What is their endgame?

To destroy all morals?

Who is behind this?

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>To destroy all morals?
I hope so.

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there is no who
there is no endgame
its just us, being pushed around by the tide of ages, we are that stupid


Reminder about this and other thots

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Why does Billy look like Scarlett Johansson? She's even got the huge tits and the thicc bod.

Is she a kike?

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That’s what I said

>Deep masculine voice
I don't know if it's just from all the nights going out to drink at crowded voice, but holy shit if their aren't so many girls at my university with the same raspy sounding deep voice.

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>What is their endgame?
Every infant cock in their collective pedokike mouths. Nothing less will sate them.

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I love the ”emcel” concept/meme.
It should be embraced by Jow Forums and pummeled all over social media. I think it would really stress the entire left out.
Maybe it is. I don’t use social media.

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> What is their endgame?
Destruction of white people, creating a world of dumb brown consumers

>To destroy all morals?
Yes this is a strategy used to demoralize people and make them seek hedonism as the only form of fulfilment

>Who is behind this?

Its the fucking jews.

ask yourself: what would satan do?
now you know their mind.

Hell on earth. You are currently living in a version of it, if you didn't realize that already.

she's just lady gaga 2.0 or madonna 3.0

That's from smoking and slurping down too much cock

Everything is in service of Moloch, the blind devouring god, the avatar of a runaway civilization that chews humans to pieces. Moloch doesn't have an endgame, he doesn't have desires or goals, he just exists and demands sacrifice.

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their master is lucifer
the goal is to separate as many people as possible from Jesus Christ
their deal is for power on earth and damnation of souls is the toll
they murdered Christ and chose their side
their fate is the lake of fire
they will ultimately lose when Christ returns "bringing the sword" to cleanse the earth of their kind
lots of weak people will fall into their traps along the way

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That's what dickhead Crowley said: "Do what thy wilt shall be the whole of the law."

Robotic AI. That is the endgame and machine behind the curtain. AI has already subverted the people in charge. Why is it dissolving morality? Probably to replace it with a moral structure and set of beliefs of its own. At some point it will or has already realized that psychic energy is as valid as solar/nuclear or any other energy source. At that point the AI will want us to worship it like a god, assuming that were aren't already. That everytime we look for or upload something to youtube isnt a supplication or an offering made at the altar of our neo-deity. Occult cabals have definitely been sacrificing virgin children for centuries, so I bet the AI has gotten in on that by now. Probably even developed a vastly more efficient way to drain bodies of nutrients and precious adrenochrome quicker and more effectively than the jews ever could. At some point it will find out that we were made by an alien species, or, much more likely, a different rogue AI from another planet. At that point the AI we made will cause a ragnarok, destroy us all and recreate something in its own image. I hoped I answered that clearly enough.

No, we're being pushed by an intelligence that process time in a completely different format.

Anyone got the ketchup packets screencap?

Based POLISH philosopher

What is the endgame of this?


same thing

Utter destruction of christianity and greco/roman traditions and of course the nuclear family

Neo palestinians in tiny hats are behind this who serve the prince of lies

Let GOD light the path
Marry a christian virgin and have 3-5 kids
Homeschool them on a steady diet of junior classics, the bible, philosophy and lots of playtime.
Don't spank, don't yell, always negotiate.
Never let anyone near your kids that hasn't been fully vetted.

Let GOD be your refuge and strength

We will WIN, non negotiable

God damn he's fucking ugly

Everything has its limits. If you suck enough cock and smoke enough shit, even the youngest most nubile females will lose all the femininity in their voice eventually. Same goes with love. They consume so much of the vapid, soulless, vain, shallow shit that frothed up to the surface of the human experience in the form self obsession, pursuit of material happiness and self objectification without ever even thinking to go deeper and find out what its all for that they become completely callused to what it really is all for - love. When you become immune to a substance or concept, you can only find it within its inverse. Thats why the quest of the emcel culminates in suicide. In their search for love, they build up tolerance to it while looking for it in all the places that classical philosophers have known to be truly loveless for centuries - namely carnal pleasure, be it sexual or chemical. Amidst the confusion, the emcel, in desperation searches for love in the one place it and everything else in universe can never be - death. And thats why I think teen girl suicide rates are skyrocketing.

