What will happen to restaurans and "eating out" when boomers die off?

I've heard that places like Olive Garden rely mostly on old people as their customers. Is that true? Also, what are other retail and service sector chains of establishments that rely on boombers as their targeted demographic?

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To add, I consider going to restaurants something you do on certain occasions or because you go out with good friends, once every 2-3 months,

Not every goddamn weeked.

they will simply rebrand/restructure or they will cease to exist. there was also that 1980s "homemade" food chain that is already gone

>What will happen to restaurans and "eating out" when boomers die off?
I'm sure young people will pay money they don't have to eat at Olive Garbage even though they could make better at home for a cool finn

There will only be McDonalds, McCafe, bars and clubs left.

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They will rebrand, it's not that hard.

I eat for $10 at a local restaurant for lunch everyday, no servers though, you just pay and sit down.

Implying there arent chains that cater to young people.

>old people
>olive garden
this is true, endless bread-sticks after all

But when you're there... You're family...

Whaddayhmean? Its absolutely required to go out at least 3 times a week. What? You expect me to live off of hot dogs and mac and cheese forever?

the new trend is "upscale" fast food.
It is both as good and as shitty as eating out has ever been.

So you can date any server you want?
>t. Southerner

every restaurant will be chipotle

I have to eat at chain restaurants because i work out of town, they are always full of basketball americans probably too lazy / dumb to cook

>get bogo coupon
>go to olive garden
>order 2 meals
>fill up on soup, salad, and breadsticks
>have the meals packed up


Chain restaurants are usually comprised of low quality frozen food. It's like eating a TV dinner but someone else popped it in the microwave for you. Of course boomers like it.

They entirely rely on their branding to get sales instead of good food. I'd rather eat at a one-off restaurant where they actually give a shit about their food.

I have a strange feeling that a lot of things aren't going to be around in the next 15-20 years

Jews, for example

They will turn into mcdonalds and other big name franchises.

The Great Boomer Die Off will be noticed in the late 2030's. From there it gets violent. The number of Darkies With Guns will be huge and Pax Americana will be dead, because Darkies can't run complex war operations.

Indeed. 15-30 years from now everything will be different. Companies coalesce into an even bigger McDonalds-Telecom-Insurance-Media company.
Do think there is a low end fast food (tacos) market and upscale fast food market opportunity as stated previously. Will be a few old name high end spots with majority low end/chain restaurants. Middle ground is fucked.

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We can only hope user.

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>implying we aren't going to be the boomer

When the thinner white boomers die off..... get ready for Restaurants to start serving larger serving sizes, and more Mexican-food restaurants.... have you seen the size of the women who are younger than the Boomers ??

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Young people love eating out. We just don't go to shitty chain restaurants.
>antiques and "collectibles"
>department stores
>namebrand food, shit life kraft kellogs etc
>fabric softener
>dishwashing machines
>pools (cant' install a pool in a povertyapartment)
What else are we killing? Is there a conclusive list?
tfw i can cook legitimately better than most restaurants. Feels good man.
this. but even places they actually make the food still suck. well, they want to pay the cook 13/hr so they get convicts and mexicans. should have hired a white man.

Depends on the country, I guess.
In Spain food is very social. I hate eating out and everytime someone calls me to hang out is usually to have lunch or dinner somewhere.
What I don't understand is how come there are no more prepared food shops. Lots of students missing mom and her cooking tend to overcrowd these places where I live (I love those places too in all honesty).

Post Boomers turning into Boomers depends on the money staying easy to borrow and the Darkie Slave Labor staying obedient. Those two variables are big IF's.

>more Mexican-food restaurants
One of the few reasons I would visit US is to eat at Casa Bonita.

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>they will simply rebrand/restructure or they will cease to exist.
bars with kitchens that cook for uber

Nothing. Modern women can't cook, so they'll order out. Both men and women only work and don't have time to cook, so they'll order out. Parents will be too busy working to cook or be home with their kids, so they'll order out.

