This kills the NRA’s will to fight gun control

This kills the NRA’s will to fight gun control.

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This thread sucks. Go fuck yourself.

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I'd date her. Especially with that uzi. And I'm white as hell.

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History faggot. Learn it.

>implying the NRA isn't pro gun control to begin with

those fudds will sell you down the river when it's convenient to do so, look at the 1984 AWB

*94 user. Also they did it because they had to placate the majority dem government. From what I understand it's was primarily because of them the sunset was put in place which ended that nightmare

>tfw no black queen gf who likes gu-
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>import black people
>complain about black people being in your country
Confedaboos really have no self-awareness.

thanks, I'm retarded

No compromise faggot

A right delayed is a right denied

any day now

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Half of them cant vote anyway the rest dont vote cuz its "white"

>dems invent kkk
>dems work towards preventing blacks from arming themselves
>dems institute policies that harm blacks
>blacks vote dem in force
get your shit together niggers

They're literally in the country because a bunch of plantation owners wanted to act like royalty.

Instead of paying the white man a decent wage to work the fields, they just imported a bunch of niggers. This just like today, where corporatists keep hiring browns instead of paying an American to work for them because it's cheaper.

>ugly bitch
>range toy gun
>nra doesn't care about the colors of people's skin

Fuck the Nra though, GOA is the only way to go until the nra fixes their shit

>First Congress


Yeah. Southern aristocracy were the most disgusting people. They forced black people to do their work for them, because they were too greedy to pay a free man and too lazy to plow their own fields. And they somehow used nationalism to con a bunch of poor whites into fighting for them. And then they passed a law that any person with more than 20 slaves was exempt from service. And they also started a military draft MONTHS before the Union, so fuck all for state and personal rights.

Go proselytize. If handfuls of Christians can convert Africans to Christianity with nothing but some food and medical aid, you should be able to convert hood niggers to a belief that they already kind of hold. The trick is convincing them that welfare is the white man's new form of slavery. Shouldn't be hard to convince them, because that is true.

This. We far too often give up on the blacks as a lost cause, but no cause is truly lost. You only have to find the right ammunition.

Based and 2005-pilled

nra has given up long ago

The whole world does it, yet it's not blatantly practiced within eyesight/earshot so they willingly ignore it. Every time someone buys something some chinkshit there's a good chance the people manufacturing it were severely underpaid and overworked like slaves.
I'm wearing Nike pants as I fucking type this, it was probably sewn together by a little 14 year old girl who has to inhale toxic fumes as part of her daily life.
Here in California, retards will pass by and say "hey, I like those pants!" without giving it a second thought, but will scream at the top of their lungs about how oppressive everything is to them.

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>everybody does it so it's morally acceptable
That's not how it works, user.

the greatest weapon is education, but it's extremely difficult when disinformation spreads so rapidly

They are easily manipulated because they are eager to get a handout instead of working. The only people interested in pulling themselves up by the boot straps are whites and asians, and I guess to a small degree beaners.

I didn't say it's acceptable, not to me at least. I know I'm a scumbag for doing so.

Okay, I wasn't sure. It sounded like you were defending it. My apologies. Have a bakelite mag as reparation.

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Stand back! Wayne LaPierre is going to say the N word and save guns forever!

Any day those based blacks will MAGA *sqeaky noises*

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Wrong link

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Mine is Caribbean and I can't convince her to stop straightening her hair and go full poof.

>they had to placate the majority dem government
That isn't how lobbying groups work, user.

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This faggot doesn't want death by snu snu from an amazonian negress.

Yep, caught me. Having a terrible time.

hide her straightener

Define "White". Because there was a time when Italians, Slavs, and Greeks wouldn't have made the cut.

They look pretty with the poofy hair

they shouldn't
mediterranean is separate from european and african

cuckservative narratives don't mean a thing when everyone knows republicans will white flight the moment a city drops below a certain percentage

Has it really been that long? Fuck...

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>He doesn't realize the Republican and Democratic parties swapped political stances over 100 years ago.

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>Define "White"
Not you Seamus, thinking you're slick keeping yourself out of the list.

