MBTI personality thread


ISTP is the most desirable. Change my mind
>calm and collected
>high iq
>no fear
>life savers

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S is as close to “brainlet” as the test has

Yeah istp master race

S is as close to “brainlet” as the test has


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I'm ISTP. I personally like it, but I think it's one of the hardest personalities to be successful with


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Also infp is the most feminine type

this is the gayest post I've seen all week

Why not ESTP?

It was a connection error, didn’t know the first posted. Don’t get your feelings all in a tizzy, S nigger
I get 2 scores from the test pretty consistently, INTJ and ENTP. I’m close to 50-50 on the first and fourth measures, but NT is consistent.

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ESTP are the true chads, change my mind

ESTJ here

Is pol more Te or Ti? What about Si?

I have severe mental issues so every day I get a different result

S? post tits

It looks gay indeed, but it is a good overview for type compability

I’m also ISTP and I agree. I think the S and P keep us very mindful of the present, so it makes doing things that we don’t want to do difficult.

Be honest.
Do you read Cosmo?

>pseudoscientific horoscope
>"Guys! Look how unique I am!"
Sage all slides.

Yeah however if ISTP play their cards right they can be bigger Chad because others come to them, the don't seek others

I am a INTJ; I dunno how to feel about saying much about it but it is ok

I'm ENTP. What does it mean Jow Forums? What's my role in a white ethnostate ?

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It's accurate user. Try it and be surprised

Chads are not introverts.

I did get INTP
But I mostly got INTJ

Chads don't seek others, others seek Chad

How did I do?

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You got the same as me

Please don't go on a killing spree

Accuracy is not really the issue...

I wanna go on one
Sucks Canada sucks ass with getting guns

Istj right?
Actually the MBTI type test showed me that every human has value and that even illogical feelers are important with their abilities

Why should I do that?

MBTI has no basis in psychology, and there are no studies showing MBTI personality types correlating with literally anything. The results of these tests have zero practical uses.


Intj for the win

Because ISTJs hate other humans an irrational high amount

The test is accurate. Take it and say in explicit detail what the test got wrong

Can't you read? I'm INTJ-A

F is the tits type

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>connection error
>2 different IDs
I'm gonna say the n word

Sorry meant to say INTJ

In reality, I'm just COPING because I'm an INTP and insecure about it. Why God couldn't I have been a based and redpilled INTJ?!?


How does ISTP feel like?
Do you really all drop out of college?
What are pros, what cons?

What do you like about the INTJ more than the INTP?

ENTJ master race reporting in.

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INTP is the autist dweeb. INTJ is the Ubermensch.

ENFJ married to INFJ

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I recently learned this test was created by women and worse, a mother/daughter duo.

I'm SLE and I think most of Jow Forums is ESI and LSI aka ISxP

Socionics is the better meme letter theory. Change my mind


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so is my horoscope wow so me

man if only i wasn't a literal sperg aswell i'd be doing great things.

And what do you think it's based on?
They just finetuned it and typed it into computer, Jung came up with ot based on thousand of interviews and tests

So horoscopes work too based on your logic

ENTP is the only good type

imagine being an I and not being able to talk to people
imagine being an S and not being capable of abstract thought
imagine being an F and breaking down and crying all the time
imagine being a J and not being able to do anything without planning it out ahead of time

any deviation from ENTP is an actual disability

Wrong. Most of Jow Forums is INTP

Myers-Briggs is little more than horoscopes. It's a faulty test that has been proven countless times to be highly inaccurate. Only complete brainlets actually believe it.

>Imagine not being able to understand your problems and need to talk to introverts to get them breaken down for you

Repeating a lie doesn't make it true. Take the test and explain what it got wrong

Fellow ENTP here, ENTP and INTJ are god-tier.

So where does this retard end up? Which type lines up best with people who act really fucking smart by saying obvious shit that just annoys people?

why would i do this when the introvert would be physically incapable of talking to explain it back to me

and why would i need to do this when understanding things has nothing to do with I can E and has everything to do with N vs S and T vs F

what about INTP. Is there any hope for us in our corner?

yeah i guess INTJs are ok if only as the weirdo in the ENTP sociopath master race friend group who plays risk on his phone all the time

INTPs are ok

INTP in memebti can be translated to any other logical type

Yea. My phone disconnected from the wifi you unbelievable brianlet


Wrong. Introverts are not incapable of talking, they just don't seek people to talk to. Extroverts talk to many different people and introverts tend to give them the best advice, since introverts have had the most time to think about things

introverts literally don't have mouths you faggot stop trolling autist

Tell me your problems. I'll break them down to you

>99% Introvert
From a scale of 1 to 10, how fucked am i?

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ive been dealing with an uppity introvert on Jow Forums who is pretending he has talked to anyone in the last year


That would be the ENTP


Pic related.
Take care, bro.
>Introverts are not incapable of talking, they just don't seek people to talk to.
Agreed, once I feel comfortable talking to someone, I can talk to them all day.

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maybe honestly but I have a hard time believing theyd be N and honestly the level of autism in the post makes me lean J

The fact that you can take the test the very same day and get variably different result, let alone doing the same test a couple years from now. There can be some deviation in an adult during large period of time but not that high. There's no research to suggest that the test is indicator in anything either. You're better off doing a test that's actually been proven to have some semblance of truth like Big5.

You're very close minded. Around 50% are introverts. Do you really believe none of them talk to others?

Tell me your problems. I'll break them down for you

ISTP right? You'll be fine. Just do a sport you like regularly

>not E/INTP depending on whether you're public
shigy dog doo not


Show it by videotaping yourself taking it twice. If you don't change your answers much, you'll get the same result. I took this test 4 times in a span of a year, always got the same result

it's just a horoscope

How progressive, about half of the paragraph is dedicated to women.

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Tbh the only sports I like are those that i can do alone (swimming, cycling, etc...)
Most times i rather stay home and read something

>not doing psychedelics at parties and being the center of attention and sorting your neuroses out while you sleep

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Lel, you faggots suck at socializing. What good is anyone if they cannot lead or develop effective relationships?

Did you take the test?
No you didn't. Take it, postdass your results and admit that it described you accuratly

Welcome to the master race.

Is it possible to transform your personality from INTP to INTJ? Asking for a friend.

>he isn't ENTJ
How do you live with yourself?

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Anything introverted is trash

Sorry I accidentally switched something up. INTPs should just join their local book club and find a librarian waifu tbqh

E people tend to be normies who can't think big and take their morals from society, end up being close minded drunks who die by drug overdoses

Propaganda and public speeches.