>What will happen to restaurans and "eating out" when boomers die off?

The vast majority of these types of places microwave their food. Literally. There's no kitchen, just a microwave.

Diners and McDonalds are full to the brim with geriatrics while the rest of is are at work. It's like they bus them in. For god sakes, make a egg at home and leave something for your grand kids to inherit.

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Eating out sucks. I only do it for something like a birthday celebration where I'm eating with people who I don't want in my house.
Unless you're getting food you can't possibly make yourself it sucks - lots of waiting, waste of money, pushy waiters, unnecessary tipping, driving there, etc...

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Vehicle market is going to get ass raped. Since 2008 collapse people (non boomers or nigger rich fags) aren’t buying new cars. Guess they’ll get a bail out.. again.
I live in the Deep South. Niggers next door haven’t fixed house in over 10 years. Falling apart. They all have new cars and ‘sports cars’ that they make as loud as possible. In comparison, I drive a 30 year old armoured vehicle.

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I’m a millennial and I enjoy eating out and going to the movies. I’m not like most millennials, but hopefully there are enough like us so that there will still be restaurants and movie theaters.

>low end fast food

No such thing exists anymore.

Three fucking burritos from Taco Bell cost around $14.

That is a rip off.

Did you ever see the advertising for Burger King and McDonalds, there are always real glasses and plates, it made me think that they might have started actually doing that, nope.

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>having normie friends
>going outside
>doing normieshit

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The quality of the output both of these industries provides is getting significantly worse. Neither will exist without major restructuring in 15 years.

You just need to grow up

Boomers eat out every day because they're fat, impatient, and can't cook. These restaurants will all die when the boomers do because young people are too poor and autistic to eat out regularly. People often make the mistake of thinking that boomers will pass money on to their kids so the cycle will continue. This is wrong because boomers spend all of their money on high fructose corn syrup and vacations to Disney World.
Places like Olive Garden only stay afloat because of gigantic boomer families that waddle in after they go to their Church that preaches Judeo-Christian values. Large families don't exist anymore.

Other things that will die
>Hallmark stores
>Department stores
And now the bold pick
>chain pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens

Low end is prob $6 now. I go to mom and pops and it’s 10-15$. I can’t eat American fast food. No idea how people can eat that without feeling sick. No idea how it could be allowed for sale. Oh, yeah. Jewish profits.
InB4 Muh Jews. I spent my life around the reptiles. Hard to find a poor one. They don’t ever eat fast food. Predominantly it’s middle to high end dining. I’m a richfag, but I can’t fathom spending that money on excess. Also not exactly American.

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RV's and Boat sales are going to crater. Sure, younger people by RV's, but they buy used ones to live in. No one but rich fags is buying boats. Personal water craft are popular, because they are affordable. Who is going to be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for floating RV's in the future? Of course, the real issue here is the destruction of the middle class, the boomers being the last generation of middle class growth.

I like eating out

More likely that we will all wait in line for some robot to squirt some slop into our pail.

Zoomer and millennials can't cook and eat out all the time. Stop being an incel

Walgreens is for sure a senior citizen's store. The only people under 50 I see in walgreens are it's employees, and people who need a prescription filled, or are buying sudden pharmacy needs. The only time I am in Walgreens is for the odd prescription.

Old people literally grocery shop there. They come for hours just to look at the Chinese trash you can buy literally everywhere. They sell a huge amount of junk food despite supposedly being about health. Just end it now.

In nigger infested areas blacks go there to buy chips, menthols, and sugar drinks. Always fucking packed with them.

A lot of restaurants are already in poor shape due to this phenomenon.
When boomers retire, they suddenly run out of leisure money.
Meanwhile millennials and zoomers while financially capable of going to a restaurant much prefer either ordering through Uber or investing that money elsewhere, like international holidays, subsistence farming and the race war.

