Feminists discussing and solving the big problems

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Fucking ellen pao back at it again

have sex with incels



These bitches do know there's a total collection of approximately 12 actual incels on the internet, right?


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Better mental health care, and make getting it less stigmatized, Start teaching feminist ideas earlier in life, etc.

>Start teaching feminist ideas earlier in life
That is what is making incels

it's so obvious

Post the link so I can tell them to have sex

Teaching feminist ideas =/= telling men they’re bad and evil. Perhaps teaching feminist perspectives would discourage this false comparison mindset.

No, feminist ideas are making men weak and incapable of asking out females while simultaneously encouraging whorish behavior


28% of men between 20-30 are virgins.

No one told them to have sex with incels, btw....DO IT NAOW!

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We've gotten to the point where people who are involuntarily celibate and people who are incels are practically different groups
Incels, to the feminists, are men who are bitter about being involuntarily celibate and spend all day moping and seething about it
Those people barely even exist anymore
A lot of dudes who are virgins in their 20s just don't want to fuck a girl for all the drama it causes, plus women are an expense

>only my pie in the sky feminism is real feminism
Incels are overwhelmingly raised by empowered feminist women types with no (or male feminist) husbands.

Tell women to stop being whores and actually date again.

What a pretentious fucking name for a subreddit. Why not set up something like Jow ForumsAskNazis while you're at it. And the sub itself is pure cancer, they have the most naive fucking answers to everything.

>A lot of dudes who are virgins in their 20s just don't want to fuck a girl for all the drama it causes
Thats a huge cope and there is no evidence to support it.

>how do we stop men from not having sex
>have sex
Jow Forums.jpg


They do those subreddits are called debatefascism and debatethealtright

>better mental health care
>teaching feminist ideas earlier in life
These things work against each other

What fucking retarded ass timeline am I living in that people think the reason white people shoot up concerts and shit is because they aren't fucking?

The entire fucking world has lost it's goddamn mind.

Are you actually trying to imply you find it unbelievable some dudes just don't give a shit about sex? In the era of false rape accusations and hardcore feminism? When young men are making less money than ever? Women just aren't appealing right now and there is plenty of evidence to support that.

>Teach men feminism
There's a reason it's called feminism. It is an ideology made up by manhating dykes for the advancement of other manhating dykes at the cost of family and society.

have sex

Yes, actually that's exactly what it is. It is either explicitly stated or heavily implied. In fact, that's all it is and all it ever has been.

>Thats a huge cope and there is no evidence to support it.
There's also no evidence to support the opposite so sit the fuck down whitey

>real feminism hasn’t been tried
Kys roastie

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Fucking stop. God damn I Wish you people would fucking off yourselves.

Unironically this though. Or stop blue ballin young men.

>implying there are any actual nazis left on ribbit
>implying any subribbit wouldn't be banned within minutes
(you) have to go back, memeflaggot

Just be a person worthy of dating or Love FFS

If a feminist fucked an incel he would turn feminist immediately after and worship the ground she walked on. Stupid fucking whores. Just fuck them, or dont and we’ll take them in and turn them into nazis.

>Thats a huge cope and there is no evidence to support it.
For me I want to focus on a family and not fuck a whore, those two simple principles make it so I simply cannot have sex.

Some shill posts a fake d&c question, screenshots and runs straight to Jow Forums

I wish women weren't retarded.

Most women aren't, so why should men be the only ones that have to make an effort?

Just because they are virgins doesn't mean they are incels.

>women owe me sex hurrr
get out your basement and go get it yourself fucking virgin

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>Just because they are virgins doesn't mean they are incels
Spoken like a true incel. I lost my virginity at age 14 lmao fuckin get dabbed on mutt

No I mean women should make an effort. I'm pretty sure the feminist movement of the 1990s was women saying that they were worthy of love even if they were terrible people; which is wrong.

>What can we do
ask yourself what INCEL means for a start in fact that's the only advice and words I would give to someone asking me this question. I'll ask them What is an INCEL what does INCEL means ?

These retards think 10/10’s will fuck them from watching porn all the time

Ever hear of MGTOW?

If they fucked the incel they wouldn't be incels anymore.
Its not rocket science.

Why is there social pressure to have sex (wtf this sounds retarded) if you're not allowed to complain about having a partner.

exactly they assume the state provided girlfriends won't just be the femcels that look like pic related

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incel ≠ virgin
what is an incel, what does incel means ?

What will happen when feminism degrades that to 50%? I reckon the shit show will begin at 40%.

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Did he give you AIDS?

