>President Donald Trump is threatening to remove millions of people living in the country illegally on the eve of formally announcing his re-election bid.

>In a pair of tweets Monday night, Trump said that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement would next week “begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States.”

>“They will be removed as fast as they come in,” he wrote.


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I wish.


>blumpf "threatens" to do x
>blumpf backs down from "plans" to do Y

We're gonna need to wait on this one before anyone becomes his cheer leader again


No one believes you anymore Donald... You're all in on it together... clearly.

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We got to make room for the Africans.

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So amnesty?

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This guy doesn't do shit but tweet and give Israel money.

I'll apologize when I actually see them gone.
Load the buses now.

>Makes promises before election
>slowly becomes president I didn't vote for
>starts making promises before election

I'll still vote because he's the lesser evil, but honestly I don't care anymore.

He's going to deport the US Army into Iran.

good goy.

there is no good reason to believe that Trump will do anything that he says he is going to do, since he never has before

>gets internal poll results showing him getting demolished in 2020
>lmao NOW i'm going to do that thing i promised 3-4 years ago
Fuck off.

I'll believe it when I see it. This would be far from the first fucking time he said something promising on Twitter, then didn't up doing jack shit. Remember birthright citizenship, anyone?

I’ll use the same logic Trumptards used with the whole Iran fiasco: he actually hasn’t done it yet, so it doesn’t count

Didn't New York just allow illegals to get drivers licenses?

>political threats

I think he's trying to distract attention away from the upcoming war with Iran.

He'll end up giving them amnesty.

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>the night of baked beans

He's bold, but not that bold to oppose jooz agenda. So, dream on

And California is giving them free fucking health care

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Worst fucking meme.

>threatens on twitter

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That’s legitimately the right position to take on both matters.

Lol ok Donald. How's that wall coming along?

He tweeted something, eh?

If only he actually had the balls to do it...

Right, just like he threatened to shut down the border, release refugees into sanctuary cities, and hit Mexico with tariffs.

All talk as usual.

Yes. Trump announcing this is a warming to illegals who will flee to sanctuary states like NY and CA. Almost better than deportation, politically.

I live in illinois, the last job I had I couldn't keep because no one spoke fucking english, so they couldn't train me.

I really don't care for people who won't learn fucking english in this country.

>next week

The entire Trump presidency summed up with three words.

I'll believe it when I see it

I'll wait for him to follow through


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Imagine being so useless that this is the only sort of job you can get

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LOLOLOLOL, The Jew puppet Trump is going to deport Millions, LOLOLOL, more like cut a check to Israel and suck Sheldon Adelson's cock, while Jared fucks his Jew daughter in the back of one of his 15K section 8 dumps.

swing states confirmed won

Honestly, at this point, I hope he just goes ahead and fucking does it. Any pretense of him being a President that would actually care for and fix America went out the window ages ago, so why even give a shit about keeping this failure of a nation out of war anymore? Let's just hit the WW3 reset button and be done with it.

Wow. Can you imagine how cool this would be if he had the balls to do it?

Let's fucking see it. We have heard a good game the last several years but seen no results. Hell, the numbers have gotten even worse.

We're getting a big beautiful northern wall and you maple niggers are gonna pay for it

So who do I vote for? Biden? Is this what it's about? You want me to vote Biden right? Voting anywhere else besides Biden or Trump seems like I shouldn't vote at all.

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>trump is threatening
it's literally nothing. the only threats he makes he doesn't cuck on are gun control and anything related to israel.


he still wont do shit

Hehehe tell those stupid goys you'll do it this time, Donnie

I'll still vote for Trump because of the courts alone. In the next few years the Supreme Court will probably be the only thing that keeps millions of Americans from being turned into felons once the Dems pass new gun laws.
Honestly, it feels like we are just putting things off now. The country is too divided now to ever come back together. One political party sees their way to power by importing millions of people who not only don't share American values but hate Americans. The other party is a bunch of selfish clueless boomers. God, I feel bad for white zoomers.

idk what I even want anymore... I just hope Civil War II kicks off while I'm still young enough to fight

Why won't he touch the employers?

Because they're members of the tribe.

It is always some other day, he is totally gonna do it this time, right?

You shouldn't. The system is broken, the elections are all meaningingless. You get no choice, this is all an illusion. That's the REAL black pill.

Its probably the FBI meme posting anyway. They just got caught with this shit. Pretending to be anti-Semites just to push the Russia narrative.

saved that pic, to BTFO burgers next week

The number just don't work for the right. We would need to kick out millions of people like Trump is promising, and do massive social changes to get young people to start having kids. I don't see how that will ever be possible in the current system.
The Iran shit has me really black pilled lately. The idea that we might repeat the insanity of Iraq has me putting my head through a wall.

I'll believe it when I see it.