I take my widowed mother out once every two weeks, and she picked OG one time. She ordered pick your own noodles and sauce pasta and I ordered one of the upper echelon dishes (that's how i roll) anyways we got one serving of unlimited salad and breadsticks and then when we each got our meals I asked for another basket of breadsticks at which point my Mom was aghast and said I should not get a free refill if I am going to take 2 of the 5 breadsticks home.

Like honestly WTF, since then I only take her to restaurants that give free shit and i make sure to ask for refills everytime the server comes to check on us.

I'm guilty of browsing their "AS SEEN ON TV" isle...never bought anything, but I thought about getting one of those Mypillows for about 5 minutes.

I always see CVS in nigger town, never noticed a Walgreens. The Walgreens are always next to the Autozone around here.

Gen Z and Millennials don't know how to cook or do basic household chores though, so ... the restaurant industry will explode again like it's the 1980s.

They don't like restaurants though. None of them have the attention span to spend an hour sitting at a table doing nothing but eating and talking. Delivery services are the future. If your affordable restaurant doesn't deliver, you might as well not bother.

A future where McDonalds sells health insurance
>gas me

Restaurants in NY and LA are great. Chain restaurants are for flyover residents.

>could make better at home for a cool finn
spending 10-15 hours a week cooking for yourself is already a part-time job plus ingredient, equipment, and fuel costs. most of it is cleaning up.

it's really no wonder that people prefer to eat out.

She probably has no clue how cheap soda and bread are for restaurants. Soda is something like 2c per full glass IF you have no ice in it. Bread sticks are something like 1c per dozen if it is cheap bread, a few more cents per dozen if it is fancy bread.

Much of their profit is from soda sales.

>tfw I'll be 65 and too old to participate in the civil war shenanigans

It costs pennies on the dollar, for people with no money for rent a restaurant will never happen

Dollar stores are booming, that's the future

Millenial eat out all the time. They can't cook and still need to eat, resturaunts will be fine.

There was a local Italian deli near my old office I'd hang out at lunch most days. Husband and wife who made pasta from scratch and screamed at each other in Italian before politely addressing you in English.
Soup and a thicc sandwich was $7. Shit was comfy.

No Herschel, that's not how it works outside of the Orthodox community.

That place it terrible

I'm sorry man, but if you're a nazi and you live next door to niggers, you're failing. Hard.

absolutely nothing. only morons eat at home here. everyone here eat out every single day every single meal.

One can hope

I paid $14 for a grilled cheese at Panera yesterday. I’ll do it again tomorrow.
Well, that’s my story

>10-15 hours a week on food
Jesus Christ user we're asking you to learn how to fucking cook, not be Iron Chef. Also cook excess to make leftovers. Cooking 3 hours for one meal is literally boomer. Cook once, do dishes once and have food for the FUCKING week.

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The great boomer die off begins in earnest in the mid 2020s. These people haven't taken care of themselves, and they're still working to pay off debt.

Olive garden tastes good as fuck , I really like it desu. Not trolling.

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know a boomer that eats theres every day and thinks it's healthy because of the salad and mu Mediterranean diet. They just had surgery to remove a 90% blockage in there corotid artery.

i'm a great cook and hand-repair all my clothing. getting into shoe cleaning/repair now. speak for yourself. we have the internet and if we browse for 6 hours at least 30 minutes of that is something educational. gen y/z are the most educated of any generation. certainly moreso than the "throw it out and buy a new one" "get the frozen dinner or some takeout" "call brenda and ask if she knows how to do it" boomer generation.

I bet you’re one of those fags who measures everything out exactly and acts like the food will blow up if you deviate at all from the recipe. You’ll spend 30 minutes leveling off teaspoons because they look too full.

God hears you

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>what else are we killing?
Boomers. Day of the pillow is no joke

Hot tubs and Harley Davidsons are going to disappear.

ironically bars/gastations
>every gas station has beer license
>every gas station has a MTO 24/7 cafe
>they've all started expanding there seating area and alcohol area
from 11am-1pm and 6pm to 11pm they are always packed
>filled with zoomers
>tastes better than fastfood
>muh Iron City and Yuengling
i always loved the idea of those drive in diners and movies and its is probably coming back. in 20 years my kid will be talking me tesla model 36.7 to pick up his gf and take her to a drive in movie where theyll charge the car while watching a movie

>born to late to experience the 50s and 60s
>born to early to be a youth growing up in a 50s themed renaissance

Sheetz>Getgo>Alzheimer's riddled grandmas cooking>wawas

Take out, rather than eat out.