An evil beyond saving. You are in no position to proffer salvation to anyone.

women don't owe men sex, but of course men owe women all of our inventions, welfare, free abortion, fat acceptance, child support, alimony, no-fault divorce and protection at all times.

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Stop posting Brittani Venti Cappuccino

>have sex

incels was a term stolen from robot fags after the canadian vehicular attack, it wasn't even adopted when saint elliot did the Vista stabbings. Men are becoming socially isolated, and romance is dead. Men can get sex, prostitution is always a thing since prehistory. The issue with young disfranchised adults is due to the unscrupulous obstacles young adults have to go through to provide them some form of security or utility to a company of individuals to convey some form of social interaction.

Incel is an insult now, and I am getting called an incel even though I've slept with people before, and I just find women insufferable in their commanding of unearned respect, and superficial displays of histrionic vanity.

Youre allowed to complain about partners dude lol
Incels should be happy with what they can get.
She sucked my dick right as I was cumming and I pushed her head down and she almost puked on my dick but puked off to the side of me kek.

Keep it up girl! Just make sure that after you are done tortuing the men in your life like an out of control animal, you send them my way. I'll allow your behavior right up until we outnumber the us armed forces 4 to 1.

emcels hate incels because they hate themseves.

I was surprised at how not shitty and kneejerky those comments were until it started with the "teach feminist ideals" but then what should I have expected from r/feminism.

Feminist ideals aren't a solution because what they teach directly opposes male instincts to provide and compete.

Kill yourself

>get dabbed on mutt
Whatever the fuck that means. When you lost your virginity isn't relevant to anything. Try logic moron.

you sound like an incel user
a real man would focus his effort on ending those shit policies instead of insisting the government give him a woman to fuck while sat in his gaming chair having his 5th wank of the day

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Flaggoty arse flaggot with their flaggoty arse opinions...
Hurr Durr men awre evwyl

>grrrr incels are the problem!
>also kys incel have sex

You first faggot. I have women to raw dog.
Spoken like a true incel. Fuck a fat girl with a pretty face, they’re fun and im sure even a retard like you could pull one.


Not really man. Shit was nice, fucked her in the bushes at a school administration building. She was 16 i was 14.

My company has a women's professional development group where they bring in speakers and have quarterly assigned business books to read and discuss in women's only meetings. These activities are counted for or against us on our biannual reviews. Is this discrimination on the basis of gender?

>a real man would focus his effort on ending those shit policies

That's exactly what I am doing faggot. Spreading the word on a powerful political forum. What are your doing? Tradcucking for women like a good boyim? You make me sick.

12 tribes of incels


Stop hating women and Have sex

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This. Maybe we need affirmative action for sex. If a woman won't have sex with you, you can file a discrimination lawsuit.

Stop having sex and find love, emcel.

But I love women, they just don't love me!

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No I agree, you should kys. You're a straight up piece of shit.

I don't hate women
I hate what women are capable of

I don't think he's calling for state arranged marriages. Ironmanning him, if it weren't for the state's role in extorting men of their material property the sex market would be more equalised.

Sexual socialism

What's that? Being monkeys that will steal half your shit?

How so? Because I have sex? LMAO

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the amount of incel COPE in this thread

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Steal half your shit, ruin your life with rape accusations, cheat on you, lie about everything, get mad at you for no reason, drain your wallet like a fucking vampire, the list goes on and on

lmao nice cope, kike

Jews have turned the women into whores, once a woman has been fucked a certain number of times she is just a slut whore, she cannot marry because she will want cock all the time, cheat and fuck everything up.

>reee we're not sex objects
>also reee there are men who haven't used us for sex yet reee

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This lmao Fucking faggots

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Nope try again incel

only way to get rid of incels is forced mating them with women

If you were content with your life you wouldn't come to Jow Forums to have autists validate your life. Have a family.

This might sound ridiculously new to them but...give em the sex
[Mind blowing]

Thats true. I really want a son named maximillian im not even bullshitting.

>feminist meme that virgins are dangerous nazi rapists
>feminist meme that only lonely betas are racists and bigots
>feminist meme to insult everyone they don't like with "have sex" and "incel"
>feminist meme to not have sex with supposed virgins and incels to prevent mass murders and shootings

Are feminists the real bad guys? They're not doing their part to end violence and bigotry. Liberals tell white people that they need to stop being so racist, and niggers and spics will stop committing basically all the violent crime in the US. How come feminists aren't fucking every pasty lanklet and neckbeard fatass to make sure they stop shooting up schools?

Stop having sex emcel. Find an emotional connection.