Explain yourselves, Australians

Explain yourselves, Australians.

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>chinks niggers and poos
looks like a typical melbourne coles

Blair is looking swole af

Explain yourselves, Australians.
Everyone in the store is a shitskin except based Australian chad.

Wow. Heaps of the refrigeratored shelves were empty and there were avocado trays were empty. Someone really needs to have a word with the store manager.

They colonized Australia and now they're getting colonized, nothing wrong with that

niggers, niggers everywhere. billions of them. all over the planet. and people still call them minorities.

>They colonized Australia and now they're getting colonized, nothing wrong with that
Essentially this.
It's just weird that so many white people want to be colonized. You can only blame (((them))) and their propaganda so far... It's downright bizarre.

>Shitskins not being respectful members of a society.

Gee, colour me surprised.

Yeah, what trap routine is this nigga doing? Definitely his standout part.

Yep, this is inner city. You're lucky to spot 1 white in 10. Go to mid level cities and it's 50/50. Go full middle of nowhere rural and it's still maybe 80/20. If you don't think they're lying about the demographics you're delusional.

The inner cities and most suburbs are fucked.

As much as I hate the commute to work, at least the country towns are still overwhelmingly white and Christian. My town might be full of Poles LARPing as Krauts but it's nice out here.

>go to the korean part of town
>everyone is korean
same as down here. stick to your own area and this isn't an issue.

It's not just the birth-rates. If you speak out about this in public, other whites will attack you.
The average white person wants this for some reason, and I have no idea why.
>inb4 mu juice
I really don't understand it. I'm white and I didn't buy into it. I guess I love myself too much to be told that I deserve punishment for no reason.

>what trap routine is this nigga doing?
bareback breeding

I'm sick of /pol fags complaining about to manny niggers and chinks when they don't have a wife and kids.

birthrates will destroy us, if you're not using your superautism to meme whites into having kids, you're part of the problem

fat lesbian fabian leaders allied to global orgs

there is no explanation. this place is a hellhole on all fronts and anyone who denies it is delusional

is this some white guy whining about non whites in his area

You have to go back and never return

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every fucking place is becoming that same stale celibate impotent mix designed to splinter any political power and strip control from the whites How long white man before we regain the dominion over the natural world. this artificial utopia will not last

Places up north are OK and very white, it feels very nice there. However, I do have to drive back home and then I see the poos and chinks again in crazy numbers. One day I will move

White people are cucks. U all have accepted ur fate.

>yes marry a huwhite girl and have 2 huwhite kids to le save the huwhite race
>promise she won't divorce you and raise them into leftist drones to continue supporting this system
I say go the opposite direction and bow out of it entirely. Don't have kids, earn as little as you need to survive, and let the women run it.
>inb4 but i'll have kids on a farm and teach them to chop wood and we'll homeschool them and go to church every day and my virgin waifu will know i'm in control so she won't try any feminism bullshit.

Fuck that faggot, he's nothing but controlled opposition that the Green's point to as examples of "le far right extermism". Thanks to this faggot, Australia is going to get a Royal Commission into far-right extremism.

Fuck his assbuddies that are itt. Fuck his faggot friends.

He should have just bumped into everyone.

This is me walking through Hornsby Westfields woolies

>White people are cucks. U all have accepted ur fate.
I dunno man. I can understand saying silent when a white guy speaks out about this (for fear of losing everything you have).
But actually going so far as to attack him... I feel like these people who attack really really want to be conquered. And I'll never understand it.

It will last. In history books.

On another note, thinking of going to Kuala Lumpur and settling with a shitskin. Fuck this faggot earth. Chime in malayniggers.

Where is the problem?

Its conditioning. Being racist in todays western world can be equated to heresy in the middle ages. Its the ultimate sin while refugees welcome is a noble and the right thing to do. Media from news to entertainment blasts this for decades and you get normies following those patterns because they think if they dont conform they will be outcasted. And the more you display those noble and accepted qualities the better chance of finding a mate. Simply put
normies will be the death of us all.

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>stick to your own area


The weak should fear the strong.
Normies arent strong.

>I feel like these people who attack really really want to be conquered. And I'll never understand it.
No its social Peacocking. Look at me look at me defending the poor poor refugees. Now reward me with sex.

As long as you have children you have not failed in life :)

Be sure to raise a nice and well mannered kid and you're a winner

that is literally not even the worst example of an australian supermarket.

if he came to the northern suburbs of melbourne, you would have seen HUNDREDS of indians and muslims in that webm

It's the price that wypipo have to pay for going to a barren deserted wasteland full of barbaric tribes and build civilization.


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>No its social Peacocking. Look at me look at me defending the poor poor refugees. Now reward me with sex.
If it truly is, then it's even more sickening - borderline sociopath. Normies who really do this should be hated and considered our worst enemies.

That will get absolutly destroyed by the degenerate society and also punished for being factual.
Nice mate. Nice going

Fuck that, I will not be contributing any sperm to the diarrhea people.

>Normies who really do this should be hated and considered our worst enemies.
They will fall in line in a matter of generation if social norms are reversed 180 for whatever reason. Just look what happened in the US with civil rights and immigration reform in the 60s. Its (((those))) who actively spread this bullshit to them who have to be dealt with to fix things.

Watch out for the Tranny getting coins out of the fountain bruh

>not kids

Let me in Australia, I want to be an Australian citizen please lads.

