What causes us to hate fags?

What is the reason that societies throughout history have been anti-faggot?

>fags derive pleasure from inserting their penis in each others' intestine, which is laced with shit and bacteria

But societies were repulsed by lesbians/dykes as well, yet there is no unhygienic practice taking place. So why are they as disliked?

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They were considered unnatural by the majority, maybe that’s why.

What's the point of this if its not to groom children? Pedophiles need to breed. The perfect place is a library full of children with parents begging for their children to get raped and turn into trannies.

me in the back

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Intestine?? That’s funny!
But yea... though it is attached to it and is part of the same organ it’s not really called an intestine. It’s an anus. It makes its way to the rectum a bit. But I don’t think it gets further unless your a horse. Or a dog.
To be honest being gay is far worse than being a lesbian. A higher proportion of lesbians are bisexual and by far. So it turns us men on to see two or more females getting it on because if we jump in that pile of lesbians we can make multiple babies at once. Lesbians don’t spread disease like faggots do nor do they do as many crazy sex practices involving the anus.
One big problem with lesbian relationships though is they tend to be the most abusive to each other emotionally I hear.

(((Freud))) : the Uncanny

>What causes us to hate fags?


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They are selling Darwinian death.

And they provoke the same disgust as maggots


natural fallacy
bad argument - no logical argument made...
Doesn't matter. The anus is full of shit too.
Dose sovari apantisi magka
>And they provoke the same disgust as maggots
Fags I see why. But lesbians? Why?

Very true. It’s becoming blatantly obvious in the last few years that lgbtq are targeting children. And this is terrible. As a father I want grandchildren and not the continuation of my genetic lineage to be used for basting big smelly turds inside the rectum of a faggot.

Michelle (((Goldberg))).

>natural fallacy
Goddamn you're fucking dumb. I really hope your parents are dead because they deserve it.

I'd agree, but the question here is why are we equally disgusted by fags AND lesbians

I have no problem exposing kids to degeneracy, they have to learn what it is like anyone else, it's even better to do so in a controlled environment so nothing funny happens. The only problem is that if you open that door, you open the door to any and everything. If drag queens are doing story hour then milfags are gonna be allowed to praise violence and agression to our kids, Christians will be allowed to teach creation and satanists will teach evolution, etc, etc. That's why we've got to put a break on that shit and limit schooling to objective knowledge that has undeniable real world applications like reading, writing, math and science. History and culture is great too, you'd be a fucking mutt to be completely ignorant about it, but then again how do we chose what history to teach or which musical instruments are worthwhile to learn?

The answer is easy, just leave that shit up to the individuals and stop pushing your ideology, may it be organized sports or queerness, out of our children's throats.

Because faggots are more likely to be pederasts, and no one likes pederasts. It's never takes them too long before they get bored of plowing man ass and start looking to young boys. Young boys are the future of any society and should not be molested by aging faggots

>What is the reason that societies throughout history have been anti-faggot?
Because it 's normal hate them, everybody does, even faggots hate faggots

Sometimes things just are the way they are and yeah there are reasons “why” (such as there being zero reproductive potential in homosexual activity) but also “you just know” it’s wrong hence the revulsion.


Every article by Michelle Goldberg is just a troll for clicks. Ignore her.

Human nature is to reproduce

Most homos are either:

-Molested as children
-So ugly or weird that they can't get others of the opposite sex

We're instinctively repulsed by them because, much like niggers and jews, they are the antithesis of a healthy, natural and thriving society.

It's deeply troubling that protesters are heckling and verbally attacking attendants of Drag Queen Story Hour.

Daily reminder that a healthy human seeks to find the other gender as his partner so they can produce life, you are biologically programmed to find a woman as a man and a man as a woman so you can produce children, why do you think it is such pleasure to cum inside female's vagina? Because you are supposted to do it, to reproduce. SO if you are a faggot or lesbian you are going against nature and a race traitor, and dont get me started on discord trannies

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How are blackface and drag different?
You're making a mockery of the whole other sex of people.
I'm surprised there's no outrage against it.



Just gonna leave this here.