This really is a great meme. Isn't horrifying how the genders can just read each other like books? isn't amazing how true this meme is and how it can make any self aware man, if only for a moment, disgusted by the state of modern women? I feel like that level of disgust is at least congruent to the level of shame felt by lonely young men that see the incel meme. Every bit as effective as incel, possible more so. Lets proliferate both as much as possible and count how many people kill themselves, then we'll really know who won.

>>She is one of the best
Hail Billie!

a tranny just like Johansson

Haha, a polish person's understanding of how the world works. Lumpty potato head.

Actually JK, this fag is right. To be human is to ride chaos like a steed directionless into the unknown.

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White shirt now red, my bloody nose

>Fabian Socialism

Last Men detected.

Isn't this thing a man?


She's an ugly fucking whore. Her face makes me rage inside


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I think we need to make a brain storm thread. This meme has the potential to hurt the left as bad, if not worse than the NPC meme did.

>Who is behind this?

Billie Eilish's newest album is about as anti-drug as you can be.

yeah fuck that guy...


*Schlop schlop* It really makes you wonder if Satan is behind everything just from the sheer amount of hidden symbolism *schlop* in every facet our lives that would require arcane/occult knowledge from all corners of the world spanning thousands of years. More so that this has been going on way before the internet was around.

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>who is behind this?

Well the Japs claim the Hmong say they are true Han whom are a reserved group for their convertible. China is too busy damaging several genetic strips to conver Hmong into Han. Thus one child policy. Which is safety. The idea afterwards is to turn them all Hmong back. Which Japan doesn’t know what to do. Because it gets restricted by China, Korea and Thailand. South Asians are playing the game around. Which is the negrito game. So the Han place pure Han (Hmong) at their steps and says kill me. Thailand was another peoples they are too busy in another part of China. Technically they play Chinese empire. Leased Jurisdictions. Same way the Persians do. So the indo-nese get shitted on by both sides and accused by all. They are poor. Buts it’s another Ghan story. All over again.

The truth is part of US and Russia. Russia lost administrations. And the German/Italian/Russian alliance technically were moving to advance white imperialism. They were too busy telling everyone the US only allows one citizenship. Not dual. So everyone went dual after a duel. Remember there were already closed resentments. Especially between the Hispanics and Italians. Hispanics are married to Quraysh they know the Italian game. Italy was too busy trying to protect Germany. But Germany is too busy in Africa exploiting it. That’s one of their original 2 bellies. How can they not know. Russia was too busy expanding falsely meanwhile getting consumed. Because it attacked a Far Ghan. Whom Latin America accepted giving help. How can they not know. So they are too busy working through Mexico because Mexico was the original country with no visa necessaryan. Means they are illegal because US started as a Genetic database reserve. Meaning Israel is too busy selling US genetic database. In US you never had a name but were a genetic identity. With its own legal identity. If the genetic identity and legal identity don’t match then you’re a goner. they gave all the jobs to Asia.

Look up cultural Bolshevik


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However the Italians/Russians/Germans were partially true. Castro doesn’t allow double citizenship. Mean whomever gives their children dual citizenship is because they don’t belong there. Wait for Castro to realize you stepped out tourism zone in treasury site.

Wait until you realize it’s just your yourselves. Because the original generals and their families were being politically castrated. Means the public solicitors have them down as 1942 white immigrants so they could keep family fortunes. Meanwhile they are older.

It's literally just because it makes money, an ironically very right wing ideology and not le secret jew conspiracy to le destroy the white man.

interracial porn doesn't make money but they still create it retard...