Most will probably go under entirely or dramatically reduce their presence.

I work for a large cafe chain (Not the Hipster one) and universally sales are stagnant with many stores losing money due to lack of business already. Our customer base is almost exclusively Boomer retirees, Cat Ladies, Basic White Bitches, and wealthy WASPs.

The store I work at has been positive mostly because of our location and the fact we can actually keep the place functioning. Most stores are horribly dysfunctional with a rapidly rotating staff and management and cannot maintain standards to any degree. We're one of the more expensive places to eat (Full meal and a drink will run you $12+) and so if a customer gets burned once they often won't return. We're also one of the few locations with a drive-thru.

As for how the paradigm shift will work out I predict places will simply cease the traditional restaurant approach and simplify the entire experience to being quick, cheap, and easy. has the most accurate take on how things will change. I will add that these kitchens will probably have a more "street food" style to them in which they have a small menu of easily mass produced foods of medium quality using minimal equipment. Even today people look at the menu of the cafe I work at completely confused when we don't even have that big of a menu, it's just we give everything a fancy meme name because it has like 60 god damned ingredients in it.

Hopefully the 3 letter agencies

>eating out sucks, I rarely do it
I've gone to a restaurant maybe 4 times in the last decade

Your mum sounds like a cunt. Spoiled bitch no wonder your dad chose death.

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Most actual boomers, like actual boomers and not the retarded meme that lumps Gen X and some Gen Y in, are retired and living on tightening budgets. They aren't dining out like they used to, and when they do, they keep it to times earlier in the day when meals are cheaper and they use senior citizen discounts. You'll see their favorite places to eat are restaurants like Cracker Barrel that serve meals that remind them of rich home cooked meals they remember eating when growing up. Actual American food. Not some Mexican shit or poke bowls or whatever.

I do think restaurants are doomed, because the middle class has been squeezed to bordering on extinction. When the boomers all die off and Gen X starts dying off as well, restaurants will likely start closing. The hipsters want their fancy coffee shops and for people to watch them eat their "trendy" horseshit fad food items like avocado toast or whatever Buzzfeed is talking about. The poor go to McDonalds and maybe a Waffle House here and there, maybe they'll hit up a pizza buffet or a Chinese buffet. My bet is the restaurant industry is will take a major hit when the middle class goes poof.

>eating week old food
Imagine the smell

Olive Garden is extremely popular among low class white trash. It's complete shit though, they don't give enough sauce, the pastas are 90% noodle.

Or a copper single egg flipping pan?

>movie theaters
The experience has gotten worse, while the alternatives have gotten better.
25 years ago you wouldn't have loud niggers and spics with loud kids every time you see a movie. Now you do.

Meanwhile home entertainment keeps getting better. The next generation of VR tech may well be what gets people to play back in a chair and watch from a headset with much better quality. Also, 3d anyone?

>50s themed renaissance
>segregated communities
>miscegenation outlawed
>Jews aren't fully in 95% of literally everything
>white population at 93% of the country
>strongest economy ever
>art deco
Don't get my hopes up user.

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I agree with you except for baking. You have to be precise for baking.


Do you eat seafood?
There was an exposé where they DNA tested fish at all teir restaurants, only mid level were serving what was advertised.

>too poor to have a refrigerator
>taking a statement literally
Was it autism?

I know boomers that get 10k a month from pensions. They are not fucking poor

last time i went to olive garden it was with my family, and my aunt, whose father was an italian from italy, asked the dowdy midwestern stock waitress how to pronounce the dish she wanted

Baking is an exact science. Cooking in general should be mad chemistry.

They'll start offering delivery