What does pol think of /ourpastor/ Steven Anderson?

What does pol think of /ourpastor/ Steven Anderson?

>names the jew
>hates big government
>hates faggots
>hates sluts
>hates islam & eastern religions
>drops regular redpills
>has a large, all white family
>destroys atheist basedboys all the time

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He lies about the existence of Yahwah and Rabbi Yeshua HaMashiach

>Is Ashkenazi
any chance he could be /theirguy/?

>claims to be fundamental baptist
>does mixed race marriages
no thanks.

Well, you cannot have everything.

I think he's a repressed homosexual. No straight person jumps up and down screaming about "filthy sodomites".

t. butt pirate

"Repressed sexuality" is a Freudian lie.

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He repeats retarded holocaust denial debunked shit

Not a serious person

Plenty of anti-gay politicians and religious figures have been exposed as fags. There was a famous TV preacher who was caught with male prostitutes.

He is a trinitarian, which is not Christian. Also did he ever preach proper baptism according to Acts 2:38?

>he thinks politicians and televangelists are sane, moral people and representative of the population as a whole

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This, right out of the gate. /thread

What's this memeflag mad libs?

It didn't happen

Dont even bother talking about him here, the floods of kike shills shut down the conversation asap with lies, and a picture of him marrying an interracial couple

>loves blacks
>not only loves interracial sex but promotes it and participates in interrcial marriage (as long as white women are being given to niggers)
This guy was the final straw for me. I didn't have much of a problem with Christians, but now I hate them all.

>a picture of him marrying an interracial couple
Which is a real picture.
Funny how you shills can't refute it, all you can say is that people post it. It's literally what DNC did with wikileaks. ''Ok, maybe we are corrupt, but you're Russian shills and you posted our e-mails''

Yeshua [which is just a yiddish invective that means 'may his name be blotted out']
The Jews find "Yeshua" to be acceptable, where when we use His Name, Yahshua, it equates Yahweh with our Redeemer, as He is Yahweh, and that drives the Jews insane..

Secondly, the form Yahshua represents a meaning absent in Jesus, its component parts being derived from the words Yahweh (that name which the ‘Jews’ despise, and thus avoid), and a form of a word meaning salvation or to be saved. So Yahshua conveys a meaning which is not evident in the other forms: Yahweh, Savior or Yahweh Saves, descriptive of the very purpose of Yahshua Christ in the first place, and also of His very essence.
Yahweh Elohim and his son Yahshua Messiah


This is why he says Yahwah and Rabbi Yeshua HaMashiach

He is forbidden to use their proper names

Old fags know he's our guy, shills and fedora tippers hate him

Who is ''us?'' Name the group
I've never been part of a group, political party or movement that supports race mixing. ''Us'' sounds more like your cuck thing unrelated to anyone else on Jow Forums.

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He is pro race mixing so he is a shill.

>I think he's a repressed homosexual. No straight person jumps up and down screaming about "filthy sodomites".



Protestants are Judaizers

considering he won me to the Lord with his videos, very highly

He's more "right" about things than the vast majority of pastors.
But he's really cucky about immigrants and he's ignorant of the white genocide. As a pastor he believes it's ok if whites no longer exist, because it's all about Jesus.

The problem is, a world without whites would be so shitty and no one would believe in Jesus

Banned from 32 countries, no one else can even keep up!

Ohhh and all the people who hate Trump are repressed Trump lovers?

He's a small percentage jewish. He's a hardcore Christian who considers jews anti-Christ children of Satan backed up by a slew of Bible passages throughout both the Old and New Testaments. His many children are half as jewish as he is. What will be his innumerable grandchildren will be half that still since his kids are a bunch of anti-kikes who'd never marry jews.

Unironically, Steve Anderson is one of the primary saviors of the White race.

>believes jewish fairy tales
hard pass

Imagine still believing in freud

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Listen to him and get saved

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He's not redpilled he's brainwashed as fuck

The dildo industry alone proves Freud right.