Was Jack the Ripper an incel

was Jack the Ripper an incel

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vault.fbi.gov/Jack the Ripper

He was a Slav right?

wasn't he fucking prossies

he was a Jew

>He was a Slav right?
no, a Polish Jew.

Almost certainly, or serious problems with his mother. Definitely wasn't the sanest lad out there all things considered.

>He was a Slav right?
His identity isn't known.

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RIP The Jacker
He's done it again!

>His identity isn't known.
No, it was proven to be a Jew.

Have sex

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The most prolific serial killer in America is a black man named Samuel little. He killed dozens of white women

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Jack the Ripper probably never happened

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he is white tho

>"The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing."
A deranged Jew. Police actively covered evidence up that proved it was a Jew doing it.

Nice handwriting tho

I would say successful serial killing requires more intellect than possessed by the average nog. This guy is just trying to take credit for other people's work.

No it wasn't, and if you look into it a bit deeper you'll see that DNA evidence narrowed it down to about 1 in a billion being Aaron Kosmisnski. Its the """"""DNA"""""""""" taken from one the letters two centuries after the fact, and Aaron Kosminski's supposed DNA on a scarf if I remember correctly.

Don't remember precisely, I just remember it being complete and utter bullshit to sell a book. We don't have the real Jack the Rippers DNA, the DNA found on the letters could be literally anybody and this is being kind and assuming he wrote any of the letters.

I said it was proven to be a JEW.
The mitochondrial DNA is Jewish.
It most likely was that specific Jew, Aaron Kosmisnski. It's not as if it would be super common for that Jew DNA to be floating around London back then.
But it was 100% a Jew.

No, he was an eastern-european immigrant jew trying to do a blood offering ritual and failing miserably.

Because the way he cut up his victims suggests a profession as a doctor or butcher not a barber

Jack the Ripper was a Jew and he got finked out, but the witness later recanted, because they were both Jews.

What does Christian DNA look like?

Jew is a race, not a religion.

he was a 1st cousin of Jake the Raper

That question is dumb

Judaism is an ideology. If it is to considered a race, it must also be considered racist. Boom.

Nah, just leading.

My bad, I thought you meant specifically Aaron Kosmisnski, who is the #1 suspect nowadays because there are certain weird coincidences when you oversimplify things but almost everybody who spends time looking into the Ripper case in-depth discounts the Kosminski connection the same way no one actually believes it was a member of the royal family.

Honestly the more you look at the suspects, the more you start to think the real Jack the Ripper was none of them and his name escaped history. Almost all of the oldest suspects have some exaggerated elements.

No one knows who he was. Could have been anyone, from any social class.

>Judaism is an ideology
Yes, it's an ideology of Jewish racial supremacy and how to maintain the Jewish race.

>weird coincidences when you oversimplify things

>On 7 September 2014, Dr. Jari Louhelainen, an expert in historic DNA analysis, announced that he had been commissioned by British author Russell Edwards[33][34] to study a shawl said to have been found with victim Catherine Eddowes and that he had extracted mitochondrial DNA that matches female line descendants of Eddowes, and mitochondrial DNA that matches female line descendants of Kosminski's sister from the shawl.[33][35] Louhelainen stated that: "The first strand of DNA showed a 99.2 percent match, as the analysis instrument could not determine the sequence of the missing 0.8 percent fragment of DNA. On testing the second strand, we achieved a perfect 100 percent match."

how is it just a weird oversimplified coincidence that his blood was on the bloody shawl of one of the victims? Also, if I remember correctly, he was identified as the murderer by an eyewitness and the murders stopped after he was institutionalized.

>from any social class.
Well the one sighting that was almost certainly the real Jack the Ripper has him wearing a flatcap and a tattered jacket. Undeniably looking like a poor cunt.

He definitely didn't dress like some aristocrat as hsi image has gone down. Anyone who looked even semi-literate would be out of place in Whitechapel

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you have to love this angle from before the DNA evidence was more conclusive

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>how is it just a weird oversimplified coincidence that his blood was on the bloody shawl of one of the victims?
The last part is what I was thinking of
>and the murders stopped after he was institutionalized.
That's true for virtually all of the legitimate Jack the Ripper suspects and is pretty much a prerequisite for being considered a suspect in the first place. His attacks got increasingly more violent and prolonged as they went on and based on modern criminal profiling the general consensus is someone like him wouldn't have just stopped under normal circumstances. That leaves death, prison, mental institution or relocation and Kosminski happened to be institutionalised around the time the murders stopped.

It's also worth mentioning there were murders after Kosminski disappeared but the canonical five were all before that, but fitting Kosminski in as a suspect requires trimming the timeline down and excluding the last two out of 8 ripper victims, like all of the suspects in fact.

In reality Jack the Ripper had a nice big brapper that killed girls and drained guys balls completely dry with her massive butt and hips.

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The kikes play the anti-semite card. I'd say that that makes it conclusive that Kosminski was Jack the Ripper.

Most serial killers aren't incels

Holy fuck dude. I’m starting to believe that every Jew looks at everything ever and asks “how am I a victim because of this”. This is beyond memery.

a few years ago they were pushing the pseudoscientific spin on "epigenetics" super fucking hard to claim that they inherited trauma from the holocaust.
The chutzpah is off the charts.

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Most likely a democrat tranny with mommy issues.

The FBI came to that same conclusion. When criminal profiling first became a thing, the very first case they used was the Ripper case to establish a model for how it was meant to be done. Basically, problems with his mother & a major incel.

vault.fbi.gov/Jack the Ripper

Nope, he was jewish.

>His identity isn't known.
It was Sir William Gull, the Queen's physician.

>It was Sir William Gull, the Queen's physician.

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