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Not realizing the "party switch" meme that didn't actually happen

yessir, all them southern Dixiecrats are still totally voting for the Democrats

pretty QT minus the nose piercings and tattoos. Up until recently, I didn't really like black girls at all and like white and asian girls the best, but I don't want to contribute to white genocide, if I ever get a GF. Also, black girls can be QT.

>haha they just decided to switch names one day just to fuck with future generations and confuse their voter base because shenanigans!


The failure to convert more brown people to become pro-gun will lead to the death of the 2nd Amendment. Voter trends show that non-whites all vote for gun control and considering the changing demographics of the country, failure to adapt to this will kill gun rights forever.

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I guess it kind of ironic that white racists are gatekeeping guns as hard as they can.

Somewhat true. I believe that, as blacks become more well off they embrace their inherit conservative nature more. So when they become more wealthy overall we'll see a shift in voting. In the meantime gun rights will be weakened not killed though.

>believing blatant propaganda
Democrats wanted niggers to be second-class citizens then and they want niggers to be second-class citizens now. They just switched from outright slavery to "welfare". To be fair, the Republicans aren't much better with how they're in bed with the prison-industrial complex. Gotta sentence people to fifteen years of severely-underpaid labor for selling that weed, dont' you know?

They all fucked, and there might not be enough lampposts in D.C. for all of 'em.

>brown people will lead to the death of the 2nd Amendment
ftfy, they're not interested in negative rights

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how does that contradict what user said at all? He said that failure to convince brown people that gun rights are important will result in the death of those rights, and your chart supports him perfectly


I don't trust survey data on a race that damn near boycotts the census.
>Have I reached Mr. Freedman?
>Who dis?
>Hi! I would like to ask you a few questions about your opinion on gun ownershi-

>convince brown people
Let's keep trying a decades old failed Republican strategy.

He naively assumes that they can simply be swayed to a support a negative right when the bulk of their political action since before any of us were ever born has been supporting "equality" by means of "positive rights" in the form of things like financial redistribution and affirmative action. Why the fuck would they stop now when it's reached the point that a large contingent of the Dem candidates for the 2020 presidential election were made to stand beside Al Sharpton and pledge to bring forth reparations which are also currently being discussed in congress btw. It's not even exclusive to one party, iirc during the 2014 mid-terms in OK a republican congressman incumbent avoided getting primaryed by a young upstart by doing robocalls aimed at black voters on the basis of maintaining welfare rather than cutting it. It's all pointless at the end of the day the beast has grown too large to simply be slain, just get your own shit squared away to take care of yourselves and the people you love and maybe we can have something nice together when it all collapses and balkanization comes

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Southern values changed, so they changed parties. Tends to happen when you get your shit pushed in. The parties didn't switch, and anyone who thinks they did has been taken in by democrats who want to convince the dindus and SJWs that their party's policies and highest levels of leadership aren't all driven by progressive eugenicist social engineering nonsense.
Your opinion has been issued to you by the state. Hot tip: if you learned it in school and it wasn't math, it was probably a lie.

So what's your solution then, to radicalize ourselves out of any relevance?

>pledge to bring forth reparations

the horror

But the people I love are black.

Arming minorities only helps everyone. Either people realize that a non-aggression principle is the only true way to live, or they start blasting caps in their asses in tit-for-tat related violence. Doesn't matter which path people choose, it's all for the benefit of future generations.

>frog in boiling water.png
a once fringe concept has become a mainstream talking point/campaign promise of DemSocs and NeoLiberals alike
My statement remains unchanged. Not a wignat, just accepting of the reality of the political dynamics

You're looking at it the wrong way. You don't need to convince all of them. They can be reasonable, and convinced to support actual liberty rather than the soft chains of Federal control. If they could not, that 70% would be 100%, and it isn't. You are one person, and you can't convince everyone, but you do not need to. You just need to convince one. One person to convince one family to convince one community.

Whenever I hear you guys babbling shit about the majority demographic supporting gun control, all it says to me is that you have already surrendered. You gave up. If that's what you want to do, by all means, go ahead. But you don't have to and, in my opinion, you should not. I'm going to scream at the darkness until it consumes me, and if I can convince one other person to take up my position after I fall, I'll consider that a win.

