Jow Forums unironically defended this guy

Jow Forums unironically defended this guy

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Billy hicks

True big, if

(((They're))) scared
This tactic will blow up in (((their))) faces

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Is this actually real or? I find this incredibly hard to believe and their excuse is plausible.

Lmao why would anyone defend him? he was a good goy. never named kikes which are the alpha and omega of the problem. Guy is also anti racist, doesnt mind based black man etc. literaly cuckservative. Most people on pol are not conservatives.

its fake, the files were found in unopened emails sent to infowars, probably on the part of glow in the darks, spergs, or jews. So the media, being retarded, wrote a hundred articles saying alex jones purposefully sent cp to sandy hook lawyers like he is some depraved lunatic.

that can't be fucking real :O

if it is it's gone

Fuck off kike shill. They handed over 9 million emails and there were 12, unopened, unscanned emails SENT TO infowars that contained encrypted child porn code

yeah, i don't believe it, it really really looks like a framing, i mean for fucks sake, you either think that literally mentally ill rather than a pedophile if you think this is real.
DO they just want him to beg for a stray jacket just to get out of jail at this point or what?

You really think it’s him and not a smear campaign!!??

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>unironically sourcing lawyers claims as news
Didn’t the fbi already come out and say he was hacked and someone planted it?

>Get sent CP
>Never open the emails

FBI gonna clear Jones of wrong doing.

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Yes, I started a thread about this last and it was ambushed by shills
Are here in force

>Hey, yeah, I just sent some documents over there, was there child porn in there? It's not mine if there was. Weird question I know.

During discovery the lawyers requested everything on the servers including the email archive. In the archive there were unopened emails with kiddy porn. So basically if this tactic works then proceed to send that trash to every politician or media figure on the left and figure out a way sue them. Discovery happens and bam.
Granted this is nothing but a circular firing squad as both sides would use this tactic.
This would be exhibit 1 in the fake news reasons.

there's a $1,000,000 reward for whoever finds out who planted it on his servers btw

Godspeed Jones

No, its probably something like 'kids meet a bank robber'. There's a whole channel of them. Here's one where kids meet a nog gangbanger.

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>I find this incredibly hard to believe and their excuse is plausible.
Do you ever worry that you might be somebody's useful idiot?

I wonder if this is for the satan worshipping pedofile rants or the rape tshirts and protestors which effectively shut down Hillarys campaign speeches.

>planted it
It was Alex

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The world is like a ride in an clown-themed amusement park. And when you get on it you think people play by the rules, because that is how innocent our minds are. The ride goes from left to right from authoritarian to liberal, and it has many many signs and logos. And it's very personal. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and start to think, is this cp, or just hatemail? And other people have remembered and they say hey, don't worry, the link is safe. And we kill those people.

>So the media, being retarded,
No, you are the retard. They are EVIL, they do not do these things because they are dumb but because they hate you.

yee who denies, admits. jones needs to do
some time in pound him in the ass federal