>first post isn't fags

>What is the reason that societies throughout history have been anti-faggot?
I can't possibly imagine

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>But societies were repulsed by lesbians/dykes as well
Not nearly as much, plus lesbians aren't real. And mental illness is disgusting regardless of whether it spreads physical disease as well.

All sexual intercourse involving woman is unsanitary. Lesbian intercourse doubly so. The next great deadly pathogen will evolve in some slut's vagina.

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Abominations to both god and nature.
No Christian, muslim, kike, or pagan should tolerate fags.
If you love and believe in the natural order then you must hate fags.

Their totally not harming your children goy says the jewess

It's quite simple.
Tolerance for faggotry is detrimental to your ability to pass on your genes.
>be open-minded 11 year paleolithic lad
>don't really think much of it that Ugg the hunter always wants to give you shoulder-rubs
>your parents don't seem to mind when Ugg the hunter starts rubbing your supple adolescent thighs either
>you end up becoming Ugg the hunter's stone age fuck puppet instead of growing up strong
>never attract a mate because you're too busy getting buggered by a cave man
>your tolerant genes don't get passed on
>be intolerant 11 year paleolithic lad
>Ugg the hunter's advances repulse you
>Your parents are violently outraged at the prospect of your buggery and drive Ugg away
>Father teaches you to grow up strong
>Attract mate and pass on your genes

It's evolution.

Probably not..
Deadly pathogens are typically derived from animals that are in close contact with people. The cross-species transmission of a virus or aggressive bacteria causes the baseline effect of said pathogen to overpower and kill the smaller animal (human). The worst thing a person can get from a human female will probably always be herpes.

Research the gay germ. Homosexuality is a viral infection and homophobia evolved as a safeguard against infection.

Fags were fine when they were in the closet. I don't give a fuck who you fuck. But when you start pushing that shit into mainstream media, when you start bringing it into schools, when you start brainwashing children with it, then you can burn. It should not be seen as normal, ever.

>no unhygienic practice taking place
You're joking, right?

It’s the way they reproduce.

It is the nature of man, made in God's image, to be repulsed by sin

except fags reproduce all the time, in fact hilariously there will probably be more queers impregnating women this year than trump-worshiping incels like you. how pathetic must you feel that even a faggot can get it up for a woman when he has to, and you're too busy touching your penis while looking at trump's photo?

>reading to children is brainwashing children
>teaching children the golden rule is brainwashing children
Yikes I presume you don't take your kids to church either.

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Maybe so. Maybe no. I don't know.

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I for one am shocked

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To be fair, I'm just regurgitating what I heard years ago.

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underrated post.


Seriously, I think we could push the issue and cause some infighting and butthurt.
Something about how drag promotes toxic stereotypes of women, how it's just men openly mocking women.

I fear fags because I know for a fact through personal experience that faggotry is not something you're born with but it's something you can do of your own free will therefore it can be weaponized and targeted to spread across the population there are much more fags now than there ever were before

And compare it to blackface, obviously.

It has nothing to do with reading them books or teaching them lessons. It's about forcing children to interact with faggots in all aspects of their lives, through TV shows, movies, internet, and carting them into schools, in order to desensitize them and have them accept faggots as a normal part of society, even to revere them. It's how you brainwash an entire population. Children are easier to influence than adults, so if you can get the children to think one way, eventually those children become adults and the indoctrinated thinking keeps getting passed down. They are in essence infecting society with a virus.
>Yikes I presume you don't take your kids to church either.
I'm not a religious person, but I have no problem with religion. Most of them typically enforce non-degenerate behavior in their teachings.

I'm working on memeing it right now.

Life is about spreading your seed and making sure your family genes lives on.

Fags and dykes can not.

they're faggot
the end

God's work, user.
I think the similarities are so glaring, ignoring the comparison will be difficult.

Evolution, it's biological, it has been measured the reaction of normal males seeing faggots kissing is the same negative reaction as seeing maggots. Same reaction to race mixing.

OK cut all that stuff out. Send in the midgets.

It's not great, It's a used and abused meme format, but the idea is there...

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Every parent who takes their child to this should be sterilised and their children should be taken away from them.

