You pathetic incels have been bullying me but you'll never break my trans spirit

Whoever of you loser Jow Forums incels think brigading me on Reddit is fun can fuck off because you don't know the shit I've been through and how STRONG I am. Almost 17k upvotes and you think I'M the loser???

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What have been through? Molestation huh? Sorry to hear that.

Uncle touch his pee pee. But now no one will ever touch his missing pee pee.

Damn, almost 17k upvotes. Future recipient of courage award right here.

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Dont talk to me or my dilator ever again.

I haven't had my bottom surgery yet dumbass

I was forced to grow up as a boy but always knew i was a girl

I'm finally shining

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fuck off dickless freak


fuck you. You know deep down that I could have you and you're TERRIFIED

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You know the rules
All femanon must post tits or gtfo

I'm no longer afraid of you incel losers. I'M EMPOWERED

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You were an ugly dude, and now you're ugly dude that thinks he's a woman. You're mentally ill and need help. You obviously did this, because you thought life would be easier as a woman, and maybe it would. However, you can never be a woman. You will always have a Y chromosome. You will never have ovaries, vagina, uterus or tits. You will simply have plastic alterations that resemble these things. You've already damaged your body with hormone therapy, but it's not too late to turn back. You could live life as an intact human being, instead of a plastic nightmare. You need real medical help. This all a response to a trauma. You need to find it and address it directly. What this boils down to is an attempt to run from that trauma. There is no running from it. If you continue down this path, there is only death and despair for you.

You're a "man" playing dress up. Show us that 41% spirit.

good, more free pussy for me

Enjoy your limited remaining years. And try and make it so your poor parents don’t have to find your body. :^)

imagine having such a brain damage...

do you think the damage is psychological or physical? at this point I can't even tell

Just think if you'd kept your penis how much more satisfying that hug with the Governor you have a crush on would have been.

You are an evolutionary dead end.

It's a social construct, incel

I'm happier than you'll ever be

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Happy not passing?

We all know the truth

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What's sad is we aren't even trying to bully them.
We're trying to save them.
You know the world is truly fucked when a righteous cause is frowned upon.

newsflash: you're a just have a mental disorder that makes you think you're a girl

This nigger said he's 6'3 and wears stilettos to make him 6'5

Imagine this pile of shit charging at you to give you sucky sucky

Fuck off Bradley

Not an incel, but you are. That's at least part of the reason you're doing this. I've known more than one tranny irl. This is always at least a partial motivator. Newsflash, you're still going to be an incel.


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I dont bully trans , since they already bully themselves
Theres no fun in bothering something that wont live past 30

So you're admitting you're a pussy, every guys dream. I'm so glad I'm NORMAL. So do you have ass sex then?

I can't even tell if this is an ironic shitpost or an actual trannoid

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trannies will never be normal.
The term gender in modern sense was coined by a literal mad scientist who made two brothers fuck each other and commit suicide, after 'transitioning' the younger sibling due to a botched circumcision.

There are 2 sexes, male and female; you are just mentally ill. I honestly pity you for getting roped into a demented cult which has peer pressured you into forever misshaping your body and mind.

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You are ugly both ways kys

World Health Organization should be dissolved and its members executed on the spot for removing faggotry and transfaggotry from mental illness lists
those people need electroshock therapy at best, and physical removal at worst

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Strong smelling... like crusty dilator puss...

You know what will break your trans spirit?

All we gotta do is sit and wait while your body ages like milk until you cant take it anymore and you join the 40%


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isnt the research that says that made by a guy who sexually molested two children?

>That awful facial hair
>That feminine facial structure

May as well get xis cock chopped 2bh

Not sure if shitposting. Regardless, I hate you.

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Yes. See

Cool story faggot. You'd win the rape award from your Uncle.

I'd tell you to kill yourself, but we both know you're well on your way. You were too scared to accept that you could still be a boy and like other boys, so you lied about your gender to yourself and everyone around you to make the concept of being a faggot more digestible. I'm 6 trillion percent certain that if you could actually pass for real you'd never tell a single soul that you were born a man. But that day will never come, for you at least. I'm a faggot too but unlike you I love masculinity and everything it entails. I despise cowards like you with every fiber of my being. You are a walking lie. And you poison potentially decent upstanding young men. I am fully aware that gay is not natural, but I have accepted myself regardless, something you are incapable of. I live a quiet life and a quiet death I shall receive. You on the other hand live a "martyr's" life. You live for drama and when you die you will make sure the whole world knows. How will they remember you, I wonder. When you are nothing but a skeleton, this is how they will see you. This is a man's skeleton, and it is easily distinguished from that of a female's.

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Alright don't bullshit.

How many of you actually care about this issue?

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many, because they bring this freak pseudoscience horseshit into grammar schools.

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Eat a dick. Gender dysphoria isn't fucking fun. I wish I could have had a normal life and kids, but the social role of being a guy is uncomfortable to say the least, and the physical aspects started making me want to kill myself.

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>44 posts
>25 IPs
>Meme fagflag
You fucking newfags falling for this obvious bait thread and bumping it.

