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It has been a speculation but now it's official : FBI and Mossad are trying to make Russia responsible for their sloppy jobs.
They usually try to slide threads by spamming "hip" phrases and "maymays" so be advised, if you see people sliding threads with American or Kike flags or even meme flags screencap those and store them, get those screens out when needed.

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Heil hitler.

>It has been a speculation but now it's official
Your 2 years of lurking was not completed

They're using proxies as well, I've caught a live glownigger in a slide thread with a German proxy

>our concern is the opinions of autists on a weaaboo forum in our global shenaginans of potentially starting ww3

Oh yeah, MI6 is here too. Glownig

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They made a mistake picking Russia as the bad guy, no one cares.

You know if we somehow finde whole in law likw hmmm transfer Jow Forums to china servers or some euro country and make it "private" we can always sue fbi and mosad for war mongering, disrespecting privacy, freedom of speach oh oh oh gents we can sue them for harassing and mobing. Just an idea. But what do i know i am just an algoritham

I've been trying to tell you to hide your real flags.

But Nationalists are proud to a faulty degree.
You have chosen to give them info on your country. So you kind of deserve every doxing they can get on you.

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Maybe make Jow Forums official religious belife.
And we will be protected by basic human right of freedom of belives.

Hitler did nothing wrong
gas the kikes race war now

hey NSA, I used to work DoD, I know how to make cruise stealth missiles, I know where the diesets are, I KNOW how to build a nuke. fuck off...... you took my job, i should take your life.

It is sad that we need to hide our identitys and watch what we say, on internet witch should be free place.
Makes me sad sometimes..

Oh know does this mean they know what I wank to and how many pieces of toilet paper I use a day.
That's for google to know.

Jow Forums was originally 100% anonymity.
Flags didn't exist in the original board culture.

The flag shit beban in Jow Forums and /sp/ because people got butthurt of others making fun of their team or their country, and demanded to know where those pranksters are from.

Then the cancer spread to other boards.
And now low IQ Nationalists dox themselves out of pride.

Glow niggers btfo

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Hi MISTER FBI I hate niggers, Israel, Iran, Palestine. Because of your retarded intervention on the middle-east I now hate muslims and mass immigration too. Good job.

sucks to live in your cuck country, I got a WHOLE lotta secrets to expose if they come for me and my dead man switch isnt updated. I cant wait to speak in court.. lets talk about the Mission in spring of 94 to europa shall we? Im sure the world wil want to know about that or the FACT isrealis shot down that 747 out of kennedy a decade ago, fuel tanks indeed.. what a load of BS... I have a United Nations contact who tell me otherwise. want more? Henry Kissenger is a family friend and he talked when he used to come over..
family was friends with the elder Bush. Been to the white house multiple times.. go on- fuck with me. I'd love a platform.

Mossad would never do something like that. Didn't you know that Israel is our greatest ally? It is definitely those dastardly Russians.

>Jow Forums was originally 100% anonymity.
It never was user, adding the flags had nothing to do with anonymity, it was to turn up the bantz

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>know how to build a nuke
aluminum tubes?

I keep saying this but moot confirmed in fucking 2004, its not only just now official retard.

It is a lot more sad that people have to sensor what they say off the internet to such a degree.

Sure thing, I am coming to America this autumn to kick you RAYCISS ass for RAYCISS comments on /pol, nigger

Deer FBI, CIA, alphabet agency, or black budget agency

Please contact me and I will get a Russian or Iranian proxy to shitpost anti-American propaganda. $500 for lazy work, $1000+ for average but steady shitposting, $5000 and I'll collect some autistic and shill slide anything you need.

here's a better one

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Fools! Its really we who are doing all this shit. Your government tried to warn you, but you don't listen. Good for us. Soon America will fall to us and our glorious leader Vladimir Putin!

>*schlop* *schlop* *schlop*
>tfw FBI and Mossad will never be able to decode schlopposting

Bad larp. Try community hiring instead

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Good thing Discord™ and Facebook ™ Messenger™ make it easier to plot our alt right terrorist plots, right my fellow MAGApedes?


Hey FBI,
Im a pretty serious shitposter, your glow in the dark agency could really benefit from my talents...
Check out my dank YouTube channel
Pull the Jow Forums party van into my driveway if you'd like to hire me as a contractor...

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wtf dont


The globalists are using feminism to wreck the family. Don’t give in!

Pride? No. I’m telling the truth about feminism. We need the Family back! It’s best for everyone!


so how about those black people Jow Forums hahah?

unironically hire me fbi, you know my ip. I can get the job done

I don't think the government cares about the racism here. They care about people conspiring together to subvert them. The French revolution equivalent would have happened by now if not for the fact that Netflix, pornhub and McDonald's would cease to exist

what job can you get done?

Bump!!! Fuck CIAniggers
China is the CHOSEN one of the NWO and America is being left astray!!
On 4/11/2019 CHN or Central Happenings Network, was terminated on YouTube with zero warning or strike
>2years of videos, 8k subs and a great following
They despise anyone who motivates and rallies the anons and Bellagio Sampler is hated amongst the Jews

They are coming for everyone

They wont stop till ALL our heroes and monuments are gone!!!

We need to protest these control freaks !!! Fuck the Jewish NWO
Remember the fallen

>CHN interviews TITUS FROST
Best interview I've seen him do

Is this the last refuge of COMFY on Jewtube??



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gotta love em!