Very good start, I'd say.
Hope it catches on here and memers run with it.

A group of men can survive in the woods alone. A group of women can not.

>What causes us to hate fags?
common sense

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>A group of men can survive in the woods alone
Might have been true 20 years ago. But modern men aren't men. They are adult sized children.

It was never shunned by society, it was just heavily discouraged. Even the most abrahamic of societies practiced it alongside pedophilia. If you spent your childhood getting raped by pervs, you would grow up into a perv. The whole idea that LGBT communities were oppressed throughout history is a farce. Homosexuality was a priviledge held for the upper class. Even today gays are more likely to have a degree and less likely to have a criminal record. Even still, they try to compare their movement to the civil rights movement. Absolute delusion

We hate bisexuality in men because in ancient times if they stuck their poop dick in the local tribe womens vaginas they'd infect them with all sorts of disease possibly killing off your potential to make offspring. Our brains can't tell the difference between homo and bisexual men so we have an instinctive hatred of both.

Women being dykes doesnt cause this problem so the disgust towards them is not as bad, but still present. Seeing women dislike and instead prefer women men is a signal that you either will have to rape them to reproduce, or have genetic dead ends who are more worthless than children in terms of survival (women don't fully develop mammary glands until pregnancy). Hence seeing dykes eventually created an instinctive disgust response because your ancestors who saw dykes avoided them for more reproductively fit women.

The purpose of life is to create more life.

Faggots spit in the eye of purpose.

good idea user

Because they are moraly corrupt God hating fags?

homosexuality is a crime.

If bottom right were a tranny beating a woman at a sport it would be funnier and make more terfs

Fucking kek'd

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It’s because they know Christians are not allowed to read Christian stories in libraries. It is just a way of saying “look what I can do and you can’t”
They molest children they know. (Nieces, nephews, friends kids, etc..)

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You have no proof

They are inherently gross, degenerate, subversive, and untrustworthy. This was common knowledge 2 generations ago.

>I'm not a religious person, but I have no problem with religion. Most of them typically enforce non-degenerate behavior in their teachings.
Salamaleico, Abdul
indoctrination is still indoctrination. Faggots and religious zombies are both cancer that must be erradicated

Give it a few more days.

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Someone get the slide thread post... Sage

The fact that its not about letting them exist its about stopping them from peddling it to those that dont know better such as children.
this is also apparently only allowed in white countries because envy is a hell of a thing.

then it wouldn't make sense.
sports =/= blackface
painting yourself in drag = painting yourself to be black.
I think the sports thing is for a completely different meme

oic you think the public cares about and/or is capable of discerning drag queens from trannies.

Is everyone in Cyprus such fags or just the fags that post here?

They define themsleves by their sexuality, in what reality does a kid who can't even tie thier shoes need to understand that.
It's a grownups issue and lifestyle.
Homosexuals can be great or disgusting people but there is a reason they can't procreate, they need to leave kids out of it.
I hate them because no 4 year old boy should know what drag queen is or sex or any of that those are things they can sort out later. Just let those little fuckers enjoy a world where everything isn't a movement for as long as possible.

That's an old article and isn't proof

Well said

Uh, no?...

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Eat shit, this is the best thread I've seen all morning.

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The kids are choosing to enjoy drag and are just expressing how they were born

Human societies revolve around family; fags are the embodiment of societal collapse.

>how they were born

Saturated with fucking atrazine-- yeah, hooray, let's celebrate being developmentally warped by chemicals.

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Hell, I can get you a pic of a tranny by 3 o'clock this afternoon... with make up.

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ok, i'll will wait for you to put your makeup on. timestamp plz.
btw, I don't even know if we are arguing or just saying shit back and forth. I have no idea what you are trying to say.

A disgust feeling Ive had since I was little
Faggots are evil and no one needs associate eith it

Being tolerant of things you shouldnt tolerate is retarded

This. Its Gender Appropriation at best, Sexist Parody at worst.

I just felt like quoting a movie that last one.

That kid's dad always looks amazed, like he can't believe he's getting away with something that should be condemned.

Based leaf