He’s not saying it’s acceptable, he’s saying those who scream oppression here are hypocritical and only call out oppression when it is convenient for them

>a once fringe concept has become a mainstream talking point/campaign promise of DemSocs and NeoLiberals alike

yeah, and?

>who is Lyndon "I'll have them blacks voting Democrat for 1,000 years" Johnson

When did the NRA ever fight gun control?

How can you even begin to argue that there was no party switch in values without buying into some grand conspiracy theory where they actually want the opposite of everything they do

shit is on par with "the nazis were demonrats bro they had socialist in their name ok names are never confusing or disingenuous korea is a democratic republic"

No, you fool. Blacks and browns don't think of future generations, they think of the 'now'.

They want themselves to be armed but do not want the same for us.

They will continue to vote against freedom of speech and the right to bear arms until the day they get those gone.

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>I believe the NRA doesn't want blacks to own guns because my Jewish television program says so!

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this kills the conservicucks.

>isreali garbage gun
>not having the chad mac10

Oh lord another historically challenged faggot. Do you know what the first amendment proposed by the Union was? To keep slavery legal, and the south said "Fuck you, not about slavery" and continued succession. The north was backed by cronyism and kikes.
Now I'm not saying the south were "the good guys". No one gave a fuck about blacks, Honest Abe wanted complete and total segregation and slavery in the south made that very hard.
One day you negroids will realize what the civil war really was, the war for southern independence.

Uh, as far as racism? No they didn’t. More republicans voted for Civil Rights then Democrats did, and that was well under 100 years ago, moron.

Besides, even if you were right, have some pattern recognition, idiot. You think it’s fucking coincidence that every city that is controlled by Democrats is a slum filled with niggers that don’t progress in life? That’s on purpose. They have them hooked on government welfare like a pimp gets his whores addicted to drugs. You think it’s coincidence that nigger communities and families and values have been falling apart ever since the Democrats started “championing” their cause? Dixiecrats were assholes, sure, but at least they were honest about it. Democrats are just as racist as they have ever been. All people are racist to a degree.

Wasn't there more factions of Republicans and Democrats back then though?

No you room temperature IQ faggot, it means that we recognize history. No other group in the history of man has fought for negative rights and small government other than Whites/Europeans. Literally no one else has the same way of conceptualizing rights or legalism. Mostly this is due to them literally being too stupid to actually understand the concept, and only understanding how to fight or vote for gibs. Asiatics are the exception but they are a soulless borg people who exist solely for the collective and their whole cultural background stems from theft and deceit for personal gain, aside from the Japanese.
You will never, ever convince a significant enough portion of non-whites to support any of the rights encoded in the Bill of Rights because it is literally incompatible with their genetics. It doesn't work. You can plaster however many browns you want with Uzis, it won't work. The only reason these people ever value gun en masse is when their low IQ makes their society collapse, and you get Somalia or Liberia. And even then, the only reason they have them in the first place is because somehow they got funneled out of the West to them. These people could hardly scrape out of the stone age, you think they value gun rights? You think they even have that capacity? They care about free shit. They care about advancing their own self-interest unclouded by abstract principles or long time horizons. They care about the immediate, and things like guns and free speech pose an immediate inconvience and potential problem in their lives. Because it isn't a free meal and the latest piece of entertainment to void their limited mental activity with.

literally the reverse

>No other group in the history of man has fought for negative rights
You mean like freedom? None of them have ever fought for freedom, user?

The NRA has never fought gun control you fucking mongoloid.

I dont know the fucking NRA to defend my rights from CUNTS like you

>This kills the NRA’s will to fight gun control.

In what way exactly?
Be specific.

I have no problems arming the single black mothers in the drug infested slums. No problem at all.

Hmmm what board is this from posts seen way more intelligent than average Jow Forums poster. Looks like I've been wasting my time on the wrong board

Originally from Jow Forums.

>Whites also remove this.
What did whites mean by this?

>Implying the NRA boomers can put two and two together instead of cheering on le baste minority bringing more people to the gun world
>Implying the NRA gave a shit about fighting gun control in the first place

Remove what? You mean Hart-Cellar?