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so you admit you're just an ugly dude who couldn't hack it, and thought females have it easier?
reality check, you will never be female, and nobody in their right mind will have sex with you still.

Send your kids to private Christian school

>he thinks I'm retarded enough to ever visit reddit

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>no one can touch your pee pee if you don't have one.

Abrahamic institutions are disgusting

Get professional help instead of cutting your dick off you fucking retard

You could have me vomiting in disgust but tgats about it.

And yet you're still flat as an anvil.

There are feminine men who look more like a woman by accident than this freak who is trying his absolute hardest.

Wow, that's pretty unhappy then.

Couldn't hack it? What? Females have it easier how? To be honest, I don't even know if I want to be seen as a female. I just hate being seen as a guy, and interacting with most males. Sex is also the last thing on my mind right now.

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You seem upset, maybe you should go dilate or something.

You will never know what it's like to be pregnant for 9 months. To feel a baby growing inside you, to have such extreme emotion that brings you to tears when you feel your baby kick for the first time

You will never feel the emotion. of giving birth and holding and gazing upon the eyes of your newborn that made the marathon of giving birth so worth it...

You will never know the pain frustration. and amazing bonding once you figure out breastfeeding your infant to grow to be a healthy baby to a toddler.

You will never know what it feels like to bounce back after having kids

You will never feel the emotion os being told you cant have kids and finally do.. cause you will never be able to because you will always be a man. A mutilated delusional man. But a man never the less

-female mom user
Get the fuck back into hiding you're all sick and deranged and momma bears are pist the fuck off seeing you pedos around kids

Join the 37%

Hi. Yes. Hello. The professional help sought prescribed HRT and anti-depressants. I'm currently on both. They help somewhat. Though I don't have much fondness for my benis, I have even less of a desire for an invasive surgery.

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Its okay to be a man.

It’s okay to be as you were born.

I think some desire to transition because they don’t love themselves. Men who are deceived by society to believe men are bad and hate themselves, or women who believe they aren’t feminine enough and think being a man will be better than a masculine female.

Your chromosomes and DNA are what they are and no amount of hormones, makeup or surgery can change that.

The praise showered on trans by progressives is not out of love for the individual but out of hate and spite for Christians and conservatives.

Real love involves discipline and truth.

Don’t fall for the progressive cult tactics, of which showromg love and acceptance is a cult tactic.

The next tactic is using shame and shunning to keep members compliant. If a member has thoughts of leaving they get shunned, exiled, all that showering of love is pulled away in order to hurt the exiled person.

Being yourself is not changing your gender. Being yourself is accepting your body you were born with, and making the most of it.

Some are born tall, some short, some with good or bad eye sight, some strong, some weak. Whatever it is, the ultimate fulfillment comes from mastering yourself as you are.

This goes for all people, self acceptance and love is the true source of happiness.
Gym bros shouldn’t be obsessed and taking steroids. Women should not feel insecure and shouldn’t need plastic surgery.

Being born as a man is not a defect, you don’t need society or others to see you as a woman.

Happiness comes from being accepting of yourself and your behavior.

If a man sees himself as a woman, something is wrong with his self image. It’s distorted and wrong. Men should see themselves as they are, a man, and women should see themselves as they are, a woman.

Happiness comes from this alignment which is why trans try to change sex, but the problem is not the body, it’s the self image.

keep telling yourself that.

dude, professional help would be someone punching your face, forcing you to get so drunk you couldnt control yourself and then ordering 3 cheap hookers to fuck the fag out of you
someone obviously failed

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both those dudes are ugly

Bat shit crazy people belong in asylums, not government positions


Kys fucking faggot

Hurry up so you can become a suicide statistic.

Stfu and let the child molester geld itself

That sounds like it would be utterly traumatic, and literally rape. I would probably kill myself afterwards.

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>I-I'm not a looser
>l-look at those internet points!
>oogabooga lonely grug must mate
Unironically commit 41% lmao, that is if you don't die of AIDS before that happens

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Has to be a larp, nice one mate.

ew what the fuck is that

As a biological female i have to say
you are disgusting
you will never have a uterus or the chromosomes to match
your governor very likely thought this each time she met with you
you are a freak and always will be
please just neck yourself.

there's no such thing as a trans spirit, it's just that your mind is sick

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It’s a demon

>utterly traumatic
>drinking and sex is traumatic
well, you already told us you are mentally ill faggot, but why repeat it?

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Unironically an improvement.

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>not "If only you knew how bad things really are"

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>complain on Jow Forums
pick one faggot

Pics and timestamp or it didnt happen

Dont care for the spacing, but this.

Nice. Rape and suicide are wins?
Again. It would be inebriated rape by strangers. This isn't a good thing.

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Typical narcissistic state-worshipping sodomite

Holy just dude just kys. Thats what i would do hahahahahahaha

We know it's bait, user. It's just a bit funny to shitpost this thread to death.

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That's an abomination and it knows it.

>has to use a pound of makeup and an angle

Nigger you look like a character out if Alice in Wonderland

>It would be inebriated rape by strangers. This isn't a good thing.
of course it is, its natural and beatiful, infinitely more so than ingestic fag pills and levelling up your mental illness towards inevitable suicide