Hey fags!

Hey fags!
I turn 27 today, so give me something its socially acceptable to do when ur 17 but not 27.


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fuck a 16 years old thot.

Fucking your male friend's throat and remain straight.

Browse Jow Forums

Hit cars with snowballs?

Getting caught doing almost any crime


Legal in a lot of places. 16-18 is the most common age range for consent.

Fucking a 15-year-old THOT is far more illegal


Being a fucking neet


Seems you're already an expert on this.

smoke weed

Stand outside a store and ask someone to buy you beer.

Go post on Jow Forums... Oh w8

not have a job

Go to a water park by yourself. No seriously. I can't go to a water park by myself without looking like creep because I'm a fat bearded 29 year old man, you need a family yo properly so that or at least a GF.

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Be a virgin.

Masturbate in a public restroom.

Waterparks are gay though.

Be in the 27 club

Well he said socially unacceptable and not illegal you nonce dunce.

What is wrong with you kids these days?


I disagree. Sure they aren't as cool as amusement parks, but they are fun especially when you're hanging with your buddy in the wave pool. It's just not socially acceptable to go by yourself.

fucking a teacher

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Is it strange that the average age on Jow Forums, a damn Korean playwright chatroom is now around 30?

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Rape a hoe

water parks are based

Do a beer run, get in white robe and go to the local basketball court

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stand outside a convenience store and ask someone to buy you cigarettes.

Gonna be 12 years I browse this shithole this november. Daily.

Please help

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Don't worry. Most people completely change their personality for the better in their mid-to-late twenties. Suddenly they stop being pieces of shit and do all the things they've dreamed of doing but never did. You'll be fine.

Making stupid posts like this one faggot

Im 28. 29 in August. It's hopeless.

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Any day now. Everything's gonna be alright. Nobody ever fades into oblivion after a sad short life. Don't worry about it.


2nd degree murther

I got hey mister'd by some teenaged girls a few months ago. I was too scared to buy them vodka though because I assumed it was an undercover sting operation.

Thanks fren. I wish you a nice day. Gonna crack open a cold one now. Cheers mate!

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>been here since chanology
>turning 29 in july
Are you me? How many damn times have we replied to each other? You might be the closest thing I've had to a friend.

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that's why you get the beej first


>lazy river has never been lazier