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Is it really that hard to join Australia? I thought we let anyone in

You make it hard for EU fags

This From the very beginning of your life you're inundated with shit telling you that diversity is great, we need more brown people, brown people are only violent savages because of white people, we need less white people. It's in the schools, it's on TV, it's on the radio, it's everywhere online, it's in every popular movie and book in one way or another.

It should be considered a massive triumph that anyone manages to avoid the conditioning, much less break it.

Ahh, true, we only let 3rd worlders in. Anyways if you do ever come to the cities don't expect anything wonderful. You'll see max 5-10% white people

>ausChad vs the virgin turd worlders

Its really hard for European cunts,its really easy outside of Europe tho I think(like Asian countries and shit)

why are white people so pink and ugly

salty shitskin

I have a friend whos still waiting for his work visa. He has job position and everything arranged but still no visa. Maybe its for the better since location is Melbourne and I dont hear good things about it.

They have low corporate tax high people tax. Kids cost . Australia has low corporate tax for the globalist miners. ( Reaganomics )

Conquest = evolution
Migration = devolution

>It should be considered a massive triumph that anyone manages to avoid the conditioning, much less break it.
Which is why most of the turbo-autists end up here, because any form of non-fact-based social conditioning simply bounces off us.
Whereas if you are a normie it seeps into your mind and takes control.

Exactly . Stay away from them . Don't live with them.

sup reddit

Melbourne is the worst to go to, followed by Sydney. The good thing is though you can drive 30-60 minutes out of the city to white towns quite easily

what is the chance you are some chink with 10 cm dick.

thankfully you are getting colonized by niggers which is 1000 times worse

It's not the birth rates, it's immigration, you mong.

Why are they walking all over the place? Keep to the right I go one way and the left to go the other.

Manlets everywhere.

I take it you don't like my posts? Did they hit a nerve or what?

nice larp, shitskin. You're not fooling anyone

It's not spot the white, I'm in Adelaide, no one is Aussie here anymore, 8 of every 10 i think is aussie at work, the supermaket, the cinema is some Russian, Romanian, European new settler with an accent talking gibberish, other than that it is rich Chinese pompus posers or street shitters -- seriously Australia has been sold off and the last 5 years it has changed so fucking much

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Make children you dumbass if you are not happy with the events unfolding

Why are anglos and their diaspora so fucking cucked? Holy shit. You're all worse than Swedecucks.

>it's not that bad! This rural village in the middle of nowhere with 5000 people is still 60% white!!

Fuck off you race traitors.

What can we do? Australia is done for, it's honestly over here. Even 1 hint of any publicized right-wing thought of you and you are ostracized from anything and everything.

That country was made by America for it's ex-slaves, they have a constitution and everything.
WHY do they have to come HERE???

Australia is a multicultural society values diversity as its strength.

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Did any zookeepers in Adelaide see this? Your animals had run away!

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It's the boomer's fault. They sold your country to globalist interests. Flooded your country cheap labor and shipped your jobs overseas. It started before you were born.

Get angry user.

99% European Australia when AGAIN?

Greek wogs are let in?

Who is this Chad? Also, looks like canada

Looks like America.

Called cuckery.

I want me a jap gf

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Women are easily brain washed and a lot of men go along with it because they dont want the hassle from these hags. If you talk to men in private about this shit, as long as you don't go full Jow Forums and share your views in a respectful manner, most men will not get upset by your views.

It's the same in all western cities.

Wait a minute, those triangles.

As a João bro said earlier:

Why is every country built by Brits and their diaspora so bloody cucked?

You have reached the point to take pride to the fact that a tiny fucking town in the middle of the Australian desert is 70% European, when it should be 90% white at least. We're not talking about Melbourne or Sydney.

You Aussies had a 99% European country, with the only minority being Abos. Today it's less than 70%. Even wog countries like mine aren't that incompetent. And even if we wished to do so, we would never reach the goal of reducing the number of Europeans in my country from almost 100% to less than 70% in just 40 years.

What happened to you Aussies? If you had just a thousand Tarrants you would be saved in an instant. But no, you're sitting idly, watching your own destruction unraveling in front of your bloody face.

>a tiny fucking town in the middle of the Australian desert is 70% European, when it should be 90% white at least
Try 99%.
Cities should be the ones that are 90% at worst.

"boylover" code?

What's wrong with Poles?

Australia was my back-up for when Britain becomes unbearable. Fuck.


God I want to touch his pecs

What you call evolution, which in the case of Australia was bringing European civilization to the island, isn't necessarily a good thing, because it allows subhumans to prosper (for example through government funded healthcare).
Not in my village, when I go to the supermarket I'm not surrounded by niggers, chinks and sandniggers

>Not in my village
You think you'll be safe forever? They won't leave us alone, no where is safe.

Question to you Pierre, how French is the whole of the countryside to date?

Yepp, that looks like my country... sigh.

>Growing up in Eastern Europe and told that we are undesirable in the west by their gobbernments
*fast forward to today*
>Open arms policy towards shitskins by west gobbernment and society, we are still undesirable as we are now *white*



Anglos didn't colonise Australia, we created Australia, they were settlers who built one of the best nations from nothing, it's not comparable to (((interest groups))) bringing in immigrants to a place where a thriving civilisation exists to serve their economic and social interests

Takashi look at the yellow bitch with the red handbasket, look at the way she admire the young white male, they will never look at you that way, don't you wanna commit seppuku with a white dildo?

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> Anglos didn't colonise Australia, we created Australia
There were already indigenous people there, you didn't create that land mass