A lot of Europeans get butthurt over the term "white." Here's what it means


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I’m not white I’m Irish

Irish is an ethnic group. White is a broad racial classification.

>Second, White Nationalists think that identity is more than just a matter of race. Every Italian is a white man
who writes this hot steaming garbage?

Don't tell me you're that faggot from the other thread?


Just checking. But Italians are white.

lol no

The people who made that picture, did they ever hear of middle easterners?

Yes. You are European caucasoids.

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Now show the other 21 components lmao

Such as the Berber/Moor marker?

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sooo... white
Your European regardless anyway

>Northern Wales
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No not haplogroups, full genome autosomal
Still using the same two components

Never noticed how Welsh are a bit more swarthy?

>more 2D PCA
You're not showing anything new

This is what everyone uses that I've seen.

Post an example of what you're talking about.

I’m pink if anything

You should use admixture calculators like gedmatch to determine autosomal differences between populations
PCA only show two components of 23 and it's usually the same two (PC1 and PC2)
Pic related is an example of admixture analysis

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I'm Irish too lad. We are brightly pink yes.
But ethnically white/European.

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You are based.

Burgermutts still aren’t white

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I prefer lightskinned European

we are black BVLLS

How is this one better?

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Italians are not white you stupid mongrel.
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can work too.
White is kinda shitty undefined term, as some S.Italians and Greeks or the Spanish are ethnically and genetically the same as the rest of Europe but just have slightly darker skin tone.

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Italy didn't even exist as a country until the 18th century. It's fill of mutts.

Same with France. Just look at the facial features of the French. They hardly look European. Those noses! Besides, they're a bunch of losers.

based and redpilled

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What's the source on the pic?



only people from central wessex, in the area around winchester, are white. Literally everyone else is a nigger

Just a reminder: Jews are European therefore they are white (they also have white skin)

Found this thread. Seems not many think too highly of that analysis.

Nah, they're white.

Except their homeland is in Israel, and they are the most destructive anti-white force in history. So, they should be excluded.

What would you rather be than white? Mutt, sandnigger, or just nigger?

It may not be accurate or whatever, but it's an admixture analysis which is full autosomal unlike PCA


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Maybe, I'd like to know the source though. Can only find on Jow Forums and one apricity thread. Atlantic-Baltic is a strange name.

arabs are white too


We are white like you



Found the source and have been going through the guy's posts. He seems to have no problem using these PCA analyses to compare groups.

Sure, but they still only show 2 components by definition (except 3D ones)

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