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Fixed that for you.

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and niggers


Unfortunatly the rich have the ability to derail the divisions between class away from them and make everyone focus on the divisions between race and lifestyle.


True, Jews are the ones bringing the rest of minorities.



WHOAH! Cool it with the anti-semetic remarks!

Yup we are literally fighting for scraps at this point, that's why identity politics has been such a hot topic in the recent years the woke capital loves that we are more divided than ever as long as they make billions and we make minimum wage.


epic poetry babe
go back to the kitchen

The (((rich)))


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kys nigger

>Only jews are rich

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That’s anti-semitic.

It’s a race to the end. Shit is collapsing and you can make some shekels in the downturn. There is no more opportunity for the average man.. or even above ave. Markets are manipulated. People taxed heavily to keep natives down. Endless future liabilities in gibs and nigger problems. Nothing to look forward to. Life is losing meaning.

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That's why countries like Switzerland are more dangerous than Somalia.

I really wish we'd stop calling non-whites "minorities" when they comprise a majority of the world's overall population.

Whites are the smallest global minority, and we're not even entitled to our own countries.

Controlled capitalism nigga. If commies think niggers, Arabs, Mexicans, and whites will work together in one country.. you’re fucking delusional. Commie white SJW’s will get butchered first. Not a lot of Marxists in reality. They’re all globohomo armchair neomarxists.

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well dun

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but rich jews are more dangerous than rich whites


Kys commie faggot

Rich whites would invest in their city/country.
Rich Jews would invest in rich Jews.

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I don't get it.

If guilt is making John Cusack too talkative, he might be suicided soon.

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thats exactly what a commie would say

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Don’t buy into this faggotry user. All jewish tricks.

>far-leftist neocon defending his rich masters

whoah kemosabe

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No, it's whites, when we start reclaiming our lands.

Then go walk around a poor black neighborhood.. you absolute dickhead, grow the fuck up

Thought John was a lefty? Maybe he still is, but the Zionism is just so fucking obvious. A Mel Gibson-Cusak production in future?

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And yet it's the rich pushing the
>White people must be "educated" out of their hatred for "minorities"
meme. Funny how that works.

well you can say jews, but yeah is pretty much the same

I work in Brooklyn all the time. The only people that are dangerous are the alienated mentally disabled which the rich put on the street.

based and redpilled


delete the antisemite

>The only dangerous minority is the (((rich))).
oy fucking vey

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t. Poorfag

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>self made people are the problem
>not central banks
cringe and bluepilled. You commies are bankrolled by the people you hate.

And niggers aren't a minority here, HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE

(((The rich)))

I don't fault the rich for becoming rich, I think the system that enables it is more to blame. This is just more divide and conquer crap

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Who devised the system in the first place? Could it be the people who benefited from it?

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so this is the strength of diversity