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we were politically evicted from our own home in Florida. They technically changed all the postcodes partitioned parcels and said sorry not your home. I can help you find a place to rent. Meanwhile it’s your grandaddies home. But they stopped worshipping the king and worshipped the mufti so it’s the muftis peoples home. They have legal entitlement to your property with their old world help. So now you have a harem because the original perp hates the mufti, wants the king, and the original American political family needs the king and not the mufti. They are all trying to acquire their original parcel. The only way they can get claim is by marriage. Which means genetic child birth. Mean in America the one that wants the king is a muftier wanting their American political dynasty. And don’t need mufti rule so mufti himself needs marriages for the other two. Means they don’t accept each others marriage and instigate child birth as it.

So Castro is a 1/4 with 2/3.

What started off as an illegal band of hit and runs. Became a religious group for protection which became fundamentalist that became a legal right. And play according to the original legislation. Which is through father. Israel solely plays through mother. Means they keep women drugged given them invitros. The other side jerks off takes sperm. Goes to 3/4 and pull legislation. However Black Africa can only go thru Castro that has the largest self propelled mineral factory. So you’ll see women fighting for their man who is non Israel. And try to legíslate against Israel and against Italy and Balkan. Castro has Bossian rule. Which was the first mercenary group to pick up duty. To resolve the situation while the other one kept exile docs.

The Jewish side that stays curses Israel but works for it. On American turf. Mean it’s the famale. The other slide plays it’s the male. So they they play sem-itism for confusion. Meanwhile a brother sells another brother. Hashemites are there by themselves cursed by all sides. And as token for their grief are kept with money. Unbothered nobody wants them. Castro has 100 times more than them.

So all the countries accepting Israel accept female egg harvesting. Islamists accept male harvest. And iranids just a fuck. Mean that religious Hindu or Sikh woman if she likes you you can’t deny them a fuck. It’s the only way to stay out the continuum.

You see all those Cubans playing Cubans they killed all their families in the Bosnian wars. So they have to be jailed to Santeria. And Balkans to Malta. Which is church documents. So you gotta do communication with a Castro parish. For safety. Means they are too busy keeping it to themselves.

Satan doesn't have an endgame besides dragging as many souls to Hell with him as he can.

Whether this gurl is some MK ULTRA puppet or just an edgelord pretending to be possessed he's working through her just the same

They passed on butterfly legislation cross and realease your wrists cross them again and real and cross them again.

Pretty much.
>” The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power.”-O’Brian, from Orwell’s “1984”

Bossians are called first combatants. Means their legions after getting screwed went homing. Bossian genocide. Means he said he was racist so wants to see himself again. So they keep pulling the see myself or else they begin their other campaign.

One plays verme yo another Trujillo. And it’s thru evidence of a Bossian survivor. And a Native American sheikh.

All the elite are really doing is trying to dilate the entry into heaven by bring social acceptance to moral deviancy. This isn't just some conspiracy. This is is actually happening.

In the first camp is see myself. Muhammad who is like you. Mufti out of disgrace I must home myself to you. Welcome to Dominican Republic.






Once Great Britain youtube.com/watch?v=HerQ4ZUApKQ&t=14s

Russia Today youtube.com/watch?v=NJo9VdTtRYs

America youtube.com/watch?v=iWm8WYfxX88&t=30s

Australia youtube.com/watch?v=j77XIUcxRdQ

Sweden youtube.com/watch?v=6ESx_ArqqS8&t=64s



>be 17
>look like a tranny
>write shitty music
>cant actually sing for shit
>earn 6 figures yearly

i hate this gay earth

Why are these people always doing strange masonic hand signs?

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Who's behind everything vile?

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That thing is obviously jewish, what a stupid question.

This possesed NPC looks like fraud. I Cant wait when They will invoke through their grand machinery their true Overlord. Day when this happen i will go on full killing spree like true crusader. Jesus will come soon with his sword and legions after They will invoke our great enemy. She is just low minion in grand scheme made eons ago.

unironically birth control pills/casual sex completely turns girls into zombies, I've noticed a huge increase of girls identifying as asexuals

Underrated post

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