If homogeneous society is good, why is Japan declining rapidly?

If homogeneous society is good, why is Japan declining rapidly?

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It's not. The population is declining, but not the standard of living.

Japan's population decline and its homogeneity are unrelated.

Capitalisms final stage. Consumerist decadence caused by ad brainwashing.

because shit politics and shit education

the standard of living is declining


It's not. It's on average the same. The standard of living is actually declining in Canada or in France drastically, also in Australia in couple of years because their GDP growth is produced mostly because of the influx of people which boost the consumer spening.

If we narrow it down to the GDP per capita then Australia, Canada, France etc. are stagnating if not falling.

Not to mention super expensive prices in western countries, super expensive flats etc.

Japan is cheaper country in comparison, houses will never be as expensive, so that gives the youth more opportunities of better life.

Multiculturalism is not a good thing for society but population collapse is even worse. If you do not believe me visit West Ireland.

>abandoned homes decaying
>shit infrastructure due to no demand
>no store, restaurants etc.
>usually one decaying old pub
>average age is 70

Its the Jow Forums wet dream because its 110% white but it is quite depressing in reality.


Because they refused to have children 20-30 years ago. Now they're feeling the burden of the elderly and it'll take too long for children to grow up to ease that burden.

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Remember the saying of your wise peoples and look at the japanese word to never lend money and have a dept.

cant be anymore rapid than the decline of the western world

the world is running out of resources, smaller countries will do much better than larger ones in the future

Define decline. Even if their population is shrinking, the worst that will happen is a pension crisis. A nation can recover from bankruptcy much easier than inviting hordes of dindus.

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theres 8 billion fucking people on this planet, we could lose half of that and still be way over the amount we should have

Populations do not have to be in a constant state of growth. Kill yourself you goddamn nigger

Japan just keeps on winning. Another score for homogeneous society.

no cause smaller countries are getting filled to the brim with fuckers that can't put condoms on

Because Japanese are mentally fucked

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if you only look at the white population in western countries you'll see that most of them are actually lower than japan when it comes to making kids
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Japan is smart. Japan is based. You should be proud.

You can not grow forever. Both true for economy and birthrates. Right now japan might just ne too crowded. The population will probably rebound in afew generations as conditions revert to more favorable ones.
Or maybe you just lost too many good men in WWII and all you've got left is incel genes and you're doomed.

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Look at the west. They do the opposite.
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Because women have too much freedom. It is a fact that womens empowerment reduces population.

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No one ever said that being homogeneous will create great society on it's own. It is the underlying basis for the greatness, it's most vital pillar. You also need good political system for that and Japan lacks that. It could be worse, but it could be better.

It's the same principle as a fact that keeping your body healthy won't make you a great man on it's own.

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it's 130 million and declining! noooo!

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because societies are complex, dipshit. ethnic homogeneity isn't some magic bullet against all ills