates, and then in the same breath will side with the biggest left-wing corporation on the planet who is out to silence anyone who doesn't fall in line. Though it's not surprising that they bend the knee as soon as their puppet masters look in their direction - their religion inherently breeds submission.

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Because Christians have been in cahoots with the Jews for 2000 years now.

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I hope jewtube gets stabbed 23 times in self defense

religion is for normies, thats all
most of these larpers didnt even read the bible

im an atheist but I feel like I have deeper understanding of christianity (christianity, not catholicism bullshit) than most of those stray sheep. They are "religious" only because its the new edge

Jow Forums doomers are laughing from their fagg-corner.